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October 01, 2020, 10:23:13 AM

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Author Topic: Dark and Twisted Dreams| F4A|  (Read 584 times)

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Offline LilJinxxieMewTopic starter

Dark and Twisted Dreams| F4A|
« on: April 24, 2019, 10:06:13 AM »
Welcome to my dark and twisted dreams.

You may call me Jinx. I have been roleplaying for quite a while. It's been on and off lately but I'm ready to start up again. I just love creating stories along with a partner who I can fall in sync with. Also a partner who can go with the flow as well.

The stories I love to create are ones filled with dark themes, sometimes gore, definitely blood, sadism, and fun things like that. Now not all themes have to be included but there has to be at least a few. No negotiations on the sadism part though.

Personally I am a sadomasochist, a little, a brat, a princess, a pet (fox), sub and switch. But currently I'm not looking for subs. I'm wanting a great TPE rp. That would be quite fun.

Now to the creative part! I have been thinking about the type of stories I'd like to write. I've been inspired by the darker side of things. Like faeries who kidnap children. Or sirens who drown men. Demons who trick you into making a deal with them. All of these sound awesome as hell, right?

I had an idea hit me recently. It occurs in an AU (to be determined), with fantasy and all that jazz. I'm not sure exactly what the world will be but I know that in the image I have in my head it takes place in a temple/church. It's an exchange between two powerful beings. One an angel with a dark heart and the other being a celestial being bound to some kind of artifact or jewelry or something found in the temple. I'm not sure exactly how the story will play but I'm sure we can figure it out!

If y'all have any other ideas that are dark and what not feel free to message me!
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Offline LilJinxxieMewTopic starter

Re: Dark and Twisted Dreams| F4A|
« Reply #1 on: May 02, 2019, 03:18:42 PM »
New story idea

In a world full of magic, wonder and beauty there are many loving and caring characters. They belong to multiple villages scattered across the country, even the world, but this story focuses within the territory named Eden, as it is full of pure natural beauty. Within the borders of Eden resides a variety of beings. Some magical others not.

Many villages celebrated deities. Some villages dedicated their worship and offerings to one deity while others worship multiple. There are cities, not many, that hold many cultures within it's walls. With the mixture of races and species there is a lot of tension. In the capital the city is shown as a welcome place with rising technology, but there's a downside. The technology, money, resources, etc are run and owned by dark beings.

As more cities pop up, citizens leave their villages for a fresh start in a new city. Soon there would be no more villages. Which meant no one to worship the deities of the land. Without the love and devotion the deities become a shell of what they once were. The dark beings had planned just that so they could drown the world into corruption and evil.

Hundred of years prior a celestial being, guardian over the innocent, vulnerable and weak, was sealed away in a temple long forgotten. It was the work of a demon who was known to his race as a slayer of the light. The celestial guardian had fallen for the light slayer in her early years of existence when it was the beginning of Eden. There were only celestial beings at first. That was until one day she met a demon. His true form didn't scare or startle her at all. It was like she saw something in him that no one else could see.

The demon would leave and return every so often to see the deity. After a while they couldn't stay away from each other. They fell for one another. It didn't last long though. The elder deities summoned the young being and gave her a warning not to continue on with the demon or she would face consequences. Not listening though she tried to run away with her beloved demon but the further they got from her meadow the weaker she got.

Her meadow was the place of her birth and the place she was destined to stay until she was fully grown and come into her powers. On their journey fleeing from the meadow and the guardians the two became one which was forbidden. As she got weaker though the demon knew she couldn't go on so they returned to the meadow.

Upon returning she fell into a deep sleep that lasted 45 days. It was the will of the elder guardians that she suffer the fate she would have had of she continued with the demon. It was torturous and ripped all innocense from the girl. When she awoke she was cold to him. She told him it he didn't leave he would be dead by her own hand by the will of the elder counsil.

So he left with a broken heart full of vengeance. He didn't understand what had happened to her but he knew she was no longer the pure light he had fallen for. Something he craved was ripped from him so he dedicated himself yo the darkness that was slowly rising.

Thousands of years went by. Villages popped up as time went on. New races and species were created to give more to the world. In the early days of creation the deities spoke and appeared to their worshipers. Eventually they had to hide themselves from the seeing eyes of anyone who was not a celestial being.

A few thousand years before technology came into existence their was a war between the dark and light. This brought the Light Slayer back to the meadow he knew belonged to his past love. Instead of a meadow there was a temple just a short walk from a nearby village who worshipped her, the protector of their village.

Soon he discovered the temple belonged to the protector. His presence in the meadow brought out the protector. She couldn't believe it was him, but she knew it wasn't good. Beings of the dark were trying to eradicate the deities of the land and she knew he was there for her with a vengence.

The two battled, the protector with all her might, but he was easily evading her attacks. Which wasn't right. She was the most powerful deity in the area. Many beings traveled to her temple for her protection. The more who believed in her the stronger she was. What she didn't realize until it was to late was that the Light Slayer had a dark amulet that was filled with light energy mixed with dark magic. The amulet gave him the advantage over the goddess. She was easily subdued thanks to his dirty trick.

She was sealed away into the temple after he told her, "One day I will be back and on that day you will belong to me." She was cut off from everything outside of the temple. There were no windows nor light so the goddess was drowned in the darkness for, well she didn't know how long. With time she went a bit mad.

This can really go any which way so if you're interested shoot me a message!

Offline LilJinxxieMewTopic starter

Re: Dark and Twisted Dreams| F4A|
« Reply #2 on: May 24, 2019, 02:05:11 PM »
New story idea!!

I've been thinking on some ideas and one came to me this morning. It involves two strangers who meet each other's gaze at a party or something. Something they see in each other's eyes brings them together. It's like when they met eyes a connection was forged. One that was so strong it's startling. Perhaps they knew each other in past lives? Or mayhaps they're destined for some grand twisting path leading them on adventure. There could be magic in it or not. Any setting works for me. I feel like this could have a few different variations and be quite fun. Also I got the idea from a song called Darkside by Alan Walker, Au/ra, Tomie Harket. You should listen to it and see what ideas it Sparks in you. Especially if you are wanting to rp with me on this idea.