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August 16, 2022, 11:01:08 am

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Author Topic: Searching for Weight gain lovers + Male pregnancy!  (Read 721 times)

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Searching for Weight gain lovers + Male pregnancy!
« on: March 17, 2019, 09:07:23 am »
Hi all,

So I'm eternal Snow. You can go ahead and call me Snow. I'm on the hunt for specific-partners! I'm sure some where in the online role playing community someone has the same equal passion for weight gain. Or more importantly male pregnancy. I am hoping to find someone who adores these kinks or knows someone that does on specific role playing sites because honestly darling, I have searched the entire world for this major passion of mine.

I am more of a feeder, I love feeding my partner's characters and would potentially for this reason a lone dom for you. If you're passionate about weight-gaining. I'd highly recommend you send me a message. The more you know about it the more I'd love you to pieces.  I know a small minority do exist that understand the passion.

Male pregnancy. My idea is simple. That my character gets pregnant and is not comfortable with the pregnancy at all. The cute idea is that the partner sympathises with the weight gain and deosn't tell the partner and intentionally eats more than the partner.  So eventually it becomes like a small competition between them but the partner becomes addicted to it.

Or, a scenario where a muscled tone man who used to be fit and healthy ends up letting go after retirement and meets with my character again after so many years. That type of deal.


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Re: Searching for Weight gain lovers + Male pregnancy!
« Reply #1 on: March 17, 2019, 02:46:25 pm »
If you have any ideas or would like to edit any of the suggestions. Please feel free to poke me as these are draft's.

plot 1

Character 1 was part of a lethal organization that separated the spiritual/race and otherworldly. With the power of the gift to see past illusions. His eyes can look into your soul and pick up any spiritual trace of power. Character 1 had retired through reasons on his own leaving the group. He had been binge eating and 'letting' himself go and hadn't been fit since the last mission.

Character 2 is the new recruit. He is not an ordinary human and possesses the same gift. After getting in the door to the organization, he realizes their was another person that had the same gift. He was determined to recruit character 1 again.

Plot 2
Character 1 and character 2 are grim reapers.  Or as Japanese culture refer to them as Shinigami's. As the legends they take souls of the dearly departed and send them to the underworld where the dead can rest in peace. Character 1 and character 2 are very close partners. Sometimes over step the boundaries of their contract and have intimate moments. However something happened happened. Character 2 descended into madness and have been going insane and crossing the borderlines of madness toying with the idea of bringing mortals back to life. A big taboo. But within his reach being a talented shinigami and after losing their daughter. (This bit can be edited)

Character 2 had been hiding in the human world. Under the obligation that he is dead. For fleeing from his duties he is now a wanted shinigami making the stresses for character 1 who is handling the stress of loosing their daughter and partner. He had taken into the comfort of stress eating. Over the course of time he had gotten fat and had many children breeding from his blood-line.

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Offline DabiTopic starter

  • Almost had me
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Re: Searching for Weight gain lovers + Male pregnancy!
« Reply #2 on: March 18, 2019, 03:17:48 am »
Plot 3

Character 1 and character 2 are vampires. He is on his final mission to research a band that has rather popular in the human world. His prince is certain that the band are vampires and now being targeted. It's his job to pass the message on of a cult of humans who are attacking anyone who may be suspicious or anyone that looks like a vampire for their own gain of trying to understand immortality. However, he didn't expect to find his mate, other half to his soul.

Character 2 (can be female or male) is a vampire of the front man of their band. He is the body-guard the protection that he gives to his non-blood siblings. When he realized that his family unit was in danger, he ended up getting in the way of the gun fire protecting the lead singer. Character 1 was too late to warn them and realized his mate was in danger and did what he could and bonded the two males. Character 2 wasn't going to be happy about it because he had always been the law behind the operation. He never answered to anyone but his own word. Challenging male wouldn't leave him alone!

Plot 4

Yona of the dawn:

Character 1 is an immortal dragon warrior. He is the last of the three dragon warriors and bears the immortality alone with a body unable to get injured and sick. Around him the sense of time was enough to drive him mad. Character 1 has the only last memory of the dragons that once ruled before the mortals came. He remembers the time when his king was alive and well and hadn't been beaten by old age. Since his friends had grown up and died of old age. Yet he remained with only a medallion that kept him going.

Character 2 is the reincarnated of the king. However he did not expect it to be a female that was chased out of the castle and had to learn how to survive on her own strength.

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