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Started by Despairs, April 07, 2019, 06:17:27 PM

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I have created a request thread template for all to use. Feedback is appreciated. I would also like to know if it is possible to get it placed in the one on one/solo role-plays section, that way any members, old or new can use it to create their request thread. There is a template/guide for creating an ons and offs thread, however I have yet to see one for a request thread, hence why I created one.

About me: (Tell us about yourself. How long have you been role-playing? What are your favorite genres and settings to write in? What type of characters do you write? Do you write in first, second or third  person point of view?, How often can you post? Do you like to use pictures to represent your characters in role-plays?  if so what kind? Anime, digitally realistic drawn art or photographs of people? What can your writing partners expect from you? Include any other information that you wish.)

Partner expectations: (Tell us what you look for in a writing partner. How often would you like them to post? Do you want them to write in first, second or third person person point of view. Does the gender of your writing partner matter to you? If so, do you prefer to write with male members known as lords, female members known as lady or will any gender tag do? Do you want them to include a picture of their character in their replies? A list of all gender tags can be found by clicking here.)

Role-play locations: (Where do you like to conduct your role-plays? Do you prefer to role-play on the site via  threads, private messages or off-site via E-mail, Skype, and Discord?)

Pairings and plots: (List the pairings you are interested in doing. If you are fine with heterosexual pairings, such as m/f, or homosexual parings such as f/f or m/m.  If you have plots or prompts for those pairings include them as well. Pairing examples: Police Officer x Crime Lord, Neighbor x Neighbor, Demon x Demon, etc..)

Other information:(In this section include the link to your ons and offs thread, matrix page, f-list or a manually created list of things you are okay with and not okay with in a role-play. You can include a sample of your writing here, if you wish, along with any other information that you would like your future writing partners to know.)
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This looks great but to be honest, it does read to me more like an alternative Ons/Offs introduction rather than a request thread as such.

The request threads are primarily for story/RP ideas, within which people can (and probably should) link back to their O/os so that interested parties can find out more about their individual preferences and such. There's no harm in putting that sort of information into a request thread of course, always better to give more information than not enough but I know I look through the request threads for interesting ideas rather than writer bios.

A template for the request threads would probably be a slightly more involved version of the template used in the One Shot forum - that's the one I base my own requests on ;D

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