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May 11, 2021, 11:28:41 pm

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Author Topic: Love and Lust [Fandom][F for M Characters][Double Friendly]  (Read 1182 times)

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Offline Rayne KruspeTopic starter

Love and Lust [Fandom][F for M Characters][Double Friendly]
« on: April 04, 2019, 08:41:16 pm »

Hello there! This is my first attempt at making a search thread on this website! Please check out my O's and O's

This is not going to be terribly fancy, I will make it look better as I go, for right now I really want to dive into some stories! As you can see from my O and O thread, I am a thirty-one-year-old female and I am looking for some role plays which will involve a couple of fandoms I take interest in! I am looking for someone to play a particular canon character to pair with my OC. I am happy to double or do a separate fandom role play of your choice if you would like. I find this is the best way for both people to get something they are looking for out of each role plays. So long as both stories get the same amount of attention, I am a happy camper! If both pairings take place in the same universe, we can double up in one role play, or if two separate fandoms, we can have to PMs going at once!

Some Important Info!
  • My main character will be female, but as stated before I will double if you wish.
  • In my fandoms, I want more plot than smut, I want a connection to happen before the sexy stuff!
  • Please check my O's and O's thread listed above for particular information regarding my kinks and limits!
  • I am an open book, feel free to ask me any question!
  • If you do not see your Fandom listed, ask me, chances are I have not thought of it when making this thread.
  • Quality over quantity!
  • My starters are quite long, but I am happy with one to four paragraphs easily. I will match you, so long as the story moves along!
  • No underaged minors, please.

The Fandoms!

My Fandoms
Who I will play X Who I want you to play

*** = Current crave
!!! = I have a plot for this[/size]
(Will type up plots soon!)

HunterXHunter *** !!!
OC x Chrollo (preferred); Hisoka; Illumi; Uvogin; Nobunaga; Feitan; Shalnark; Phinks; Pakunoda; Machi
Meruem x Komugi (I can play either!)

"Chrollo Plot"
  Serenity Weiss is an experienced nen user who travels with Hisoka. When she was younger, she was orphaned in Meteor City, she was attacked by a group of men and Hisoka disposed of them. He was interested in her Nen abilities and helped her hone them, she was taught by an older man in the city as she displayed promise at a young age. Her abilities include making herself change what people see when they look at her. For instance, if she sees a person, she activates it and can change her appearance to look different or appear completely invisible to the naked eye. The story starts when Hisoka meets up with the Spiders and she makes herself unseen by the others. Of course, Chrollo can see glimpses of her here and there but does not immediately reveal her to see if anyone else can just to see how strong her ability is.

Dragon Ball Z/Super !!!
Female Saiyan OC x Vegeta; Broly; Raditz; Turles

My Hero Academia *** !!!
New UA faculty member x All Might; Aizawa

" Aizawa/Toshinori Plot"
As the story begins, Rayne Kruspe owns her own vet clinic, healing the animals of the town. And she is good. She has a high rate of animal survivability and is able to calm even the most skittish of animals. (It is her secret quirk she does not know about) but she is losing money fast. She inherited money from her parents, they were murdered by villains right in front of her one day. Upon receiving the inheritance money she put herself through school and rented out her own space. She was living in an apartment and her fiance of some years who was living with her was tired of supporting her dead dream. So he left she was unable to make enough to afford rent, so she decided to live in her office to help save money.

It starts as Aizawa or Toshinori comes across her, either by finding a sick animal that needs healing or is injured. They bring the animal in and they meet.

YC wants to keep his hero stuff a secret as they grow closer - maybe just tells her he's a teacher at UA but nothing more. Then she gets dragged into his hero business when she gets mixed up in some villain business and he intervenes.

The villains find out YC has a soft spot for her or notices him hanging around to check on the animal and they try to go after her by destroying her clinic (thinking she is in it at the time) so now she is homeless and without a job. So YC feels bad and gets her a position at UA as Recovery Girls' new assistant to use her knowledge of medicine and apply it to help the children under Recovery Girls' guidance that way Recovery Girl can focus on the more extreme injuries and my girl can help the less extreme injuries. This is when she sees more of YC and romance can sprout when appropriate!

Alternatively, we can begin with Rayne just starting at UA and first meeting YC as well, but her past remains the same and she earns the job from one of her clients, who has connections to UA, helps her get a job there as RG's assistant.

Attack on Titan *** !!!
OC Scout x Captain Levi; Reiner Braun; Miche Zacharia

Dragon Age I, II, III
Hero; Inquisitor X Cullen, Fenris, Allistair

Pokemon (Sun and Moon)
OC x Guzma

Obey Me! One Master To Rule Them All !!! ***
OC/MC x Lucifer/Diavolo/Beelzebub/Mammon
Any Brother x YC

(If you wish for Lucifer, I will ask for Diavolo, otherwise, I am good with playing any brother if requested in return.)

Annnd that is all for now folks! Thank you for reading, and please PM me with any questions or if any of the above interests you! I look forward to writing with you! I am also fond of cross overs for worlds, such as Kingdom Hearts, such as AOT x DBZ, HxH x MHA, things like that!

Updated 04/09: Added a plot idea and original category.
08/24: Removed a few things I am no longer feeling.
03/27: Gave the thread a much-needed facelift and added a fandom.

The End
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Re: Love and Lust [Fandoms][Original Idea][F for Any]
« Reply #1 on: April 09, 2019, 01:28:39 am »
04/09: Added the category for Original Ideas and added a plot!

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Re: Love and Lust [Fandoms][F for M Characters]
« Reply #2 on: August 24, 2019, 01:15:28 am »
Slight poke.

Updated the cravings list. Will add more later.

Offline Rayne KruspeTopic starter

Re: Love and Lust [Fandom][F for M Characters][Double Friendly]
« Reply #3 on: March 27, 2020, 01:47:01 am »
Bump after six months!

Gave it a facelift as well as added a few fandoms.