Cute Boy Island ( H, Mild NC )

Started by Mia Saisyu, February 12, 2009, 04:04:46 AM

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Mia Saisyu

Ashlee Evans is a normal -girl, except your typical social outcast prodigy. However, upon her desire to join her university's cheerleading squad - she's stumbled upon by one of the girls from the squad - finding some off her more..unsavory interests.

She's told that she can join - on one condition.

There's a computer virus going around - as it's heard of, that zaps you into the next video game you play..until it's beaten. The squadleader proposes that she find the thing - and complete "cute boy island" - a rather degrading video game, in which one girl is pitted against an island of..well, attractive looking males.

But there's a catch. The inhabitants of cute boy island are ..denizens hellbent on naughties. They each have special abilities - special attacks - weaknesses..kind of like pokemon. Catboys, etc( Think closer to human than anthro, please ) ... In order to progress from level to level, and pass through swarms of "enemies" - you can't "let yourself go"..or start enjoying things too much. The game isn't fair - it's a hentai game after all, and multiple "attacks" do happen..

Though, losing a "life" doesn't mean game over - it just means you do that level with a harsher penalty. Perhaps risque clothing..perhaps restraints.

Ashlee is about to determine that "virus" is very real...

I will have a character image for this, and it'd be nice to roleplay with someone running the "island" using a few pictures here and there for characters as well..

I would like some element of randomness..or some system, of sorts. I know I can't ask too much, but in some cases, even a d100 roll will suffice.

I would like someone who isn't afraid to make up naughty "special attacks"...

And..lastly, I don't mind if this idea branches out to girl/monsters/traps, whatever, the "cute boy island" was just the base idea..

Prefect Mos

I have to say, I think that this Idea is somehow brilliant... but it almost feels as though it should be a small group play instead!


It does just scream "gangbang" doesn't it?  *sighs*


Gangbang mentioned, so need to pop in :)
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Mia Saisyu

All of these replies..does that mean any of you are takers up on this idea? =3


Quote from: Mia Saisyu on February 12, 2009, 01:03:18 PM
All of these replies..does that mean any of you are takers up on this idea? =3

*bows extravagently*  My dear, I'd be delighted to but I'm not perverted enough.


I like to think I'm inventive enough for this.
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Mia Saisyu


Im in for this one if you would have me. *Still feels bad about neglecting our last game, heavily interested by this one* :)

Prefect Mos

It realy sounds like it would be a good Group game.. one girl. lots a boys!


I've played something similar, only in reverse, before ^^;


If you'd like to turn this into a group game count me in, I've got a couple ideas for different levels already lol.


Quote from: beta on February 12, 2009, 10:33:53 PM
I've played something similar, only in reverse, before ^^;

Just to let you know Beta, you must wait for approval before your able to take up RPs from this or the group threads. Hopefully the site staff will review your application and approve you soon.


A Harem rp?
I wouldn't mind playing something like this, though as multiple characters rather than a group. Maybe send a pm my way?

Prefect Mos


Quote from: AdmerWill on February 13, 2009, 07:42:18 AM
Nods, maby you could GM it scott.

It's her game lol... and even if, I've never GM'ed a game, so I wouldn't even know where to start.

Prefect Mos

Smiles, Its her game yes, but the game is about her and her peril.. sort of hard to run a game that way.... I think what you basicly would do Is have a list of active participants and throw them NPC parts along the coarse of the story as she got past them.. youd have to be fluid as she might want to stick around some parts longer then others....
You could almost turn this into a big group game by having a large pool of male willing npcs.. and having just a few girls allowed in and run the in differnt threads. Also in a game like this The story teller or other "Cute Boys" might have to substitute for when posts go wrong or are delayed as there wold be times were a lot of players would be involved.


Prefect Mos

Well. lets hold off a bit, let her respond with her ideas.. it is her game and she should decide were she wants to go with it.. it was just an idea :P

Mia Saisyu

This sort of game  is not really conductive to multiple players....As what's the fun in that? As a guy, you get defeated once, poofle, you're XP, and goned. =o

That leads to the person making more "enemies" if they want to play more....which means they should DM anyway. =3

And..if multiple other females are playing, it encroaches on my idea..=3 So i'd really prefer for this to be a solo oriented game.

Prefect Mos

Wel;l your last point is a realy good one... But The first one ... well wed all be NPC's just cause your out of a round.. dosnt meen you wont come back as another npc soon down the line!


This sounds like a lot of fun - I'm not approved yet, but hope this idea will still be around by then? 


I have to say, Mia, you have the most interesting ideas  :)
Your dirty mind has my sincere admiration (and my interest, were that ever relevant)
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Prefect Mos

Im still in no matter how you decide it to progress.