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Author Topic: Caravanserai [Distant Outdoor Activities]  (Read 1400 times)

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Caravanserai [Distant Outdoor Activities]
« on: March 15, 2019, 03:47:01 PM »
Distant Outdoor Activities


These are locations which are not accessible by foot. To try and do so is to risk one's life. The hotel is not responsible for any foolish attempts to do so. :P

Lyea Village (accessible via hotel tour)
Note: Feel free to create village NPCs, shops, and so forth!

Please remember...

It reminded people to be respectful of native villagers and their customs. There was also a strong advisory for both men and women to wear clothes which concealed their forms. For women, they were advised to select clothes which garbed them from neck to ankle; for men, they should wear clothes which concealed shoulder to knee. Veils were not a requirement but scarves were advised. Knowing some people might be uncertain, Caravanserai offered assistance, either in the form of advise or pointing them to appropriate selections at Bits and Bobs. The shop had a assortment of unique djellaba, gandoras, and many others.

Getting Around Town and Beyond

- Walking: Put one foot in front of the other and walk to your destination. You might find a special feature of the town that you might have otherwise missed in faster transport.

- Bicycles: Bikes are available for rent during business hours of the day. A deposit, usually money or something of value, is used to encourage their vehicle's return. They must be returned before sunset to avoid being charged extra! 

- Donkey cart drivers: Donkey cart drivers are mostly children who have been riding donkeys for several years. Prices for this mode of transport are negotiable - just make sure the price is clearly agreed before setting off. These should only be used to get around town.

- Bus Transport: Catch a bus from one town to the next or even to the nearby airport. Be sure not to miss it as it runs every 3 hours. These are only for long distance travel, not around town.


- Shopping: Lyea offers a lot of options for who want to shop. The city center is boasts family owned business in the town center, which sell found handmade souvenirs, clothing, crafts, and much more. Be sure to bargain as often you can bring down the price of a desired item.

- Outdoor Theater:  Catch a live performance in the town theater in the evening! Most showings, either modern or traditional, are performed by local villagers.

Dining Options

- Street vendors: Indulge in the rich, flavorful food found in the town center and all around the village. It is often reasonably priced and delicious.  Some local favorites include baklava (almond cakes drenched in honey), Bouzellouf (cooked lambs head), and even a skewers of grilled meat.

- Restaurants: Indoor options are also available for those who would prefer to sit down and relax while enjoying a meal. There are not many of these, as a warning, and it may be a bit pricier.

Hova Airport
(arrive from airport to hotel via camel; depart from hotel to airport via jeep)

Aisha Dunes, for sand surfing
(available via tour)

Ruins of Whitesand Village; basically an interactive tour into an abandoned village
(accessible via tour)

Morinman Formations, take pictures with natural rock art
(accessible via tour)

Gorubashee Excavation Site, mostly old fish/sea animal bones
(accessible via tour trip)


Vellaversha Ruins, tour of old military fort
(accessible via tour)

Rest Stops
(rest stops for longer journeys either via camel)

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