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April 02, 2023, 08:01:53 am

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Author Topic: The Gae Bolg project (f superhero looking for superhero mentor girlfriend)  (Read 623 times)

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Alicia Shields was hardly a normal girl. She has been dealt a pretty hard hand in life. Born with fast progressing ALS, she was home schooled, but wasn't expected to even reach 20. She had a brilliant mind, that would soon extinguish a few days past her 18th birthday. She made a birthday wish that she could meet with a superhero before dying.

To avoid dealing with the imminent death of his daughter, William Shields busied himself with work. An expert in robotics, he was working on the Gae Bolg project: a project meant to create the next generation drones. Armed to the teeth, able to survive a direct hit from a light anti-tank weapon, more agile than state of the art fighter jets, the only problem was the lack of computers that could control a Gae Bolg drone, and a human pilot would require a neural uplink that would cause lethal feedback should the drone be destroyed, defeating the purpose of the Gae Bolg being drones. The project was about to get shelved, when a raid on a supervillain's laboratory uncovered soul-transfer technology. William pulled every favor he was owed with every military officer and administrative worker to get access to it. In the meantime, he redesigned the Gae Bolg drone to have a humanoid frame with a jetpack, and moved his dying daughter to the mothballed facility where he could do his last chance to give Alicia a life.

"Gae Bolg boot-up diagnostics.
-What happened?
-Gyroscopic stabilizers online and active.
-Daddy? Anyone?
-Jet pack online and active. Fuel reserves 100%.
-Do not worry, this is normal.
-Crowd control arsenal check: tear gas launcher online and active. Stinger launcher online and active. Flashbang launcher online and active. Rubber rounds launcher online and active. Ammunition reserves at 100%
-What? Daddy?
-Lethal arsenal check: Anti-air missile launcher online and active. Anti-tank missile launcher online and active. Ammuiton reserves 100%.
-Gear up soldiers, someone broke into this mothballed facility with tech seized from a supervillain. Expect anything!
-Comms and sensor checks: Radio and encryption breaker online and active. Sonar online and active. Radar online and active. Battry reserves 100%"

The door blew up, and a squad of US marines entered the room, weapons pointed towards Alicia and her dad..

"It's William Shields sir. He's with that weird machine, there's his daughter who appears to be dead, and a copy of his daughter who appears confused.
-I should have guessed he'd try that. We are dealing with a heavily armed Gae Bolg drone that he redesigned to look like his daughter. Retreat and we'll bring up bigger guns... Oh, we've got a super in the area diverging from the patrol route to assist.
-I can hear you. Please don't hurt daddy. Please, I don't know what you are talking about, but please, I do't want to hurt anyone.
-Well, the Gae Bold drone doesn't appear to be belligerent, and may actually hold the soul of his dying daughter. Can we get confirmation it's actually what happened, and firepower in case something went wrong?"

Soon a woman entered the room. No way! Of all the Superheroines Alicia admired, she was meeting face to face with her idol! After Alicia devolving into an utter fangirl mess, the situation was peacefully resolved. Her father would be removed from any project he worked for and kept under psych watch. And Alicia would get her dream of becoming a superheroine, mentored by her idol, and maybe becoming something more than her student?