The Pocket (Pulp Sci-Fi, Light or NC, Exotic)

Started by WhichBard, April 21, 2019, 12:26:29 AM

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The Pitch
A pilot testing out a Faster Than Light engine is transported to a pocket dimension where the rules are different and he must find a way out.

The Pitch, but more Detail
Welcome to the Pocket. The vast majority of the time, those who end up within the Pocket got lucky in a close encounter with a black hole. Aliens, starships, asteroids, and even parts of planets wind up there. There's even enough of an atmosphere to breathe outside of a ship, and there's also a weak "up" and "down when travelers leave the safety of the floating islands that the parts of planets formed. There's many aliens, but in a strange twist of fate they all are humanoid to some degree or another.

Image if Jacob
Image if Jaclyn

My character, Jacob Carter, winds up in the Pocket after testing out a new FTL engine. It's a whole new world that he'll be forced to explore in an effort to repair his ship and escape back to Earth. Along the way, he will find an enemy who wants to use his ship to escape herself: the Queen, a mysterious figure who has been terrorizing the Pocket for centuries now, and employs a small army of the fanatically-loyal alongside powerful agents of her own - her Lieutenants. This is a Pulp Sci-Fi setting - green aliens, cat-people, bird-people, mysterious psionics, and humans are going to go hand-in-hand with ray-guns, rocket ships, robots, etc.. There's going to be culture shock for Carter (and his co-pilot if there is one). We will flesh out more details with this premise in mind.

I'm looking for heterosexual pairings, but I'm open to flipping which sex the main character is. That said, I don't mind/care who's behind the writing. Essentially everyone is welcome to write with me.

In the case where Jacob will instead be a woman, she will be named  Jaclyn "Jackie" Carter instead -- a woman.

You're welcome to GM, or your character can be any of the following, and I'm open to suggestions for additional possible roles as well.

  • Co-Pilot
  • An alien ally
  • A lieutenant/agent of the Queen
  • A human whom was stranded long ago / born in the Pocket
  • The Queen herself

Ons/Offs, and Posting Requirements
  • Post Length
    I'm looking for 2-5 paragraphs. The more, the better. I vary between writing about 3-5 paragraphs to writing much more, and I'd prefer someone who can match that effort. It isn't consistent, there will be some shorter posts from me: thus, the minimum goal of 2 to 5 paragraphs.
  • Post Frequency
    The minimum is once a week, I'd prefer more often. This is the same as above in that, sometimes once a week is all I can do, so it makes sense as a minimum requirement.

    Check out my roleplay preferences - they're located here