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May 20, 2022, 09:42:19 am

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Author Topic: In her mother's footsteps (f looking for M | May-December D/s romance)  (Read 699 times)

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She had found the Box -upper case B- a week ago, while hiding in the attic, and it had completely turned her world upside down. Not a box, not some box. THE Box. 

What was so important, so life-changing about this simple object? It contained a diary and pictures, both belonging to the woman she had called mom as a child, yet who had walked out on her when she was but 12 years old. And in all that time, not a call, not a letter, nothing. Her mother had vanished and with her, her childhood had left too.

It wasn't until she saw the pictures in the box that she understood just how similar her mother and herself were. The same bright blue eyes, the same sweet grin, the same round face and high cheeks. The same lithe body. The only thing that would easily set them apart was their hair: her mom's locks had been jet black, as dark as a midnight sky, while the daughter's was a slightly rebellious auburn tone. Apart from this, it seemed her father had no influence over her gene pool. With how disinterested he was with anything concerning her upbringing, this seemed to be the rule rather than the exception.

Her father had been decent if grumpy dad before her mom left, but when his wife abandoned the two of them rambling about this all not being enough for her, muttering something about how she just could not bear living without some rush James could not make her reveal, everything changed. He began drinking to manage the pain, and it got worse and worse as the weeks turned into months and months into years. Soon the verbal abuse turned physical and it only seemed to continue escalating. Last summer she had been forced to use long sleeves during those hot, humid days just to hide the bruises from her classmates and teachers.

Why didn't she try and escape before, if now she had done so after the latest beating without a moment's hesitation? Well, simply because before she did not have a north, somewhere to go to, a burning need of answers as she had now, after reading and rereading her mom's diary so many times she almost knew some pages by heart.

He could give her the answers she ached for, the man her mom wrote so lovingly about. The handsome man in the pictures, the man her mother spoke so dearly about in her diary.
At first, she had just figured they had been in love, but it was far deeper, far more confusing and twisted than any of that. This man had been her mother's dominant, her master, in a strange arrangement which unraveled before her eyes as she read page after page after page. And with each page she read, something awakened inside the young woman. Something that had been lurking just beneath the surface, and now... now she could not ignore it any longer.

So, the idea I'm after is so simple and so complex at the same time: I'm looking for a RPG in which a young woman searches for her mother's former dominant. She could be as young as 16 or as old as 21, but I wouldn't want her to be any older than that, since her inexperience will certainly play a role in this story.
Why her mother disappeared and why she abandoned her Master all those years ago will depend greatly on how dark or light my partner prefers this story to be, though I do have a few ideas already regarding this issue. The man who used to be her mother's Master cherished and loved her beyond anything he experienced after she left, and so seeing what seems basically a recreation of the woman who abandoned him all those years ago, will certainly be a shock, as MC will be her mother's split image, with the sole exception of her hair colour.

I'm interested in these two characters finding answers and discovering happiness in each other's arms, MC following her mother's footsteps in many ways, learning about her past and about this mysterious man she feels she knows so well already, after reading her mother's journals, and discovering alongside him her hidden desires and blooming sexuality. A young woman who has forgotten what it feels to be loved and misses trusting and relying on someone else, and an older man still not completely healed from the woman he lost all those years ago, learning to trust again, taking a new submissive when perhaps he had decided against opening himself up to this possibility again, after one too many failures.

If anyone is interested, please do not post in this thread, but rather send me a PM.

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