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April 22, 2021, 01:01:39 pm

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Author Topic: A collection of ransacked goods, find a bargain. (Looking for F[eminine])  (Read 457 times)

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Offline Le RandomBlokeTopic starter

Hey there, I am writing this so you feel as if it's me personally approaching you, even though I have no clue who you are. Let's begin by saying that the F[eminine] in my title means, mostly women, though I can be convinced for a trap/shemale/.. to take the place of whatever character needs filling in what are basically rough ideas.

I'm quite rusty, this site and I, we have many memories. I often take a long hiatus, then return when I feel like writing again. Of course, writing with another person, not quite fond of group content, but easily excited with the prospect of working together with another brain. So, while my ideas are usually very rough around the edges, a vague notion of what I'd like, I usually start fleshing it out once somebody is interested. Your input is highly appreciated, mandatory almost.

English isn't my first language, though I'd like to think I'm not too terrible either, but again I'm rusty. Also important, I don't really do any S&M type of play, nor rape and what have you. I'm quite vanilla in my interests, the interactions between characters and the world interesting me far more and I especially tend to crave the difficult ones. Difficult through society, their personalities or whatever else you can think of.

Just message me if you want to know more about me, or you'd like to pitch an idea of your own. Not sure if my previous posts are a good indicator of how I write now, guess we'll find out, I'd like to think I've matured a bit at least. So, on with the idea(s):

Note: Titles are hard, I will try to make them more indicative of the general notion, oh yea, I love me some sci-fi/fantasy but convince me that realistic could work and we're good to go.

Strong woman, strong man, many misunderstandings.

As often is the case when I think of things, it'd be a fantasy world, giving a lot of lenience towards us both with race, culture, society and the world in general. The important core being both of our characters come to gain knowledge, become stronger and gain social status in THE best institute renowned to deliver only the best of adventurers/warriors. Cultures are varied, gender roles wildly vary and the region the institute is in itself is mainly convinced that men make the better warrior fighting on the front-lines, women make the better supports.

A young woman enrolled this year however, is dedicated in proving that she far more capable to be on the front lines than most, if not all, men. Preferably by physical strength, perhaps sprinkled with magical enhancements. Or focused on a battle type of magic could also make a strong case. Whatever it may be, she has been training well before joining and is already considered to be the top fighter of that year. Though most will respect her strength, they will also mock her 'delusional' ideals.

On the other end is a young man, who traveled from a far away land to this institute funded by his home village to further develop into a fearsome warrior. Not much is known about his kind, other that each year they send the strongest individual to this place, who, after completing the entire course return from whence they came, never to be seen again. They often disappear in the background, not being given much attention. Oddities being that each year the individual is wildly different, male or female, warrior or mage, top of the class or barely scraping by, the only thing they all had in common is that none of them ever failed to finish the sometimes brutal training.

Interaction between the two becomes inevitable, for in the young man's culture, strong women are highly respected and sought after as mates. His interest in her grows quite rapidly, however given to what she is used to as far as men are concerned and his rather poor social skills to convey his intent, HILARITY ENSUES! Or mainly misunderstandings. It doesn't help that the reason his people are usually hiding in the background, is because they're told quite adamantly that mingling with others is strictly forbidden.

Ruthless looking fighter buys a beautiful slave

Yet, he does not abuse her, molest her, or do anything at all really.

A beautiful, smart and strong-willed young woman finds herself on auction after a difficult past, the slave-master is expecting for her to fetch a very high price. Her beauty and high value is her shield in this place, nobody is allowed to mistreat her, her body, skin and mental state must remain pristine. She is sheltered from hardships other slaves have to endure, though not blinded, what she gets to eat is passable as food, her clothes are not entirely ragged, skin not dirty. Yet, the other slaves envy her not, she too knows all this 'luxury' is not a blessing, but a curse.

For slaves such as herself are only bought by those with a heavy purse and ill intentions. Other slaves might be bought to help out in the field, become a maid for some children, jobs that they can cling onto for a better life. But nobody buys such an expensive slave with such beauty, to help in the field, teach children, to serve drinks in a pub, they only buy a slave like her for one reason alone.

Thus, the others do not envy her food, but pity her.

Day in, day out, at each auction she has to pray nobody has the money to buy her. Small towns, little chance. Until one day a man raises his hand. A man with pitch-black hair and red eyes, a torn cloak and skin as scarred as his armour, wearing a deadly gaze clearing the area around him, people too scared to get near. A man that, were it not for the lack of tail and horns, resembled much closer to a demon than a humanoid.

A man she soon would be calling master, forced by contract to obey his every will, allow him to do to her whatever he wanted to, with little to stop him.

In spite of what you think, the world may be dark, but he is not. This story revolves more about him being a very capable warrior, looking dreadfully frightening and saying things to accompany his look, but actually being a very kind man, with a very fragile heart.

It's somewhat light-hearted, where she goes from frightened to curious, looking for answers as to why he purchased her and what his deal is in general.

That's all I have for now, rough I know, but if you are interested in the core of it, feel free to contact me. I'm sure more thoughts and ideas will pop into existence soon, but this'll have to do for now.

Oh as far elaborating on what I do/don't do want/do not want, if you think it's unorthodox ask me. But as I said I'm *fairly* vanilla, at least what this site is concerned. Other than that I do not really do pictures, you can, don't expect me to and obviously nobody likes powerplaying. Time-skips and the like are fine because playing day to day will stagnate any story, but let's just agree on the when/where.
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