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June 02, 2023, 08:26:44 pm

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Author Topic: Looking for more or less dominating female characters  (Read 723 times)

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Looking for more or less dominating female characters
« on: March 11, 2019, 07:26:39 pm »
I have several ideas for this and I'm open to some others too, mostly I'm looking for more or less lengthy posts but I can match whatever your post-size is. While I'm looking more for plot driven stories I can also consider other kind of stories if we both discuss them.

Notes about me:

I prefer if the player is female but don't require so.

I don’t like Futas nor "Bimbos"

As for my huge "no"s:

-Forced heterosexuality
-Public punishments or public sex
-Dirty talk while either punishing or pleasuring one another (name-calling is okay when both are enraged or furious but trying to get in each other's pants, but not while seducing or having actual sex.)
-Punishing without aftercare
-Water sports
-Huge dildos (or using phallic toys in their first times together)
-Sexual torture
-Forced nudity
-Surprise buttsex

Usually I'm a very active roleplayer so I would be posting often.

I’m not looking for anything extreme, just some domination <--IF YOU'RE INTERESTED IN MORE ASK ABOUT THE PARAGRAPH ABOUT THE DETAILS OF THIS.

Some ideas I have, roughly described along with pairings are:

My lying cowboy

The stranger in an Old West town seems to have fallen for one of the pretty women, but he keeps only teasing and getting into brawls and gun competitions. Time passes and now he's badly hurt from one of those brawls, the woman takes care of him only to find out how the stranger has lied to everyone, but, overall, lied to her.

My loyal traitor

A knight, seeing her king about to sacrifice his soldiers just for his own blood lust, betrays her kingdom and gives information to the enemy Queen, being captured because of that but also taken in by the enemy ruler as her new personal pet. (Considering domming in this one).


New blood

A rookie is in a military faction, and her first mission starts with you by her side, and no one else. [CRAVING]


The Queen's runaway knight (Queen/Traitor knight)

A knight returns to a kingdom after the war, the princess she left behind is now a queen who does not take kindly the fact that the knight betrayed her and ran away (apparently), the king is dead, people have gone missing and the Queen wants answers, and she will have answers from the traitor, one way or another. [CRAVING]


In this together

Two girls have a new problem: They now have powers, and must now decide whether to use them for good or for evil, as they learn to use them and get to know each other at the same time that they decide their fate and the fate of those around them.


Rookie demon/Angel

Just out of Hell a young demon gets into the world wanting to see what kind of demon she'll become, but, soon enough she gets in trouble with an angel she was trying to annoy, said Angel, in order to keep the rookie demon in place, takes her under her wing, whatever she likes it or not. [CRAVING]


Brat client/ Dominant Exotic dancer

Long story short: A just of age girl goes to a club in search of distraction, being angry she vents against the dancer who is serving her however said dancer turns the tables on her pretty quickly. They relation starts with them both being unbearably lonely. [CRAVING]


Roomates- F/F/F

The story of an of age runaway girl who ends up living with two women while sharing an apartment, the only slight problem is that said women don't know about their new roommate's true gender, given that said girl has disguised herself (or tried to) as a guy. The two other women soon catch up with that fact but they keep it for themselves, until the moment arrives when their new roommate needs them for more than sharing the rent but to aid "him" get better from sickness, once the worse of that is gone, the women have their little revenge. [CRAVING]


Gifts to the goddess

A less plot-focused story where there are two kinds of society: The small-ish and weak humans and the goddesses; tall amazonian-like women who possess certain technology and magic and demand that every now and then a certain number of girls is given to their society in exchange of their advances, these girls are often selected by either their willingness to get away from their own society or their lack of capacity to follow the rules of their own society. Contact me for more info.


Taming the wolf

Little Red Riding hood-based plot with adult characters and a dominant red[/s] Taken



Two f/f couples, one of the women is playing to seduce the other couple's sub, they all know it's a game, but there are consequences.


The witch's spoils

A knight is captured by the very witch she was going to capture, and kept as both a pet and a servant.


Learning to be evil

18 years old girl finds her powers and is taken by a villain as an apprentice.


You're under arrest

A young and bad luck thief gets caught by a police woman, however, instead of getting her in jail, the policewoman chooses to use the thief as her guide through the streets. [CRAVING]


Monsters can be unmade

About a girl who has committed some dark crimes in order to free herself from the past, and a woman who takes her under her wing, focusing her potential in other things.


Other pairings (Interested in doing the first mentioned characters):

Knight/Princess or queen
Apprentice warrior/Ogre
Stranded survivor/Amazon
ShapeShifter (were)/ Hunter
Fledging vampire/Vampire
Mechanic/Space pirate
Shapeshifter (were)/ Vampire
Wanderer/Settled down rich woman
Thief/Female Pirate Captain/ Mermaid.
Pet (Neko or such)/ New master
Sitter/Charge (like all here, both of age, based in baby-sitter-usual plot)

Some of my interests are (All with mostly OCs):

Star Wars
Final Fantasy
Attack on Titan
Resident Evil
Silent Hill
Fallout NV
Fallout 3
Fallout 4
Naruto (AU preferably)