Hello! Yes, I would like some role play please!

Started by voodooprince, May 08, 2019, 10:22:46 AM

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Hello everyone! I am new to the these forums, but not new to the roleplaying element. I guess it would be best to start with a little about myself and go from there. I am three decades young, and have been doing some form of creative writing since I was about 15. It started with writing assignments from school, and eventually turned into love and smut letters to my significant others. As I got older, and out of college, I found the love of dungeons and dragons as well as various other roleplaying games. Somewhere along the way, I decided to dabble into the unknown, and that curiosity would become this hobby. Now, I love to look for cool and new people to write with and new storied to dive into.

As for writing, I like a good Smut/Story ratio. Too much of either one and the rp becomes a bit dull. I love writing sexy fun time as much as anyone else, but when the entire rp is just that, it gets old. With that said, a good short story or two from time to time is never bad if a pure smut route is what you are looking for.

Story: I am a big superhero/heroine fan. Love the whole good vs evil and comic book/anime like super powers. I don't mind writing a slice of life type rp, but it would have to have some interesting element to it like the supernatural or superpowers. I live real life everyday, and writing is my escape and freedom from it. If you have any ideas that involve Marvel/DC/Anime/Various Video games, I am all ears. Worst I will say is no, or lets try it from another angle. I am okay with cannon or OC's, and even okay with bending cannon to suit the needs of the rp. Just do not want to break cannon so bad that we might as well be using our own world instead. Cause if it gets to that point, lets just do our own world with our own rules instead.

Smut: So think it is easier to list the no's. I am not the biggest fan of the gore/watersports/ ect kinda stuff. Outside of that, I am open to discuss what you want out of the rp on a one-on-one basis. There are some things that I might be okay with given the right communication and context, and other things that I will not be. I am working on an F-List, so that this part is a bit more informative. Bottomline is communication and understand between both parties so that everyone has fun with the rp.

Interests! Currently I have a few ideas that I would love to run. Always open to hear other peoples suggestions but these are some of my top interests at the moment. I have more elaborate ideas for these role plays, but would rather discuss the details over pm to adjust them to my co-writer:

1. Would love to play alongside someone who wants to play spider-gwen. I have several plot ideas for how to do an rp like this. We can both be heroes, hero v villain or something of our own making. I have a good idea for one involving spider-gwen x spider-man where Gwen is bitten by the same spider as spider-man (like cindy moon). Spider-gang is my favorite of superheroes and have wanted to do this for a while.

2. I want to do a My Hero Academia rp where we are part of a rival college that exists in the USA, probably around New York. We could have the cannon character visit for summer break or even have Deku and a few others transferred there to continue their studies. Again, lots of ideas for the rp, just need a participant.

3. I would like to do an rp where I am Reverse Flash as a villain. Love the comics and something they did on this season of CW's Flash has given me an idea for what I think is an interesting story line.

4. Final Fantasy or Kingdom Hearts rp's are always welcomed.

5. Would love to do a Magic the Gathering rp where we are both planeswalkers traveling the multiverse. This might take a bit of work, but isn't that the point of most rp's?

6. Another fun idea would be an rp that involves the relationship, or potential relationship between The Hulk and Black Widow? There are some nice time gaps in the MCU that we can work with or even make up our own continuity?

7. How about a Dragonball Super Roleplay With Broly and Cheelai? I think that is such a great ship and I would like to set sail!

8. Anybody for a Mary Jane x Venom RP? There is enough on the internet to help us with this rp, lol!

9. How about a Beast Boy x Raven plot? Perhaps Beast Boy gets infected by something that makes him go rabid? Well, Lustfully Rabid....

Fandoms include but not limited to:
Naruto, Is it wrong to pick up girls in a dungeon, Overwatch, Harry Potter, Pokemon, Digimon, My Hero Academia, Marvel, DC, Kingdom Hearts, Final Fantasy, MTG, Warhammer 40k, Dragonball Z, Various Disney Films, Dresden Files Books, Star Wars, World of Warcraft, Game of Thrones, One Piece, Fairy Tale, Bleach, ect.
Ask away, who knows what I forgot!

I am sure this list will grow as time goes on. Look forward to hearing from you!





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