Corruption of Champions (D&D with Transformation- Looking for DM)

Started by magikal, April 11, 2019, 04:28:36 PM

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My idea for this game is hardly new, a tribute from a small village gets sent through a portal to be a sacrifice. In this new land she awakens with only a small dagger in a lush jungle.

As she explores this new land she finds a small cart that was pulled by a horse, the cart is in disarray and there are potion bottles all over the ground, mostly broken. As she opens up one of the compartments in the cart, she finds another twenty or so bottles, fully intact potions stoppered with a cork.

After inspecting the unbroken potions there are little icons on the potions, showing a flexing arm or large pair of breasts. They are just simple drawings but she decides to drink the one showing breasts first. As she finishes the small bottle, the first thing she feels is a heat that radiates everywhere inside of her body, focusing on her chest. As she falls unconscious, her breasts grow from non-existent A cups to an overdeveloped DD, verging on F or G.  Next she drinks the potion with the small wings on it. Once again, she falls unconscious, this time large fabric wings grow from her back. Miraculously, as she flaps her new wings she actually lifts up off the ground.

What happens next is up to us! Private message me if the idea is interesting to you.

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