Lucent's Dark Cravings. (Extreme, Non-Con, etc)

Started by Lucent, March 27, 2019, 10:27:39 PM

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Okay I am trying to clean up some of my ideas and plot bunnies. I decided it would be better to put my more dark and sinister plots here.

His plunder Taken (and then some lol)

This idea is more of a pirate of the high seas account. The villain is a very successful pirate, think Victorian era just .. on a pirate ship and in various docks, ports, and islands. The pirate is .. sinister and evil, but he is extremely powerful because he honors his word.. completely. This does not make him any better of a man, just people are willing to work with him because they know he shoots them straight. He is wanted by both the British and the Spanish armada's and he does dally in the "New World" more in the Caribbean and islands of the like so he is able to for the most part out run because of his superior ship, but also because he knows the islands better then anyone else.

One of the reason he is so notorious is he deals heavily in the slave trade, and he is not picky about who he picks up. 99% of those he captures get sold as slaves where he thinks they will sell best. However he is superstitious man, and the superstition about not having a woman on board is bad luck.. unless she is in chains.. so he is sure to keep exactly one slave that is his own.. he is also sentimental so he won't part with that slave until her death (which..some last longer then others because he is.. not a good man.)

So the story picks up when his current slave woman is either close to passing, or has already passed so he is itching to get another one before his ship falls to some sort of misfortune. So he happens to run across a ship, successfully boards the ship and takes its occupants as slaves.. all of them sent to the lower decks of his ship in chains ready to be sold elsewhere. A single young lady is marked for his personal toy...

Okay Now here is the OOC details:

I want to play the male pirate.. HOWEVER if you really like this plot but really need to be the pirate I will be okay with playing the female slave.

It will be pretty extreme, I will -of course- consider your O/O and will not breach any lines there but note that I intend for this game to explore some pretty heady depravities. We will discuss any extreme extreme (no I wont be killing your character or permanently horrifically maiming them without your okay) but I don't want this to go the direction of Squishy pirate guy became an awesome D to her s so she is totally okay with being enslaved now.

Some of the elements that I envisioning this story involving would be (and these are negotiable)

1. Humiliation
2. Degradation
3. Passed around the ship
4. Forced labor
5. Torture (as little as  beatings, to as extreme as being tied in the hot sun and covered in cooking oil to induce a severe sunburn.. etc)
6. forced to rape another (either female or male NPC)
7 Psychological torture

Of course these are not going to be like.. constant barrage. I like to have my male sadists to play with their prey before they break them mentally. Right now I am not looking for a snuff ending though most of his victims end up dying younger then they probably would free. the story can end with her rescue .. or her total subjugation turning her into a willing pet. I mean it could go many different ways.

If feelings occur between Pirate and slave then it will be organic but it is not the main drive of the story.

I am open to how you want to play your character. You can be the virginal daughter of a duke, or you can be the stowaway hard nosed lady who is gritty and hard. Or a hooker with a heart of gold.. however even if your character is virginal I don't want her to come across as 10. All characters involved in sex, violence etc scenes in my stories need to be eighteen   in both physical and mental capacity. (we are going to fudge history a little here, since in this time period 18 would be married with kids by now but my own squickiness is changing that to where 18 is fine with being unmarried and not odd.)


Here Pretty Pretty  Taken

This one is one where I want to play the victim. My character is a successful lawyer who generally defends high end clients. Think tax evasion, hedge fund babies etc and she is /good/ at her job. She is powerful, next in line to be partner in her firm.. A bit of a ball buster. Early on in her career she was asked -told- to do Pro-Bono work to help the firms PR.. but she didn't really like the element defending as a public defender exposed her to so she often .. rushed the defense and did not do a good job.

That caused YC to go away for 10 years. Now how criminal YC is is up to you, he could be a mafia hoodrat (though a boss would probably have paid her making her more enthusiastic of a lawyer) or he could be as common as just a drug dealer for a gang. It has to be something of a nature that would get 10 years, but it doesn't need to be extremely criminal if you don't want YC to be.

10 Years later (or perhaps 8 with probation etc) He is released and .. out for revenge.

He kidnaps MC.. and plans on completely and utterly steal from her what she stole from him> Freedom, dignity, and self-esteem. His plan.. on getting a brand new pet. Literally.. awoman so broken that she is a pet. No Magic, No surgery.. she is still 100% human but will be forced to live and be a pet.

I don't want it to be a quick break, so she won't immediately begin to be a pet .. but I do want to just explore the idea of what would it take to make a successful Bossy lady into a _insert pet.. cat, dog, horse.. I mean whatever he thinks is the most demeaning for her.

Some elements that could be included (but does not have to be and this is not a limit list, so feel free to add whatever you want):

1. Gags in the shape of muzzles, or even gags in the shape of the face of whatever pet he wants her to be.
2. Not allowed on furniture..
3. Must eat out of bowls on floor.
4. shock collar keeping her in specific parts of the house.
5. Sleeping in a pen, crate
6. Renaming a name for an animal
7. Forced beastiality could also be a thing.

I prefer to play the female victim here..but I would be willing to play the male aggressor. Though again, if I play the male the only caveat I would ask for your female character is that she is not a push over. I don't want her panting and wagging a tail the second day in.. I am picturing for there will be a psychological break down.

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