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Started by GildedPerdition, May 11, 2019, 08:19:25 PM

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Maybe I'm just too dumb to figure out the navigations or it's a feature I don't have access to yet, but I cannot, to save my life, figure out how to set up my roleplay preferences. I keep seeing the little link beneath users avatars and would have to have one of those helpful little articles of my own but I can't find the place to make one or figure out how to set one up. Halp!


Hi! Are you looking to set up a matrix, or an ons/offs thread? (For example: My ons/offs is linked in my signature 'interests' and my matrix should be under 'roleplay preferences')


If you're meaning the Ons and Offs Matrix there is a button at the top, beneath the shoutbox and such that says Ons and Offs.  That will take you to your matrix that you can set up.  I highly suggest doing an ons and offs thread as well.  There are a lot of members who will only look in a thread, not at the matrix.