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Started by WordSmith, March 16, 2019, 06:41:49 PM

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I've been wanting to craft an O/O's page, but I am by no means technology skilled. I am asking for possibly a member to help me out with creating one! Thanks!

Lovely Complex

I could help you out if you wish, WordSmith. Just send me a PM on what you want and we can discuss things.

I have time on my hands and don't mind helping you out. :)
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What exactly do you need help with?

And were you referring to the thread you can create in Ons and Offs - Lords or this one?
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Cliffspiracy is helping me.

I need help actually creating the thread. I don't know the slightest about code, so I was asking if someone could help me make the thread. As we did, I'm taking it step by step that way I can follow along and hopefully grab a few things out of it. lol it'll allow me to ask questions. I tried doing the tutorial page, but it was a bit confusing altogether.


Hey Wordsmith! If you would also like some help with graphics to spruce it up, please shoot me a PM :)