F Looking for an Evil Therapist

Started by calilori, March 27, 2019, 01:43:04 AM

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I'm looking for a Male writing partner for a one on one role in which my character is sent by her family to see a therapist to deal with an assault... only my therapist is more twisted and deviant than my attacker or attackers.  You'd use the therapy sessions to get me to talk about the graphic things that happened to me (which at times can be played out in flashback) and instead of helping me get over it... you'd mess with my head more and more before building to a grand finale.

I'm looking for this to be very psychological and degrading.

If this interests you, message me and we can discuss more details and take it from there.



After some initial starts and stops (and a ghosting)... I'm again looking for the right play partner for this role.  Let me know if it interests you.


Hey there, I am very interested in this idea that you have for an rp, I think it is quite unique and different and would love to discuss. :D