Noir Anyone? [Interest Check]

Started by miss Hysteria, February 13, 2009, 11:59:57 PM

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miss Hysteria

*** Game Currently on Hiatus ***

The Sins of the Night Seem Bright by Day

Film Noir.  Everyone is gritty, debonair, sexy, and has a strangely appropriate name.  We all know it, and if you don’t love it you’re probably a Red.

Sin of the Night is a story-driven adventure set in the scenic city of Santa Marina.  Though I have the general story arch planned out, I hope to have it ‘evolve’ as the action progresses.  For instance, if the Detective misses some vital clue I’ve laid out, or some lousy whore pulls a knife unexpectedly, the action could go in a completely new direction.  What I’m going for here is some hybrid of DnD, Whodunnit mystery, and Choose-you-own Adventure.  As such, there will (hopefully) be a good deal of comedy thrown in with the general sexiness and degenerate atmosphere of the Noir.

What I need:
I only need one other person to make this work as a roleplay, but the whole “Whodunnit” element wouldn’t be much fun.  If I could get a group of 2-4 (possibly 5) other people, I think this could work quite well.  Depending on what I get, the story and characters change around slightly, so we’ll see.

The Rules:
You are allowed to create your characters, almost freely.  Each of them will have some constraints which will be given to you before we start; i.e. The Detective has to actually be a detective.  Along with this packet of information you may receive some vital ‘clues’ your character is privy to.  Whether or not to reveal them is up to you.
At certain times, I (as an NPC) will (for the story’s sake) attempt to maneuver your character.  i.e. a Police inspector may ask you come in for questioning.  You do not have to go along, but be warned of the consequences.
Your characters can die.  I promise it will not be sudden or unpreventable.  If this happens and you wish to continue in the story, I can give you control of a current NPC, or work with you to add a new character to the plot.

The Plot:
Mostly to be created by you.  It starts, however, in the office of Detective, with the offer of a new case that promises intrigue and danger in the sexiest way imaginable.


Detective – The only role that really needs be in the story.  The Detective can be male or female and will be chosen based upon who gives the best back-story

Damsel – This is the role I will likely be playing. (Unless there is a HUGE outpouring of people, then I’ll give it up and just do NPC’s)
Crick – (M/F) If played by a man, a ‘sidekick’ to the Detective.  If played by a woman (Crickette?), this character also works as Detective’s secretary.

Others: Open to people, but I can play them as NPC’s if needed.  Most of the information on these characters will not be revealed except to those who are playing them.  Depending on if anyone shows interest these parts can be small or large.

Lilac – (F) The name is changeable, though flower-names only please.  A woman of rather ill repute.
The Parents – (M/F) Mother and Father of the Damsel character.  Can be played by one or two people.
Commissioner – The head of Santa Marina’s police force.
The Doctor – (M/F) A doctor.  Of medicine, maybe?

If there is interest in this I’ll post more details (such as more on Santa Marina, or individual characters by request)

*Note, if interest is high and all goes well, there is a strong likelihood of sequels*

Jack Shade

Heh...good ole film Noir style.


May I volunteer?  Should someone of more suitable talents want the position...I suppose I'll give it up willingly to the better writer but as for the moment...I am quite interested in the idea and premise.


It's a group roleplay, so no one should have to give up anything. I'd actually prefer to play Crick, the sidekick.
Watch what people are cynical about, and one can often discover what they lack. - George S. Patton

miss Hysteria

No, you're absolutely right, no one ever has to give up any information they may have.  That being said, this is Noir and people tend to want to get at said information quite badly  ;)  If you're planning on holding back, you should be prepared for some fallout.

I'm going to wait a little bit longer before starting the thread here, but you that are interested can start thinking about backstories.  If you need any specific information about the setting, PM me.


This sounds so fun!  I'd love to play Lilac although I might rename myself Lily or Rose instead.

Jack Shade

Should I write a backstory and submit it then?

You said the best would win out...Just wondering if I should make a preemptive submission.

miss Hysteria

Jack, as of now, you're the only one interested in the role so don't worry too much.

That said, I think we've got a good number of people here.  I've got a few things to flesh out in the story's backbone which should be completed shortly.  I'll be sending each you a PM with some odds and ends concerning your characters.

If you want to write backstories, that's fine.  Even sending them to me is good, but you may have to change a few details in retrospect - though I don't expect too much.

Jack - Come up with a name the Detective first.  I'll  be sending you a few case files you've worked, but the rest is mostly up to you.

Mycroft - Most of your details are up to you.  Though, Crick should have some special skill or knack that keeps him close with Detective.  I'll have some detailed info for you as well.

Lorelei - I'm glad someone picked up Lilac/Rose/Lily, I did want her to play a role in the story.  I'll send you some info on who she is the eyes of the City.

I look forward to getting this started sometime this week :)

Sir Wolfgang

I was interested in playing the detective, although another role would be fine as well, since I see Jack has volunteered for the detective, and my noir experience is somewhat low. I'd love to play the Commissioner, if Jack is the detective.

Jack Shade

Sounds excellent.

Alright...for names I'll give you a choice...pick the one better appealing to your taste.

Jack Danser

Ryan Dorsey

Peter Dasch

and just because I've realized all these last names begin with a D

Nicholas Crane


Dennis Mackenzie, the Cricket A.K.A. "Crick"


Always in patent shoes with a one inch lift, Dennis barely managed to measure up to a full five feet in height. He was the tragic sort of fellow who, even dressed in his custom tailored suits, was given to look like a school boy forced into their sunday finest. His arms were too long for his body, his eyes too small for his head, and his teeth too big for his mouth, as if the good lord put him together from mismatched parts.

An unruly mop of auburn hair was often hidden beneath a fedora that was a size too big, while his beady olive eyes peered through half inch lenses. His uncomfortable way of holding his gangly arms at a perpetual cock, with his shoulders out coupled with his chirpy voice earned him the nickname the Cricket as a boy, a name he's never managed to shake off to this day.

Always ready with a big toothed grin however, he was one of the most unflappable fellows you'd ever be likely to meet. His reputation on the street is strangely at odds with his actual appearance. A particularly brilliant man, with a talent for diffusing a situation, he is considered by and large to be one of the greatest fast talkers in the city. He's equally fast when words fail, and many are the story of the diminutive man felling many a dangerous criminal when cornered.

He certainly doesn't look that dangerous...


Crick possesses eidetic memory, recalling events in minute detail. While he lacks the intuition that makes many detectives truly great, his ability for raw memorization is impressive. While often it's his boss that puts together the pieces of the puzzle, Crick is most often the one who has the pieces in the first place.

He is noted for an impressive double jointed flexibility, making him an individual that's impossible to restrain. An escape artist of no small note, it's tremendously difficult to pin Crick down. He fights in much the same fashion, relying on misdirection and the element of surprise.

Crick's fists are feeble at best, so he tends to wrap them around a pipe or bottle when forced to brawl. As dirty a fighter as they come, he has little in the way of an ethical code, provided he manages to escape alive. When there's information to be gathered, often he's the one who will get his hands dirty.

He is further noted for his particularly prissy insistence on "the finer things" in life, and outright refuses to suffer with substandard cigarettes, alcohol, food, clothing, etc. He has a brand loyalty to the most expensive and coveted products, but there's little room for complaint. Since he started working for the agency, both clients and his boss agree the coffee has become tremendously better.
Watch what people are cynical about, and one can often discover what they lack. - George S. Patton


Oh, it's too bad that I don't think that I would actually have time for another game. If I did, I think I'd want to play the fellow in my avatar. He's a bad Catholic priest. He generally keeps up the appearance of being a respectible man of the cloth, but the truth is, he can smoke, drink, and whore with the best of them. He's also tends to fight dirty too. More then one person, thinking that he looked like an easy mark, has ended up being punched with a fist that was filled with the weight of a heavy crucifix. The power of Christ compels you. *thwap*
O/O   A/A


Is there still room for the Doctor?


No, sorry, Mary. Our show was cancelled before the first pilot episode. *laugh*
Watch what people are cynical about, and one can often discover what they lack. - George S. Patton