The Prison of Silence (Poem)

Started by Twisted Crow, April 26, 2019, 07:58:53 PM

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Twisted Crow

In the night's quiet gloom, the masses call
Their villain by the noose to see his fall.
Comfort in lynching of man to them all,
Slurping their venom that would breed a thrall.

Bindings to spirit, shackles to soul,
That which blinds the heart whole.
None shall pay heed; no stories told
Slash his tongue, leave him to cold.

What power is voice when none hear,
When the scarecrow can appeal to fear?
Split up the rabble, for our King is near!
Only judgment now shall reign, here.

We craft this device of social disjunction,
Providing means to our own destruction!
What good is a man's voice to function
When blame is thrust to a Pariah's construction?

QuoteHeh. I still got it... even though I was too worried about rhyme. Way more that usual, but the effect seems to work as desired. I am keeping it.  ^-^


Inspirations include both Niemöller & Tolstoy.

Twisted Crow

Decided to go with "men of straw" as opposed to "scarecrows." 'Scarecrows' seems better with the imagery in illustration, but I fear that what the scarecrows represent might be lost on some.

Still mixed on this part, actually.  :-\

Edit: Nah... 'the scarecrow' sounds better, I think. Sticking with that.