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April 14, 2021, 02:03:48 am

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Author Topic: Dream With Me: Seeking (Primarly) Scintillating Submissive Characters  (Read 1229 times)

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Dream With Me:
Mess' Request Thread


After a truly ridiculous year, I'm finally back in the swing of my regular games! We've gotten lots of new players since I last bumped a request thread, so I would love to use the 1-2 games I'm looking to add as an opportunity to write with a woman or nonbinary writer I haven't played with before.

I'm generally looking for partners with rockin' character development skills and a mutual interest in shameless (but well-written!) BDSM tomfoolery, though I do have a couple prompts that are less likely to include physically intimate contact. I exclusively play consensual games about human characters, but I'm generally pretty open about what genders those characters are and whether I write the top or bottom role. (These are all framed with me writing the top, but if you're super interested in switching that up just let me know!) The thread is loosely organized from shorter/smuttier to longer/less smutty (though that's more of a grid than a continuum). I am currently especially excited about the Pet Sitting plot.

If you're interested, check out my Ons & Offs (and perhaps my F-list) and shoot me a PM if you think we'll be compatible! Each game includes a little "when you PM me" prompt to help kick off conversation.

.·:*¨¨*:·..·: Shades and Snippets :·..·:*¨¨*:·.
This section doesn’t offer full plots but, rather, elements I would be interested in negotiating a fuller plot around.
I’d love to try writing femdom opposite a Lady writing a male character. It’s something I had some very weird experiences around early in my time at E and have largely avoided since, but I want to try dipping my toes back in that water.
Chastity play and/or forced orgasms and orgasm control/denial. I think there are fun contrasts to be had between the “all” and the “nothing.”

.·:*¨¨*:·..·: Daily :·..·:*¨¨*:·.
They joked occasionally about dastardly plots and Fifty Shades of Grey, but really being in the lifestyle 24/7 was both more challenging and more fulfilling than media depictions had space for. A couple of years in, though, and they were more sure than ever that what they had was exactly what they wanted. Today was just another day.
Genders: F/f, M/f, or M/m
Board: BON
Seeking: A partner to write either the dominant or submissive partner for one day of a 24/7 D/s relationship. I would love to play with bondage and orgasm control/denial, but what I’m most interested in is 1) really leaning into the day-to-day of it all – what are the routines? How are they partners to each other within/because of their parameters? and 2) the challenge of collaboratively creating a relationship history together through exposition. I love “yes, and” storytelling!
When You PM Me: What’s an element you would really like to play with in the game?[/font][/size]

.·:*¨¨*:·..·: Pool Toy :·..·:*¨¨*:·.
People may roll their eyes about fraternities and sororities being "philanthropic organizations," but sorority Delta Phi was determined to put their money where their mouth was (or maybe the inverse) for the last end-of-school-year sorority charity competition. The offer was simple: if the fraternities contributed enough money that Delta Phi won, the frat that had contributed the most would be allowed to use the backyard of the Delta Phi house for a pool party with beer, food, and a very special pool toy - the rising Delta Phi president, clad in a bikini and tied to a pool chair when they arrived.
This one is just smutty shenaniganry and mostly an excuse to brainstorm, “how many ways can we make a back deck, a pool, and summer supplies kinky?”
Genders: Probably M+/f, but I’m happy to shuffle the given circumstances to switch it up.
Board: BON/EX, depending on content included.
Seeking: A partner to play the up-and-coming sorority president who was willing to take one for the team to make sure they won. If you also want to pick up a secondary character or two to join in on the pool party shenanigans, feel free. Given the amount of water at hand I expect there will inevitably be some breathplay, so someone comfortable with that is ideal.
When You PM Me: Suggest a creative use of something you’d find at a pool party you might like to see in the game.

.·:*¨¨*:·..·: Demo Doll :·..·:*¨¨*:·.
When she'd stepped into the local kink community nearly a decade ago, she'd seen an educational vacuum. Weekly Demo Wednesdays at the local dungeon had been her passion project, a chance for the curious to watch and learn and occasionally give things a whirl in a safe environment. As interest grew, however, so did the demands on her time, and so did the difficulty of finding consistent demo bottoms to work with. It was time to hire someone. And who better for a demo bottom to authentically communicate the experience to other novices than a woman with a head full of intellectualknowledge, a belly full of eagerness, and not a lick of practical experience?
This is likely an event-of-the-week structure and would obviously include a lot of kink content (so overlap of interests there is a must), but it can also turn into a story about mentorship and the adventures cerebral folks have when the rest of their body joins their head in the game.
Genders: Probably F/f, but I could be swayed to M/f.
Board: BON or Extreme, depending on what we might be exploring in the weekly sessions.
Seeking: A partner to play a smart, well-researched demo bottom who's pretty sure she understands all the things but hasn't ever quite worked up the nerve to ask someone to help her try them.
When You PM Me: How do you think your character tracked down this opportunity?

.·:*¨¨*:·..·: Hospitality :·..·:*¨¨*:·.
She wasn't in-your-face about it, but she'd always been open with her friends about her interest in kink, talking about it in intellectual terms the same way other friends talked about enjoying bouldering or a new photography class. It wasn't like it changed anything - she was still the same smart, successful woman she always was, and they didn't feel the need to ask about what she did with her spouse any more than she asked what they did with theirs. (Though they did, on occasion, call her up to ask whether something in the 50 Shades books was legit.) She'd always assumed that that was how it would go, most of her personal and professional life wholly separate from the power dynamic she and her spouse nodded to during the week and relished digging into on the weekends.

Her spouse had other ideas. After mentoring a friend who had lots of questions about D/s and all the other letters in the alphabet soup, her spouse came up with a plan: why not just have them over for the weekend? With the expectation, of course, that she would be on her usual best weekend a devoted toy.

Is having a friend from her normal life seeing her most intimate secrets (and perhaps participating in them) going to be too much to bear, or is it going to push buttons she didn't even know she had? There’s a lot of fun for us in figuring out character motivation here – why is the spouse wanting to bring someone in? At its most interesting, this becomes a game about relationships in a much deeper way than (just) kinky threesome fun.
Genders: Any (though how the genders shake out will certainly affect the tone of the game)
Board: BON, most likely
Seeking: A partner to write the character whose spouse is bringing a third person into their weekend reindeer games. (I would be open to writing the flip side as well, but I do think it makes sense that the same person who’s writing the spouse writes the friend and wouldn’t want to stick a partner with two characters to my one unless they’re just especially into it!)
When You PM Me: Why does it seem like a good time to invite this friend to come play?[/font][/size]

.·:*¨¨*:·..·: Pet Sitting :·..·:*¨¨*:·.
Consistency and routine are important in effective training, but they aren’t always the easiest to maintain when one’s owner is on the go. The solution? Being entrusted to someone who can help make sure your training stays on track. Of course, the human element always did complicate things…
Setting for this story is a little up in the air – maybe it’s a contemporary setting, maybe some kind of au. What matters is that a character is in a highly regulated, highly structured dynamic where the details of their life are very closely managed (though they definitely consented to enter into the relationship). When the character’s dominant/owner has to travel for work, they loan the character out to a friend to keep them on schedule. I’m really interested in and excited by the potential overlaps and contrasts between what is essentially pet sitting – “make sure they complete X tasks, do Z to them at 6 pm every day” – and the fact that these are two adult humans interacting for the first time. Do they find friendship? Do they find love? Does the “pet” find they want fewer restrictions, or rekindle their affection for their owner, or something else? Who knows! (We will, after we write it.)
Genders: Any
Board: BON, most likely
Seeking: A partner to write the “pet” who’s going to be at least as into what’s happening between the characters as they are into the kink elements! (That said, someone who’s open to play involving high levels of physical control would be the best fit here.)
When You PM Me: How do you imagine the pet is feeling about this arrangement?[/font][/size]

.·:*¨¨*:·..·: Holiday :·..·:*¨¨*:·.
They’d started talking about BDSM when they were dating, trading stories and videos and pictures of pet training and rope and protocol. Their fantasy life together had grown in their marriage, but their practice never evolved past the casual Cosmopolitan tip – her job wouldn’t be happy if word got back that she’d been out playing in the local kink community and her spouse wasn’t willing to do anything potentially dangerous without real guidance.

When they found out that their two-week vacation overlapped with a span of time where their pro-Dom/me friend was looking for somewhere to stay for a few weeks, then, they hatched a plan. It was going to be the best Staycation ever.

This is a three-character game, with one partner writing the submissive partner and the other writing the spouse and their mutual friend. Together, the three have cooked up what is essentially a two week roleplay where the spouse and friend work together to train the submissive partner. What this training includes and how roleplay-y the roleplay is are up for discussion, but it’s definitely 150% consensual at all times.
Genders: I’m open to pretty much any gender permutations – we’d just want to have a conversation about how character genders shaped the story.
Board: BON, probaby?
Seeking: Seeking a partner to play the submissive partner who’s been doing some quality creative problem solving! (I could be persuaded to play that role if my partner is more interested in the other, but I’m certainly not going to ask someone else to write two characters!)
When You PM Me: How are you imagining the roleplay aspect of this scenario playing out?

.·:*¨¨*:·..·: Untrained :·..·:*¨¨*:·.
Apparently lots of countries have new indentured servitude laws now that let someone sign themselves away for a while or forever to pay off debts, escape bad situations, whatever...but nobody from outside those countries thinks about all the people it takes to make a system run. Everyone knows about trainers who help prepare new slaves to be acquiescent to their new masters or mistresses, but Untrainers are equally skilled. Untrainers take indentures who have been removed or given up from their placements and aren't yet suitable for another due to their poor in-placement training (abuse, neglect, etc.) and resocialize them - like foster homes for puppies - to be ready to go out again without further trauma.
Genders: M/m, M/f, perhaps F/f
Board: BON.
Seeking: A partner to play the Untrainer, who helps the indenture go on a journey back to something like wholeness so they can move on to serve someone else or an indenture back on the path to healing.
When You PM Me: How did your character get into this business?

.·:*¨¨*:·..·: 36 Questions :·..·:*¨¨*:·.
They’d been lovers for a long time, anticipated spending forever together. There was just one problem: neither of them had been honest about who they were, both living under an assumed identity with no knowledge that their partner was doing the same until it all exploded spectacularly. Early on in their relationship they’d done an experiment, answering 36 questions that were supposed to be scientifically proven to make you feel close to someone. Now that it’s clear their whole life was a lie, they come together one last time to repeat the questions and offer each other the truth as a gift goodbye.
Based loosely off the podcast musical of the same name meets Mr. and Mrs. Smith.
Genders: Any genders.
Board: Light human, probably.
Seeking: A partner who’s up for a super charactery, talky evening of reckoning.
When You PM Me: Make a suggestion for why the characters, or at least yours, might have been living under a false identity. Bonus points for reasons more intriguing than tragic.

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Re: Dream With Me: Seeking (Primarly) Scintillating Submissive Characters
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I added a few new plots, including "Pet Sitting," which I am currently extra jazzed about.