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May 26, 2020, 10:31:34 PM

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Author Topic: Omnimage for hire! ( F for f)  (Read 1256 times)

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Online Elizabeth EcsedTopic starter

Omnimage for hire! ( F for f)
« on: March 27, 2019, 09:58:47 PM »
The flyer on the town message board appears as if by magic (I posted it super early in the morning before most people were even out of bed).

It reads "omnimage for hire!

Advice given

 babies blessed

items identified 

letters written

lost things found

potions brewed

Wounds of a moderate nature healed, probably.

If you are seriously hurt, seek out a dedicated healer as soon as possible.

If you are accursed, please seek out your local priest.

Absolutely no love potions, spells or charms. Don't even ask. Pregnancy prevention can be discussed however

  No necromancy, reanimation, no speaking with spirits, no blood magic. This stuff is banned for a reason, people. Any inquiries into it will be reported to the appropriate authorities. "

At the very bottom of the poster, scribbled in a corner and in handwriting much sloppier than the careful printing of the flyer it says "adventuring a possibility." It was clearly added as an afterthought

The house on the far edge of town, close to the woods, appeared as if by magic overnight! In actuality it had been built a few years ago but never really inhabited, so most people just forgot about it till I moved in.

The sign carved into my door reads 'Omnimage', and below it it says 'knock and come on in.'

The inside of my house is brightly lit, and smells of herbs, tea, lamp oil, and old books. Most people find it vaguely pleasant, though occasionally a bit overwhelming. I have at least a dozen book shelves, all jammed full of books or curiosities or bottles, though everything is neatly organized. Several bunches of flowers and herbs are hanging from the ceiling.

I'm sitting at my desk, nose deep in a book, though I do look up and smile as you come in. "Oh hello, would you like some tea?"

I'm in a green dress, fairly casual, and of good quality, but not obviously expensive or fancy. I've got a staff, taller than me (which isn't hard, since I'm just 5'2) resting against the side of the table. It's a slightly odd silvery grey color, and plain except for a decently large, clear white crystal (clearly quartz, but well polished) on top


(Hi! I'm looking for a long term role play. Weeks or months or more. I have days when I can post several times, and others when I only get two.

I very much enjoy romance and flirting. I'm new and currently unapproved, but hi!)
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Offline BlackmoonS

Re: Omnimage for hire! ( F for f)
« Reply #1 on: July 29, 2019, 11:33:29 AM »
Hi I havent been accepted just yet.

I have no idea how to tell if youre still active but this seems like a really fun roleplay. Id love to embark on a weird and epic adventure with you. I also am lookin for a long-term roleplay partner. I like to be active with my posts and can reply with long or short responses.

I  can make a character as soon as we talk some more about how you want to go about the roleplay. Im really looking forward to roleplayin with you. i you decide that you do want to roleplay its ok. :)

Online Elizabeth EcsedTopic starter

Re: Omnimage for hire! ( F for f)
« Reply #2 on: July 29, 2019, 03:27:23 PM »

I'm at work for a few more hours, but I did want to say yes, I am quite available to play the Omnimage post.

If you click on my profile, it shows when I was last online.

Were you hoping for romance? Sexual content? Kink? None of them are mandatory, but I am open to including them all

I have to run, but feel free to ask me anything!

Thanks for reaching out to me!

Offline BlackmoonS

Re: Omnimage for hire! ( F for f)
« Reply #3 on: July 29, 2019, 08:52:57 PM »
As soon as I get accepted Ill pm you but I think a love interest could grow :) i that what your interested in :) Im open to anything like i said an adventure awaits surprise me just nothing too nasty lol ie fecal matter or disembodied please i cant stomach that stuff. lol

i probably wont be on in a couple of hours due to it being really ate where Im at.

no problem :)