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Author Topic: Sidekick Rebellion! [Superheroes, Interest Check]  (Read 866 times)

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Offline Gardsorm

Re: Sidekick Rebellion! [Superheroes, Interest Check]
« Reply #25 on: May 15, 2019, 05:19:15 AM »
Why do I do these things

Name: Raymond Rockwell
Hero Name: Zonehack (He considered Hackerman until he saw it was copywrighted)
Mentor's Name: Aimhack


On the surface she appears to be a noble, almost heroic soul. A tried and true markswoman who will almost never miss her target via supreme tech and targetting, nor will she aim for killing blows. The most repentant evildoers are the ones who know you can end them with one click, but decided to spare them, and so by proverbially killing two birds with one stone (establishing superiority and showing compassion), she would seek to limit the number of troublemakers in the world. Much of her work might be considered unsanctioned, and at times she may definitely be considered a vigilante, but her heart is in the right place... Or at least it seems.

Despite her displays of honor and compassion, she's rather trigger-happy and all too gleeful to shoot things, living or not, and can get very competitive with others, or even downright angry if she can't hit something. She's also an avid gamer, and true to her name, her skills in there are as real as the real world. But as of late there has been talks about even heroes being taken down by eerily accurate gunfire but never killed, yet harmed enough that their chances of returning to work are held in question. As a result, Aimhack's presence has become significantly less, under suspicion that she may be knocking off her competition... So, where does that leave her sidekick?


The odds of being discovered by Aimhack were never considered in Raymond's life, and it was perhaps this outcome that started his downfall. In possession of strange, area-altering powers, he was very much a novice at this when it came to real life... Yet he discovered he could easily control environments in the games he played with little effort... So! Rather than discover the best ways to use his power for the greater good, he instead used it to adjust his K/D ratios in video games and established himself as a difficult opponent to overcome. However, he knew when to lose to throw off suspicion of cheating, and for a time this worked until he came face to face with one particular player.

A match that should have ended within a few minutes dragged on far longer, as extreme accuracy faced off with unnatural evasion, to the point when the match timed out. For all intents and purposes conflict  would have ended right then and there for Raymond, but he instead found himself face-to-face with the legendary Aimhack waking up the next day, staring down one of her trusty firearms as she angrily declared a rematch. An attempt to flee not only ended poorly for Raymond, but revealed to Aimhack just how she couldn't hit the young man... And so, she decided to train him to be her number 2, or be exposed as the cheat he was (Nevermind the fact she was as guilty as he was once he learned of her own powers).

So, Hell in Life began for poor Raymond, training his powers both in reality and ingame, always accompanying Aimhack as her sidekick/decoy/meatshield/manservant/whatever he's elected to be by her at any given moment. At first he did legitimately superheroic things, but over time he felt less a sidekick and more a servant... Yet rarely questioned because he was living the dream (A lady bossing him around? Hell yes!). However, that all began to change when talks of other heroes being taken down through nonlethal means started going around. Aimhack would show herself less and less, and retreated more into games at times, often muttering to herself about 'Who was next', which began to unnerved Raymond. Deciding to slip out one day, he decided that if she was the one causing that kind of trouble, only he could stop her...

... Maybe. He hasn't exactly worked out how he was going to stop her from swiss-cheesing him the moment she discovered he was working against her.

Offline MingMing

Re: Sidekick Rebellion! [Superheroes, Interest Check]
« Reply #26 on: May 15, 2019, 06:18:17 AM »
I decided I would finally pick one of my ideas and flesh it out here, even though this an interest thread.  Everyone else is doing it, right?!   ;D

Name:  'Joss' Fah-Chun
Hero Name: Miss Fortune Cookie
Mentor's Name: The Mystery Mandarin
Miss Fortune Cookie
The legitimate heiress to centuries of ancient Chinese magical practices, Joss is the sole-surviving descendant of White Lotus Society founder Ming Fengyu.  Because of the underground nature of the secret society and its patriarchal lineage, Joss was never allowed to openly claim her birthright, but instead kept quietly in the background by her parents and extended family throughout all of her childhood.  At the age of twelve however, during a freak accident at Circus-Circus, Joss's entire family was killed while performing stage magic for the entertainment of the crowd.  It was later revealed that the accident had been an act of sabotage, contracted by the Las Vegas mob from overseas sources.  The orphaned Joss was taken in by the world-famous magician "The Mystery Mandarin", who was headlining at the Mirage when the tragedy occurred.  When he found out Joss was talented in actual magic, the Mystery Mandarin offered to take her on as his assistant in exchange for solving her parents' murder.  Once the culprits were brought to justice, he took her as his ward, and the duo traveled the celebrity world, getting into misadventures and solving mysteries across the globe. 

In her normal life, Joss is a fairly bright and optimistic youth, bubbling with good faith in humanity, always ready to give the benefit of the doubt to people she meets, and eager to help solve a good old fashioned mystery for those in dire straits.  As Miss Fortune however, she plays up the part of an unlucky sidekick, perpetually jinxed, and bringing misfortune to those who cross the path of The Mystery Mandarin.  In secret however, she always used her innate magical abilities to supplement the legerdemain and slight-of-hand of The Mystery Mandarin, lending credence to the whispers his illusions and conjurations were in-fact, real.  Long content to live in the shadow of the famed magician-detective, Joss however finally was forced to spread her wings and fly for herself, when The Mystery Mandarin was publicly questioned about why he kept a pubescent teenaged girl in his company and accusations about The Mystery Mandarin being pedo began to circulate the media.  The breaking of their partnership was devastating for Joss, and she has spent most of that subsequent time eating ice-cream mochis and feeling sorry for herself while calling into daytime talk shows and weeping. 
The Mystery Mandarin
Though his true name is unknown, The Mystery Mandarin has maintained a public persona in the limelight for decades.  Renowned as a stage magician who moonlights as a master detective in his spare time, The Mystery Mandarin has aided police departments and law enforcement across every nation.  Self-confident (to the point of egoism), and carefully cultivating a public image that maintains his reputation as a genius and self-made magician, The Mystery Mandarin lives a glamorous and lavish lifestyle, boosted (until recently) by the assistance of his former-ward and assistant, Miss Fortune Cookie.  The recent accusations of pedophilia and unnatural associations with a young girl under his adult supervision, however resulted in him immediately cutting all ties with Joss, leaving her adrift and alone for fear of ruining his reputation.  (still working more on this, will edit later)

Offline GuancytoTopic starter

Re: Sidekick Rebellion! [Superheroes, Interest Check]
« Reply #27 on: May 15, 2019, 06:26:51 AM »
So! As far as systems go, from both here and PMs it seems to be about an even split in favor of Mutants and Masterminds (rules-heavy, crunchy) or total dark horse contender Prowlers and Paragons (rules-light, narrative-focused).

As is fitting of a rules-light system, Prowlers and Paragons is super easy to pick up and we have a lot of people who either prefer freeform (or basically-freeform-but-roll-dice-sometimes-to-make-trouble) or have only done freeform, so we'll be going with that!

The Quickstart can be found here:
And a character reference sheet is here:

And between the two of those you can get most of the way there. We'll be going with Low power (MnM PL 8-equivalent), so 30 hero dice to distribute across your various traits and powers and a maximum of 9d in any one trait. I was a little torn because that means you can only be really superheroically good at three things (one and a half things, if they're sufficiently super) but the system also allows a lot of versatility in how you use your superpowers, so as long as you're sufficiently creative you can totally save/take over the world using insect control.

And anyway, as Ixy is kind enough to point out, being good at your schtick but kind of a potato at everything else is part and parcel of the sidekick breakaway experience!

I am liking the concepts coming in so far. I should add the caveat that I will probably be playing your nemesis as a GM character, so if you were thinking it'd be a dark and brooding delve into a co-dependent relationship, well... I mean maybe? But probably not.

Offline Brittlby

Re: Sidekick Rebellion! [Superheroes, Interest Check]
« Reply #28 on: May 15, 2019, 07:48:51 AM »
Whisky Punch and Cherry Twist

Name: Daniela “Dani” Danger (legally changed from Daniela Duffy)
Hero Name:  Cherry Twist
Mentor's Name: Whisky Punch

Whisky Punch

A man of a different era and outside of time, he could out shoot, out ride, out fight and out fuck any mere mortal hombre. In 1821, Mitch Holcomb found himself in a shootout against a gang of twenty men working for Bruinwald Railways. They were looking to run the rails through the Flat Sand over sacred Indian land and for the love of a native woman he lost his life trying to stop them.

A shaman of the tribe granted him the gifts of a stallion’s speed, a bear’s strength, an eagle’s eye, a rabbit’s sex drive and a cat’s nine lives. And so, newly reborn, he has brought his own brand of frontier justice where ever he wanders down through the centuries...

At least that’s the story... Whisky Punch’s actual origin story was considerably less glamorous, as a particularly shitty bike messenger, Whisky gained his abilities while fucking around with a package that was bound for a top secret government research lab. He gained all the abilities (strength, speed, libido, etc) he claimed in his daring prairie fable, but Whisky held one card close to his vest. He gained what he liked to call, “his winning smile”. His partner would call it “the devil’s tongue”.

Actually a low level psychic twinkle, he is damnably charming. Something in his voice and demeanor made it painfully easy to agree with him. And so, while anyone who looked at his “heroic record” or “tall tales” with an analytical eye would see he was pretty much an unequivocal fuck up and cooze hound whose sidekick did most of the heavy lifting, he was just so damned likable!

And it only became worse when he became corporate sponsored, the executives who knew his “limitations” taking great strides to buff them out given his uncanny marketability. He made them far too much revenue for them to let him be brought down by a few dozen sex scandals.

Cherry Twist

The Infamous Dani Danger, the estranged daughter of Dr. Pliable, she inherited her father’s stretching powers and daredevil tendencies. She became a legend amongst online Korean poker players, dog track owners and sports bookies for a three state radius once she hit puberty.

Debt followed her gambling addiction and despite her reputation as an up and comer in the ranks, heroine work did NOT bring in a six figure salary. At least not for her...

When she was involved in a middle league adventure team-up in Las Vegas she met Whisky. Dashing, chiseled, corporate sponsored and with a cock longer than his Smith and Wesson long-barrels, he was just what a down on her luck nineteen year old heroine was looking for.

And it was a disaster from the start. Even though they were quick darlings for the tabloids and they worked well together in the field, their personalities clashed like oil and water on a good day. On a bad day it was like oil and fire. Whisky, a vain, insecure corporate puppet and Twist, foul mouthed and hard-headed with a love for the ponies.

Foolish enough in their early years to mistake the tickle of his hypnotic charms as love, she took his frequent infidelities quite poorly. On again, off again for half a decade, she found herself always coming back when she was in a tight situation.

Like all things and people, their relationship evolved with time, it’s branches nurtured by resentment. As Whisky climbed into a bottle or the lap of the nearest fan, guilt made him lash out at Twist, making his misdeeds her fault.

On their last mission, she was on look out for him. A slow mission, she indulged in some online poker on her phone. Unfortunately, while she was losing $287 to a 15 year old hustler half a world away, Whisky was caught and tied to the subway tracks. Devastated by his death and her hand in it, she locked herself away for months. Slowly working her way through the grief and guilt, she had managed to throw herself back into her work as a heroine for only a few weeks before it happened...

The Triumphant Return of Whisky Punch! It was in all of the newspapers and online media, a typical comic book snow job. He had had grievous injuries and amnesia, but was just fine! It was almost the exact story Holy Roller had used when she had to hide her pregnancy.

Enraged, Twist confronted him only to find out he had to spend 150 days dead this year for tax purposes and to encourage a “renewed thirst for his brand”. He couldn’t tell her because they needed her grief to sell the legitimacy of his demise. And so, after a scathing tell all book, which left fans of the team in two camps, she has begun to try to carve out her own identity in the landscape.

EDGE: 16

TRAITS: Athletics 5d (3), Charm 6d (4), Deflection 4d (2), Ensnare 5d -1d Signature: Leaves a scent of Musk and Cherry (2),  Plasticity (x2) 9d -1d Signature: Leaves a scent of Musk and Cherry (13), Willpower 6d (4)

PERKS: Fame (1), Lightning Reflexes +3 Edge (1)

GEAR: Cellphone, Crowbar (+4d Might to pry open schtuff), Flashlight, Gas mask, Night Goggles, Unstable Molecules Costume

FLAWS: Compulsion (Gambling Addiction), Quirk (Sexually Excited by Combat), Broke

QUOTES: “I’m not choking you! I’m just reminding you whose fucking air you’re breathing...”

Theme music:
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Offline TheFourthShade

Re: Sidekick Rebellion! [Superheroes, Interest Check]
« Reply #29 on: May 15, 2019, 11:07:14 AM »
Color me interested.
EDIT: Sheet added below so I have it saved in two places.

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Tortoiselad (Tortoiseman!)
Alias: John Smith, College Dropout!
Motivation: Fame
Health: 10
Resolve: 2
Edge:   10
       Academics 3D  (1D)
       Athletics 5D  (3D)
   Charm     1D  (-1D)
       Might    8D   (6D)
       Science  5D   (3D)
       Stealth  1D  (-1D)
      Streetwise 1D (-1D)
      Technology 6D (4D)
      Toughness  7D (5D)
      Willpower  3D (1D)

    Armor (9D); Active (-1D), Item (-1D) [Heavy Shield] [Tech] [5D]
    Blast (7D); Imprecise (-2D), Item (-1D), [Shell Cannon] [Tech] [3D]

Communicator (Walkie Talkie)
Relentless (Ignore penalty from being hurt badly to combat rolls)

Quirk  (Tortoiseman is very arrogant.  Though he can rein it in, he often can only do so for so long...which doesn't help his popularity given how he looks.)
Frightening (Tortoiseman has 'bad guy scars' from an incident involving a genetically modified cat and his face.  Or a bomb.  Or maybe he was just born ugly.  The rumors vary.)
    Cell Phone

Juryrigger – His mother, a super genius.

Jim Smith – His super strong dad who is trying to stay neutral in the dispute.

Rhonda Fynson – A journalist who constantly publishes pieces on Tortoiselad.  Or Turtleman.  Honestly, she probably just gets off on torturing him.

Tortoiselad (TortoiseMAN!)
Tortoiselad got his start as some sidekicks do...working for his mother!  It doesn't hurt that his mother taught him a lot of what he knows about designing various machines and equipment, including his bodysuit and 'super shell armor system', which exploits his superstrength to allow him to carry a heavily armored shield around with him.  Of course, the media has picked up on the fact that he was likely her child, and the stories that were printed made his ears burn.  So few of his victories were attributed to him!   He loved his mother, so it burned him to leave her, but he had to step out of her shadow.  He had to make it on his own!

Juryrigger is a woman who pulled herself up by her bootstraps.  It's her special ability in general, though she prefers to be more prepared: she can disassemble almost anything and assemble it into something else.  Among her most famous feats are using four cars to make a cannon to shoot down an invading alien mothership.  Though not superstrong like her son, her intelligence borders on the level of making her able to plan for just about anything.  As such, she can be a little stubborn about what she believes is right.  As her son is an only child, she has been a bit smothering, especially due to letting him do field work with her.  Though she has no intentions to force him back (for now), she might not be able to resist meddling in his work...for his own good.
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Offline ShadowFox89

Re: Sidekick Rebellion! [Superheroes, Interest Check]
« Reply #30 on: May 15, 2019, 11:08:36 AM »
Name: Natasa Kalashnikov
Alias: Dawn
Mentor's Name: Atlas
Nemesis: Dusk

Born on a distant planet, Natasa came to the planet early in her life. She was raised from super group to super group, until a hero of immense strength named Atlas took her in to mentor her. It wasn't until years later, that she discovered he had been draining her own strength to fuel his own. You see, Atlas's super power isn't strength. It's the ability to leech the power from others, mimic their abilities and enhance his own while draining theirs. Since then, Natasa has learned she was a twin brother, traveled to her home world and back, and garnered a few friends and more than a few enemies along the way.

Offline JoanieSappho

Re: Sidekick Rebellion! [Superheroes, Interest Check]
« Reply #31 on: May 15, 2019, 01:19:52 PM »
Name: Demonika van der Liede

Base Form

Alias: Echo
Mentor's Name: Siren/Lorelei van der Liede

Demonika was, for most of her life, happy to be the perfect daughter for her mother.
Normally, this wouldn't have been much of an issue but in her case Lorelei van der Liede was the villainess known as Siren and she was quite eager to mould her daughter into a beautiful, intelligent young woman of absolutely no morals and scruples, only a relentless need for power that would match her own.
And while Demonika eagerly tried to make her mother happy, she started to develop odd feelings and ... urges.
At first she tried to ignore these feelings, but as they grew she started to indulge them secretly. 
At first it was only small things, leaving change in donation boxes but soon she was found actively helping people and her mother demanded that she stop and return to crushing the weak beneath her stylish heels like she'd been taught.

Refusing, Demonika was rather literally thrown out of her home, left abandoned in a strange world that she'd never really been out in before.
But, at least, now the sheltered little girl who had spent her life confined to her mother's tiny island nation could listen to her heart and help the people around her, instead of trying to kick them and take their stuff.
Just as soon as they stop immediately running away from her and trying to arrest her.

Online Steir

Re: Sidekick Rebellion! [Superheroes, Interest Check]
« Reply #32 on: May 15, 2019, 09:37:38 PM »
That said, is it likely for all these striving heroes to have met a few times before? :3c

Offline Athem

Re: Sidekick Rebellion! [Superheroes, Interest Check]
« Reply #33 on: May 16, 2019, 10:25:03 AM »

Alias: Chloe Orm, a college student
Motivation: Thrills

Health: 10
Resolve: 2
Edge: 16

    Athletics (8D); Martial Arts (+1D)      [7D]
    Charm (5D)                              [3D]
    Perception (3D)                         [1D]
    Science (3D)                            [1D]
    Stealth (5D)                            [3D]
    Technology (3D)                         [1D]
    Thievery (5D)                           [3D]
    Vehicles (5D)                           [3D]
    Willpower (5D)                          [3D]

    Armor (5D); Item (-1D) [costume] [Tech] [2D]

    Blending (2D); Item (-1D) [costume]
    Fame (1D) - as Dragonette
    Special Vehicle (1D) (Motorbike)

    Unlucky (variant: Costume Problems. Her costume was designed more for looks than practicality, and regularly causes her problems.)
    Secret: secret identity
GEAR (in utility belt)
    4 sets of plastic handcuffs
Her costume is 'sort of' mundane: she can repair it, but not replace it.

"Night Dragon and Dragonette" had been a famous crimefighting duo for years, taking on the criminals of the city. What most people didn't know was that there'd been five Dragonettes, the previous four having suffered 'tragic accidents' (been killed in a fight).

The latest Dragonette has had enough. She'd originally answered a discreet ad for someone with gymnastic and martial arts skills ("High kicks preferred"), and at first it had been fun, fighting crime in a protective costume that could also help her hide. She'd really felt they were doing some good, taking down some of the city's gangs. But she soon realized that Night Dragon viewed the succession of Dragonettes as little more than disposable eye-candy, cheerleaders for his brilliance and a walking advertisement at public events; a 'trophy sidekick', if you like. In combat, she was mostly expected to simply attract attention so Night Dragon could get the drop on the villains. She took all the risks, he received most of the fame. And he was slowing down with age. Dragonette decided it was time she found a group of her own.

Unfortunately, her fame - not to mention some of her abilities - are tied to the Dragonette costume. Which was designed by Night Dragon to show off her figure rather than practicality: an asphyxiatingly-tight metallic green catsuit, high-heeled boots, and a dragon's head mask. And a contrasting yellow utility belt, though she has no complaints about that. She has the skills to maintain the costume, but not to reengineer it into something more sensible. She's hoping to meet a good gadgeteer.

Note: the idea behind her variant of Unlucky is that it triggers in the same way, but the cause is always down to her costume - slipping or stumbling because of the heels, out of breath because of its tightness, the mask slipping slightly to obscure her vision, etc. The plan is to trade it in once a brilliant gadgeteer can replicate the costume's useful effects in something more sensible.

Offline Idlewyld

Re: Sidekick Rebellion! [Superheroes, Interest Check]
« Reply #34 on: May 18, 2019, 12:51:02 PM »
Here's Jodi's sheet with stats attached now. Any suggestions are more than welcome.

Name: Ensign Jodi Kanenfodr
Mentor Name: Captain Fred Duche

Join the Space Fleet! See the Universe! Be a Force for Good! It all looks good on the posters. Then you go through Basic, and OTC, and get assigned to the TCS George Lucas, and then you realize what's really going on.

Jodi was just another citizen on one of the countless member worlds of the Transgalactic Conclave when she was recruited into the Space Fleet. It's not that the Space Fleet is evil, though somehow these noble scions of peace and democracy seem to get in a massive space battle with some bordering empire or other every two weeks or so; or promotes narcissists to command, though Captain Duche proves he is worthy of the name (he claims it's pronounced Doo-shay) on a regular basis; or incompetent, although once again, the ship goes on Red Alert at least once a week and seems to be constantly exactly twenty minutes away from destruction, only to pull off some miraculous comeback nineteen minutes later. It's the away missions.

The away missions follow the same plan. They send Duche, Snik, Doctor Hedcaise, Durak, and Some Random Ensign in a Red Shirt. And Duche, Snik, Hedcaise, and Durak come back with maybe a bruise or two, and Duche's shirt is always ripped in the same place right below the shoulder. And poor Ensign Dedchik, or Marktargit, or Riteyerwilnow, or Tewwiksfrimritayremint comes back in a box. Every. Time.  Well not every time. Sometimes an ensign (and these times it just happened to be Jodi) ended up sent to the Uniform-Dissolving-Slime planet of Strypton IV, or to the many-tentacled beings of Ghrabasse XII, or to the Religious Retreat of Holiland XVII just on the day of the eclipse of the three suns when the whole place celebrates with a once in a millennium planetwide orgy, or... well you get the picture.

Jodi was sure this was her time - or it would come soon. But this time they ran across a temporal anomaly. And Jodi, being the Ensign, fell in. Right to the 21st century. And while she figured she'd miss the Food Duplicators and Holoboxes, it was a golden opportunity. All she had to do was hang out in the relative safety of the past for forty years or so, then pop back into her own time "tragically aged" to her retirement years. And it would have worked too, if it weren't for the heartless bastard coming in to try and rescue her. Or maybe it was the humpbacked whales. Or trying to score with some sexy marine biologist. It's hard to tell with Duche and gang. Anyway, now Jodi's either got to lay low to avoid being brought back to the TCS Deathtrap, or figure out some other way to make her plan work.


Alias: None, really. Just call her Jody
Motivation: Peace - She's just trying to get away from the certain death which seems to be a job requirement.

Health: 10
Resolve: 3
Edge: 11

Mundane Traits:
       Academics (3D); Languages (+4D-Item1D)             [4D]
       Athletics (3D); Weaponry (+2D)                              [3D]
       Charm (2D)                                                             [0D]
       Command (2D)                                                        [0D]
       Medical (5D-Item 1D))                                             [2D]
       Might (2D)                                                               [0D]
       Perception (4D); Investigation (+1D)                     [3D]
       Professional (3D)                                                    [1D]
       Riding (2D)                                                              [0D]
       Science (5D)                                                            [3D]
       Stealth (2D)                                                            [0D]
       Streetwise (2D)                                                      [0D]
       Survival (7D)                                                          [5D]
       Technology (4D)                                                     [2D]
       Thievery (2D)                                                         [0D]
       Toughness (3D)                                                      [1D]
       Vehicles (2D); Spacecraft (+2D)                             [2D]
       Willpower (4D)                                                       [2D]

Super Traits:
       Blast (2D-1D Item)                                                [1D]                         
       Stun (2D-1D Item)                                                [1D]

Perks: None

Flaws: Code of Conduct - Primary Directive (DON'T CHANGE HISTORY ANY MORE THAN YOU HAVE TO); Wanted (by Captain Duche); Repair (Most of her "powers" are the result of tech that somehow have to get fixed with 21st century parts)

Gear:  (Basically all of her powers are dependent on 25th century tech she's brought back with her.)
        Blast/Stun Pistol
        Universal Translator
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Offline ShadowFox89

Re: Sidekick Rebellion! [Superheroes, Interest Check]
« Reply #35 on: May 19, 2019, 08:08:26 AM »
Putting this here before I forget

So 8d spent on super speed should get me 7d ranks, 7d on might, 7d on toughness, immortality 1d, Regen 6d, 1d relentless

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Re: Sidekick Rebellion! [Superheroes, Interest Check]
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Also first point in a super rank gets you to 3d.

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Re: Sidekick Rebellion! [Superheroes, Interest Check]
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Was including that, yeah

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Re: Sidekick Rebellion! [Superheroes, Interest Check]
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Name: Joyeuse
Hero Name: Queen of Swords
Mentor's Name: Arcana

It's probably best to start with the Mentor first.


Arcana is one of the most prominent mages of the world and she makes it look good, but she doesn't really cast magic spells like people expect. Instead they have their Regalia, powerful magical items with their own powers that are all themed off cards from the Tarot deck. The mind reading orb of the High Priestess and the powerful lightning blasts of The Tower are by far her most famous items, as well as her odd teammates who seemed to mysteriously come and go from day to day whenever the worlds heritage was under threat you could count on her teleporting in to help save the past. Unfortunately, it has come to light this wasn't really for noble reasons.

Each piece of Arcana's Regalia is an important artefact of humanities history and rather than saving them, she's been slowly trying to assemble the full set of by stealing them away and leaving behind copies under the cover of stopping villains from doing the same. Joyeuse figured out she was doing this and is somewhat scandalised that her creator would be doing villainous things. She's got to find out why she would do such a thing and stop her before Arcana turns out to be a proper bad egg!

Joyeuse (The Queen of Swords)

Joyeuse is a part of Arcana's Regalia. Arcana's Teammates were simply her Regalia given a human(ish) form and the Queen of Swords was certainly an impressive one, with her ability to do what she calls "Sword Magic" that mainly involved summoning swords and throwing them about with abandon. She claims her magic can do anything ... as long as its sword related, which has been noted down by officials as "Not a very helpful description"

She's nimble, quick and quite bubbly and an unashamed hero, which has made her creators crimes a bit of a sore spot for her. The Queen of Swords may only be a Minor Arcana and thus not even close to the most powerful part of Arcana's Regalia but just because Arcana created her it doesn't mean she gets to own her and the Queen of Swords is an unashamed and rather bombastic heroine and will defy her own creator if needs be to keep it up. It's not that she's betrayed Arcana, just she needs a good knock on the head to get her back on the right path and if that means going to war with her, well the Queen of Swords has enough blades for a whole army, war it is!

EDGE: 22

TRAITS: 9d Blast (7), 9d Athletics (7) 6d Charm (4), 9d Perception (7), 5d Toughness (2), 4d Willpower (1), 1d Medicine (-1), 1d Science (-1), 1d Vehicles (-1)
PERKS: Life Support (3) Immortality (1) Extra Limbs: Tail (1)
GEAR: Cellphone
FLAWS: Colourblind (Reds and Greens), Restriction (No legal Identity), Outsider (A children's card!)

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Re: Sidekick Rebellion! [Superheroes, Interest Check]
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Wait, did our GM decide on the system?  I don't recognize this one people are throwing around.  Not sure if I am invested in learning a new one. 

*EDIT*  I guess the GM post was drowned out above.  Thanks for the opportunity to chime in, I'll be bowing out then since I have no interest in another system.  Good luck!
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Re: Sidekick Rebellion! [Superheroes, Interest Check]
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Name: Amelia O'Rate
Alias: Magical Chroma
Mentor Name: Kazuki Sashima

Kazuki Sashima

Kazuki was an ordinary young man who was studying in college, hanging out with friends, and intending to be just an ordinary person for the rest of his life. Literally bumping into Amelia changed all that, and he ended up fighting evil dragon lords, deranged wizards that got out of their seals from centuries ago, mad scientists with receding hairlines, and incredibly cute but megalomaniac mascots - all of them thinking that Amelia was important in their goals of world domination because of her near-limitless supply of mana. While the experience was exhilarating at first, it got old quickly after the fourth time around. Worse was how the landlady complained about all the damages inflicted on the apartment.

In the end, Kazuki made a difficult decision and left Amelia in the park with a box akin to an abandoned pet...

Amelia O'Rate/Magical Chroma

Formally known as Amarita Orchis Rayterosaria, Amelia hailed from a forgotten magic civilization from the past (who knows how long ago) in the hopes that she wakes up to a (unfortunately not) better era. Amelia was born with a Chromatic Gem, granting her the unusual magic of enhancing the capabilities of anything other than herself. Not only that, the incredible power made her an effective battery of energy which many villain covet and hope to capture her in the hopes she powers their next dastardly evil plot.

It wasn't easy for the magical girl - despite with the ability to transform she had no means of fighting back. She ended up being fought over by many villains until encountering Kazuki Sashima (who gave her a name that's easier to remember and say). She imbued him with magic powers that allowed him to defeat many villains (and somehow rescuing her too) and she learned a lot about the modern society and getting chores done. Unfortunately a year and ten villains later she found herself abandoned in a box out in the park. For the time being she was making herself useful by helping out other homeless people in exchange for whatever food could be traded for her services.


MOTIVATION: Peace (a place to feel safe)

  • 9d Healing w/ Cure, Contact (2d+12d+2d-2d)
  • 9d Toughness (1d+6d)
  • 3d Willpower (1d)

  • Immortality (1d)
  • Regeneration (6d)
  • Quick Change (1d)

Gear: Celphone
Flaws: Outsider (A Girl Out of Time), Enemy (I Need Her for My Plan!), Alter Ego (Transformation Device: Rainbow Wonder Pen)

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Re: Sidekick Rebellion! [Superheroes, Interest Check]
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Name: Demonika van der Liede

Base Form

Alias: Echo
Mentor's Name: Siren/Lorelei van der Liede

Demonika was, for most of her life, happy to be the perfect daughter for her mother.
Normally, this wouldn't have been much of an issue but in her case Lorelei van der Liede was the villainess known as Siren and she was quite eager to mould her daughter into a beautiful, intelligent young woman of absolutely no morals and scruples, only a relentless need for power that would match her own.
And while Demonika eagerly tried to make her mother happy, she started to develop odd feelings and ... urges.
At first she tried to ignore these feelings, but as they grew she started to indulge them secretly. 
At first it was only small things, leaving change in donation boxes but soon she was found actively helping people and her mother demanded that she stop and return to crushing the weak beneath her stylish heels like she'd been taught.

Refusing, Demonika was rather literally thrown out of her home, left abandoned in a strange world that she'd never really been out in before.
But, at least, now the sheltered little girl who had spent her life confined to her mother's tiny island nation could listen to her heart and help the people around her, instead of trying to kick them and take their stuff.
Just as soon as they stop immediately running away from her and trying to arrest her.


MOTIVATION: Redemption


  • 9d Animate Object w/ Concentration (14d-2d)
  • 6d Strike w/Penetrating, Underpowered, Item (8d-2d-1d)
  • 4d Armour w/Impenetrable (4d)
  • 3d Academics (1d)
  • 4d Athletics (2d)
  • 3d Charm (1d)
  • 4d Command (2d)
  • 4d Toughness (2d)
  • 5d Willpower (3d)
  • 1d Streetwise (-1d)
  • 1d Survival (-1d)

Flaws: Outsider, Notoriety, Alter Ego

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Re: Sidekick Rebellion! [Superheroes, Interest Check]
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head shot
No Mask
Real Name: Tasha Hall
Super Hero Name: Wild Warden
Mentor: Fang Queen

Fang Queen:
Fang Queen's appearence

Fang Queen, a hero known for her iron will, collection of powerful animal allies, her ability to command them to work in unison with a slam of her electrified spear which got her the nickname of the Queen of the Jungle.  She performs various duties from rescues, tracking escaped criminals, and of course the traditional crime. She’s earned a reputation for getting things done no matter the cost and she’s used to getting what she wants. She is callous towards the animals she uses during her operations and views them as tools to be used to completing a job or getting what she wants while expecting her orders to be followed without question by animals, civilians, or her sidekick.

A rather public hero it’s unsurprising that there are rumors about her although they are unconfirmed at this time. These rumors include, some valuables or money or even treasured animals disappearing during some of her activities. There are also rumors that her powers may extend to plants or humans although she insists that they are unsubstantiated when questioned and as they have never been displayed publicly it’s been dismissed as just that, a rumor.

Tasha Hall/Wild Warden

Motivation: Guardian


The Wild Warden, Tasha came from humble origins and in fact had nothing special about him. He grew up with no powers, no training, or wealthy patron or super smarts. Just normal and if he had one thing that stood out it would simply be his tendency to look out for animals and growing up his home was filled with strays which then had to be taken to a shelter when he wasn’t allowed to keep them. He grew up just like that. Eventually he got a job working for Dynamic Mutagenics Incorporated, with their trusty motto of “Conquer the world, today”, taking care of the rather large amount of animals that they had there. He had no idea of their purpose but he did enjoy his job so he kept it up until one night when something happened.

He was doing his rounds when he came across a small clearly frightened feathered creature that he had never seen before running through the halls with the sound of shouting guards behind it. Unable to leave it alone he hid the creature in his jacket and pointed the guards in another direction when questioned about the creature. He wasn’t sure why he just knew that he shouldn’t let the guards find it. Moving deeper into the facility to a place he’d yet to visit he found something he hadn’t expected. A facility of some kind with signs of experiments on animals and a large room of animals he had never seen before. Whether they were rare or some kind of hybrids created by the company he didn’t know. But it horrified him so he left, quitting then and there. Although he did leave a nice handwritten letter of resignation on the manager’s desk before he left, and he took the small creature with him who he simply called Luna.

Time passed and Luna grew quickly, approaching the size of a horse and still growing after just a couple months. He was able to stay hidden thankfully and he didn’t have to deal with the company. As Luna grew he began to discover that she had formed some kind of bond with him. One that was giving him abilities to work with animals and mimic her or other animal’s traits if he formed a connection with them. It was during this period that he met the hero Fang Queen.

Fang Queen and Warden were never the closest of partners and their first meeting and original team up fared no better Tasha had been feeding Luna in the forest when Fang King arrived following rumors of a strange beast living in the woods and tried to take Luna from him to make her into one of the animals that served her. Tasha refused and with the gifts that Luna gave him was able to help his partner fight of the Fang Queen’s control momentarily. The Fang Queen gave him a choice after learn to control his powers and work for her or have Luna taken away from him which was really no choice at all and in the end Warden agreed to become a hero under the Fang Queen’s tutelage.

His partnership with his mentor was turbulent at best. He did as told and assisted where he could but he chafed under her cold nature. He learned a lot about how to use his abilities while he helped Fang queen and the company hunted him for Luna. Meanwhile his partner grew, he was also forced to change her name to Lunar Wing because Luna wasn’t impressive enough, and he also learned what he didn’t want to be. He didn’t want to be the Fang Queen. So after tending to the wounded animals for the umpteenth time and subtly slipping them extra treats, he made a decision. Just like before he left although left her a pleasant thank you card before he left and went out on his own to try to be a hero himself.

Enemy: (Dynamic Mutagenics Incorporated) After taking home the corporation’s primary prototype and subject he has found himself firmly in the corporation’s crosshairs. They will do whatever it takes to retake their experiment and capture him for further experiments on just hat this bond that formed is.

Quirk (tech adverse): He is absolutely terrible with machines. Anything more complicated than just turning on a tv and dvd player tends to blow up in his face, sometimes literally.

Quirk (Animal Instincts): His instincts have developed a bit more than they should and he has a tendency to exhibit animal like and uncivilized behavior. This has caused him some trouble in the in the past ranging from falling into simple traps and becoming an object of scorn in many a formal affair.

Derived stats:
HP 10
Edge: 8
Resolve: 3

Mundane traits (7 spent)
Academics 2
Athletics 2
Charm 3
Command 2
Medical 2
Might 2
Perception 2
Professional 2
Riding 6
Science 2
Stealth 2
Streetwise 1
Survival 2
Technology 1
Thievery 2
Toughness 2
Vehicles 1
Willpower 4

Super Traits:
Mind control (Animal control - 1 d) 8 cost 6 
Omni-power (animal bond) mimics the abilities of his partner or creatures he currently has a connection too) 8 cost 12


Ally + boss 4
Animal empathy 2
Fortress: (cost 1) An abandoned DMI testing facility he found after leaving the company. In the middle of nowhere where it was meant to avoid prying eyes it was meant to house some of the experimental creatures that the company created. After an incident involving the scientists being hospitalized it was abandoned by the company. Now that Warden has arrived however he's made good use of the facilities and gotten them repaired. It didn't work out well when he tried to do it himself so he contracted out the work, and now he uses it not only as a place to stay after leaving the Fang Queen he also uses it to house all of the stray animals he brings home. Making sure they are all placed in the correct environment for them to be comfortabe.
Scrying (4 - 1 limit only creatures he is connected to or his partner, -1 always on always has a connection to his partner feeling what they feel even pain) cost 2

Lunar Wing (ally)
Tasha prefers simply calling her Luna

Lunar Wing stats
HP: 6
Edge: 13

Academics 2
Athletics 2
Charm 2
Command 2
Medical 2
Might 6
Perception 2
Professional 2
Riding 1
Science 2
Stealth 2
Streetwise 2
Survival 2
Technology 2
Thievery 1
Toughness 6
Vehicles 1
Willpower 5

Blast (Lightening area) 6  cost 6 + 2d for area
Flight (wings) 6  cost 3
Strike 3 (cost 1)
Lightening reflexes 1
Knockdown 1

Enemy: Dynamic Mutagenics Incorporated
Unusual Shape: Big feathery four legged creature

(Will add gear later but for now this is what I have.)
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Re: Sidekick Rebellion! [Superheroes, Interest Check]
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Name: Natasa Kalashnikov
Alias: Dawn
Mentor's Name: Atlas
Nemesis: Dusk

50th daughter of the Altrasian High Crown, Natasa knew she didn't have much of a future. While she didn't want for much, growing up as royalty was just damn boring. Sure, there were plenty of fights to be had, Altran culture valuing martial prowess, but you can only crack skulls so much before you want to find something more. So Natasa jumped on the first explorator ship offworld, not really knowing where she'd be going. It wasn't until she landed on earth that she discovered just how out of her league she was. Sure, on her home planet she was a pretty decent fighter, but here there were people who called themselves "super heroes" that could match even the strongest fighter on her planet! And there were dozens of them!

 So it seemed like she would need a mentor. There were a few heroes who offered to help her, but finally she settled on a man named Atlas who seemed to have enough experience and strength to show her how to improve. That apprenticeship lasted only a few years, when Natasa found out Atlas's power wasn't super strength, speed, or flight, but that he drained the power of those around him and gained their abilities. So while she was working with him, her own power was being drained, her strength weakening. She left the phony in disgust, but then spent the next few years wandering in search of more thrills and adventure. It has been a few months since then, and Natasa has found her funds have run dry....


Alias: Lelyian (her name in her native tongue) Dawn (super identity)
Motivation: Thrills (and to keep from being married off to some snobbish noble)

Health: 10
Edge: 13

Code: [Select]
Mundane Traits:
       Academics (2D) [2D]
       Athletics (2D) [2D]
       Charm (2D) [2D]
       Command (2D) [2D]
       Medical (2D) [2D]
       Might (9D) [7D]
       Perception (2D) [2D]
       Professional (2D) [2D]
       Riding (1D) [1D]
       Science (2D [2D]
       Stealth (1D) [2D]
       Streetwise (2D) [2D]
       Survival (2D) [2D]
       Technology (2D) [2D]
       Thievery (2D) [2D]
       Toughness (9D) [7D]
       Vehicles (2D) [2D]
       Willpower (2D) [2D]
Super Traits:
       Super Speed 9D [14D]

Perks:  Unkillable [2D]

Flaws: Frenzy (hurting her only slows her down a bit and just gets her really, really mad), Outsider (she’s an alien, and while she looks human, she’s never really, truly fit in), Secret (Alien royalty)

Gear: Literally the clothes on her back

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Re: Sidekick Rebellion! [Superheroes, Interest Check]
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So it's a little unfair of me to drop applicants because I never really gave a deadline, but it's definitely been long enough! There were some tough decisions in our cast, but ultimately I did have to make some cuts. Probably took too many people as-is, but that's the nature of the beast.

With that in mind, our cast will be:

Joyeuse, the Queen of Swords, played by Premier
Amelia, the Magical Chroma, played by Steir
Dani Danger, the Cherry Twist, played by Brittlby
Daemonika, the Echo, played by JoanieSappho
Tasha, the Wild Warden, played by Avalon29
Ensign Jodi Kanenfodr, the Redshirt, played by Idlewyld
Natasa, the Dawn, played by Shadowfox89

Our alternates, for when the icy hand of attrition claims a poor sidekick, will be:

John Smith, the Tortoiselad, of the FourthShade
Chloe Orm, the Dragonette, by Achmed the Mad

And welcome to join the list of alternates if they make character sheets:

Tamir Garcia, the Impulse, by Yurie
Raymond Rockwell, the Zonehack, by Gardsorm
Karin Hojo, the Obsidian, by Tokyorose627
'Joss' Fah-Chun, the Miss Fortune Cookie, if MingMing happens to change her mind about a system game, and
Whichever of those concepts Ixy wants to go with. You know.

Our OOC thread can be found here:
IC thread will go up probably tomorrow!