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September 27, 2021, 01:36:33 pm

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Author Topic: Cheese's repository of random things to try...  (Read 572 times)

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Cheese's repository of random things to try...
« on: May 07, 2019, 12:11:01 pm »
Hello, I'm Sadistic Cheese, but it's best just to call me Cheese. I've been role-playing for probably the better part of 10 years on and off, but it's been some time since I've done this so a few rules/expectations probably need to be communicated before I go much farther:


1: I do variable post-length. Usually you'll always get a paragraph or two out of me, sometimes more, sometimes less. It depends on the situation the story is in and if an essay is genuinely needed. If a character is walking from point A to point B and circumstances dictate that nothing heavy be on his or her mind, I don't expect them to be musing big, deep, long thoughts about life, the universe, and everything. Sometimes we, as real humans, do things on autopilot. Sometimes we just don't think super deep. If I feel like any inner monologue or small action is just filler, I'm not going to do it. In practice, I don't think this happens much if at all. However if I have a post or two that's a little on the light end, this probably why.

I DO NOT do one-liners unless writing over Discord or another IM medium, and even there, a one-liner is rare. Mostly my length is just dictated on how much is going on in the story and on what realistically needs to be there at that particular time. If you do tons, I'll do my best to match you and keep up, but I'm putting this first and up front to let you know how I work, and to let you know that you can be flexible too if you wish.

2: The above being said, I AM a little rusty at doing this. It may take me a day or two to reply to a post between work and needing to knock the cobwebs out of my mental gears. Feel free to talk with me OOC about things and that may cause my wheels to spin a bit faster, but it also may not. (Depends on if life has burned me out mentally.) Ultimately, I apologize if things drag at times. Partners who are supportive/understanding of this are preferred/appreciated.

3: I'm fine with smut, but as with most other people it's probably not going to be all the time unless we both agree on that. I classify most of my ideas as "adult" purely based on the fact that "adult" covers so much from bad language to blood-n-gore to sex to deep horror to...well, you get the idea. Like most people I'll be putting genders I'm looking for in that particular idea at the time. Or at least the gender of the character I'm looking for.

4: Some ideas posted here could be applied to a group setting as easily as one-on-one. I'll do my best to point this out and if there ends up being more than one person interested in said idea, I'm open to moving things into the group section provided everyone's cool with each other and cool with that.

5: I RP by post normally, but if you have another method such as PMs, Discord, etc., run it past me. I'm largely flexible.

So all of that settled, onto what ideas I have for now....


Please note that original ideas and fan stuff are both here because I consider both valid: as long as we're having fun, I don't care what it is.

Monster Hunter:

He came with the Fifth Fleet to the New World because he'd been everywhere else: Jurassic Frontiers, Frozen Seaways, Dunes, Swamps, he'd been through all of it since becoming a hunter as a teenager. Now, half a decade later, he's wandering with his loyal Palico at his side: a G-Rank Hunter looking for a new world to see...or so most people think. A few more observant hunters and handlers note that he looks a little dead in the eyes....his Palico brings him food and drink and acts nervously when little is taken. He's seen some shit....maybe the life is getting to him....maybe The Hunt is taking it's toll....but when he talks about his hunts there's a spark of fire back in his eyes. There's pride in his voice. A challenge is called out when someone boasts. He's not dead just yet. Maybe with a little help, a friend, maybe more than one friend, maybe even something more than a friend; this hunter can get himself going again and get back to The Hunt like he used to. (MxF, possibly a group idea of any genders if there's interest in doing it)


He's not a handler. Not by a long shot. He's not a biologist or an angler or a researcher, he's a hunter. Sure, he's within spitting distance of his fifth decade, but that doesn't mean he's lost anything! Well, except that pinkie finger....but he was careless for a moment and it was a Zinogre. He was SURE it was tranquilized...what can you do? Everyone makes mistakes every once in awhile. Doesn't mean he's old! Doesn't mean he's lost his touch! He can still fight! He can still hunt! Do you know how many Deviljhos he's punched?! YES! PUNCHED! DEVILJHOS! But the Commission thinks he needs to slow down, use his experience and expertise to benefit everyone by training the next generation. Sharing the skills that have made him a successful hunter. Help discover why some monsters are breaking out of their normal habitats and territories and behaving oddly....well, guess he could do that. As long as they don't saddle him with some impertinent upstart... (MxF, group, let's just talk and see what we want to do with this if you're interested)

Original thoughts:

They talk about the guy like he's either a mad scientist, Steve Jobs, or both. He's got a successful company that is so far into tech that it makes Silicon Valley collectively rage that he's not IN Silicon Valley. But he never liked California. Humid, hot, too many people. He likes people, actually. Most of them seem nice, or at least they're nice to him. But they never stick around long; he seems cursed to have only passing acquaintances in his life. He does his best to smile in front of the cameras, he laughs it off. But it actually is quite lonely...he just wishes people would stay. He's working on that, though, if you ask him....he's always been a fair hand at robotics, after all. A companion, with a little bodyguard mixed in (big business is no joke, after all), and a pretty smile. Yes, that would be nice....

Not that many people know about his pet project, of course....building a companion...absurd! The few executives at his company who know make jokes that he's just making an overdeveloped sex robot. Get some social skills already! It's not THAT hard to have a friend or a girlfriend. It could do those things, of course...all those things people joke about...if it, if SHE, wanted to....or possibly even if HE wanted her to. What's to stop him from making her obey his every whim? Giving him every pleasure he could want and then some? No, no she's designed to think, to feel, be a person...that wouldn't be right, would it?

All this runs through the man's mind, as his hand bobs back and forth over the power button. The button that, for good or ill, changes his life forever. (MxF, sex not required, but let's talk)


More will be added eventually. But until then feel free to PM or contact me on Discord if you have interest in any of this!