Luna's Roleplay Ideas

Started by luna146, April 21, 2019, 04:49:12 PM

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It's been awhile so I decided to come back...again

1. An rp where I play a princess who is captured and put into forced labor by the enemy as she works trying to maintain some dignity.

2. Combat rp. My charecter is over her head as she fights someone and loses badly. No killing but plenty of clothes getting torn off.

3. Human vs Fox- A human and Fox (Me) face off in a bunch of challenges to see who is better

4. Bad Ending- A anthro fox or wolf is questing only to be ambushed and looted of everything she has. (May include dark ending)

5. Magic Academy where I take on one of the top students in a magic fight and end up utterly humiliated.

7. Werewolf vs Vampire- A Werewolf (Me) is hunting a vampire and instead becomes the hunted. Also any other monsters are welcome too. Also a war between Vampires and Werewolves would be fun too.

8. Adventure or Quest RP- Two adventures go on a quest with one of them (me) always running into traps or being captured or defeated at every turn while the other one always wins or rescues me.

9. Robbed- A young woman on her way home is robbed by a rival or enemy back from her high school and she has to make her way back home naked trying not to be seen.

10. Prank war- Me and a rival decided to see who is the better prankster by having a prank war against each other with me losing very badly.

11. Wrestling match- My anthro fox takes on a variety or 1 opponent only to be easily out matched.

12. A anthro Fox goes to a new school that is all humans and to make matters worse every time she gets in trouble she is punished by having an article of clothing taken away each time until she is naked.

13. Superheroine rp- My Fox heroine is taken down easily by a super villain and reduced to feeling like a slave/animal. We can discuss the plot further.

I may add more later but I love being naked and defeated, humiliation and tickling. I can also play humans, anthro, part anthro (Fox ears and a tail). I also prefer story over smut but some smut is okay.



removed one idea might replace later