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April 10, 2021, 10:17:32 am

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Author Topic: The Maiden and the Monster [M/F]  (Read 771 times)

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The Maiden and the Monster [M/F]
« on: April 06, 2019, 10:18:13 pm »
The RP I'm currently craving is a classic female x monster situation, where MC seduces and corrupts (in the sexual awakening sense) the young woman.

The basics
  • Please communicate, let me know if you're no longer interested, if you can't get online for a while, etc. If something in the RP isn't working, we can stop or retool it. If I message you for the first time and you don't see anything that appeals to you, a "No thanks" is greatly appreciated over no response.
  • I'm a switch, and am happy to play the dominant. That said, I do enjoy bottoming, and I do like a sub who can make decisions, initiate, etc.
  • MC can be male or futa, but YC should be female. Your RL gender doesn't matter.
  • Reply length baseline is around 3 paragraphs.
  • Would prefer a partner who can post more than once a week.
  • The story to sex ratio depends on the story. I can enjoy porny one-shots and longer works with more plot, but do like a healthy helping of smut.
  • Threads/PMs/Emails preferred for RP. I'm curious to experiment with Google Docs.

An important note
I put this here as it appears to be a dealbreaker for many. While this RP would have me playing a monster of some fashion, I also have a strong preference for YC to also be nonhuman. She could start as human but be transformed (see A Mask Like No Other below). My primary interest is in anthros, but a draenei works as well (we don't have to keep the WoW flavor text for them at all, it's mainly just the visual I'm looking for).

The Beauty
For YC I am looking for a non-perfect woman. She's flawed, vulnerable, in need of something. This RP is all about seduction and corruption, and that should start by appealing to what she aches for. As well, I like characters who aren't virgins, but have strong unsatisfied desires, either consciously or are unaware of those urges. This is something else for the monster to tap into and use to tempt.

I dislike any kind of force or dubcon, both sexual and non; YC isn't put into a situation where she has to make the deal with the devil. Yet she wants to. It's more interesting to me if she seeks it out, rather than the creature preys on her, or at the very least, she is aware of what she's dealing with and the trouble it will bring when she lets it in.

The Beast
What kind of monster is wide open. Be it a creature of powerful flesh and blood: A dragon, fae, a displacer beast, or some other thing with magic and physical might. Or it could lack a body, being more magical and mental: a ghost, forgotten god, an entity in another dimension, a psychic projection, a living shadow, etc. Even something like a symbiote (ala Venom) or alien being would work.

Despite what it is, the monster won't be evil, cruel, or callous. It has some capacity for sympathy and affection (no matter how warped). It will manipulate YC to its ends, but those ends won't involve eating her soul or bathing in the blood of the innocent, etc. It needs her as much as she needs it, and the iniital intent is just that, but then it gets sidetracked by the enjoyment of sex.

These aren't the only ideas I'm open to, but simply putting the elements into a more concrete premise.

Not Craving
A Captive Most Captivating
The creature in question is somehow imprisoned. Perhaps it's the basement of a wizard's college, a scientific lab, a ruin, or even bound inside an object. YC, curiously investigating where she shouldn't be, or perhaps as part of those who work there, encounters the creature. Shy and insecure, she inevitably makes contact with MC. While the creature wants to be set free, he can see that she is in need of a mentor, answers to the questions she seeks, or simply someone that understands her and can appeal.

A Master Like No Other (Craving)
She is an outcast. Perhaps she is a minority race among a much larger one, and is seen as untouchable vermin. Maybe she is disabled in some way; an albino, mute, blind, or some other unfortunate state. Whatever the case, she is unwanted, forced to live in the dirty shadows, while yearning to be up there with everyone else.

Then she finds It. A forgotten god or thing from another reality, or something else without a body that would lurk in her mind. Something that can change her appearance, maybe even her body, allowing her to mingle with the above. It needs her obedience, her worship, to grow in power and influence here.

Destitute, Defenseless, Delicious
She was once a high society debutante, or had been in some other kind of prominence. And then it all crumbled down. Now penniless, living in the streets, or exiledto dangerous lands, or otherwise stuck in a place of many predators. Maybe she wants vengeance, but mostly she needs protection, a place to simply be, a purpose now that it's clear all the shallow distractions are gone and left her with a hollow existence. Which is just what It can give her.

Every Witch Way but Chaste
For something different, YC is a young witch just strong enough to strike out on her own. While engaged in her usual duties, she's drawn the attention of something supernatural. Most likely a predator, or at least something that could be dangerous. It definitely wants something from her. What ensues is a game of bargains and seduction, of flirting with power and disaster.

If interested, please send a PM rather than reply to this thread.
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Re: The Maiden and the Monster [M/F]
« Reply #1 on: April 20, 2019, 09:08:47 pm »
Added a new plot.

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Re: The Maiden and the Monster [M/F]
« Reply #2 on: July 16, 2019, 09:29:17 am »
Bump. Currently craving “Master like no other”.

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Re: The Maiden and the Monster [M/F]
« Reply #3 on: July 22, 2019, 07:36:53 am »
Added “Every Witch Way But Chaste”.