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August 19, 2022, 07:00:23 am

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Author Topic: M seeking F. One shots!  (Read 426 times)

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Offline backlash84Topic starter

M seeking F. One shots!
« on: April 18, 2019, 02:13:17 pm »
Alrighty, I don't usually do one shots, I like long stories with character building and progression... but for some reason I just feel like trying some one off scenario's out. If things go well, we might continue it in a more fleshed out fashion, but that's not by any means  mandatory.

I tend to like someone who can post at least once a day on average, can post 2-4 decent paragraphs per post (maybe shorter in this case, never done one of these), and enjoys detail.

Without further ado, here's some of my one shot ideas!


Exploring new frontiers

Although I am writing the prompt with both of our characters as alien, I'm fine with player human as well if you prefer. Basically, I'm wanting to play around with the concept that our two characters races have known one another for a few decades now, trading information, meeting politically, but usually staying out of each others "personal space".

Our characters work on a newly developed space station, meant to serve as the first location of co-habitation between their two people. It is meant to be an experiment of sorts, to see how the races interact with one another on a day to day level... individuals are selected by whatever merits their race deems valuable, and sent to live on the station, which supports a thousand individuals total.

The first few days were a bit tense and busy, everyone setting up their own lives in the new station, adjusting to their new roles in this little society... but now, the first alcohol shipments have arrived, and everyone is looking to relax and have a little fun... our characters being the first to take that fun to a much more... intimate level.

Super Hero

Team building exercises

This one can use cannon or non-cannon characters. The idea is that your character is the newest member of a super hero team, and is rather excited to finally work with her hero's. After their first big mission together is a success, the team decides its time to relax a little... which for them, means fucking each others brains out. Apparently it's considered quite normal for team members to fuck one another, to help deal with the stress of their high pressure jobs and relax a little... Your character wants to fit in, and it isn't like she's never thought of sleeping with one of her idols... so she decides she might as well make herself available.


As the lazy title would suggest, this story revolves around the X-men character Rouge. Basically the "first contact" plot below, but with Rogue. She has found someone who is immune to her powers, and finally gets the chance to experience everything she's missed out on for so long... and I do mean everything.

Mass Effect

First Contact

Quarians and Geth have merged, and have been able to adjust their immune system enough that they can finally experience life outside of their suits around other races without fear of illness...

Our characters were dating before all this happened, but for obvious reasons never really got to fully express themselves physically with one another... Now that your character is able to walk freely without a suit, she wants the first person to touch her without all the plastic in the way to be her one true love...

Rest and relaxation

My character is a Human/Turian/Drell (pick one) who has been a combat specialist for most of his life, dealing with highly classified missions, black ops... he was the best, but now... now the pressure has gotten to him, and his superiors advise him to get some counseling. From there, he is referred to your character, the Asari equivalent of a therapist, to help him with his issues.

Carrying the scars of war, he has started to see himself as only an instrument of death, unable to form social bonds with people, unable to relax... and avoiding all physical contact whenever possible. Your character talks to him about his troubles, why he refuses to let anyone close... and shows him that he is indeed worthy of affection, of love... and with Asari therapy being a lot more "hands on", she has no problem showing him the benefits that opening up can have.