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September 28, 2020, 10:39:32 PM

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Author Topic: Daughter of The Void [ F x Alien-species Story ]  (Read 415 times)

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Daughter of The Void [ F x Alien-species Story ]
« on: March 10, 2019, 06:02:58 AM »

So... I love Kai'Sa. ❤

I love her story. I love her design. I love her voice (oh my god her voice is divine). I've wanted to write a roleplay here with Kai'Sa for so long, but I've always been unsure of exactly what I wanted to write. I think I have an idea now, or at the very least a grasp on the feel of it.

Kai'Sa is from League of Legends. She hunts Voidlings; which are essentially alien spawn from beneath Runeterra. She's kind of like Samus, but she isn't a bounty hunter. She does it purely for selfless reasons - to protect people. There's a line of dialogue in the game which basically inspired this:

(Click the quote for a tiny mp3 of the in-game line)

I really love how sombre this is. She fell into the Void as a little girl, and no one came to save her. She almost died, but she bonded with a living carapace and the two became symbiotic; needing one another to survive.


Kai'Sa is hunting a new alien species. She has only encountered one of its kind, a tiny, frail thing that she swiftly killed. It isn't like the Voidlings she is so used to. This species seems as though it's the last of its line. Kai'Sa had killed its last child. Yet, what Kai'Sa doesn't realize is that - the spawn had marked her, creating a connection with its 'mother'.

The mother is able to sense Kai'Sa's loneliness, her isolation. Most of all, she can sense the young woman's strength, her tenacity and ability to survive in the harshest conditions. Rather than be vengeful that Kai'Sa had killed its last child, there is something else lingering in the mind of the mother.

She has found a new species to carry her young. But more so, she has found a strange creature that is laden with sorrow.

What would it take to bring the strange creature to her arms? What drove this strange creature, whom killed her young, to hunt?


Basically, the story would revolve around the 'mother' steering Kai'Sa to it. It would be done through a telepathic link, as though it was a voice in Kai'Sa's mind. The alien doesn't speak 'English', rather, it adapts to Kai'Sa's thoughts, learning the language from her mind.

This has a lot of Mass Effect vibes - kind of like how the Leviathan speaks to Shepard, through her mind, taking whatever form it wishes.

The creature's goal would be to impregnate Kai'Sa with its young, to continue its line - as it is the very last of its kind. However, it also has a kind of motherly affection to it. It would become intrigued with her, who she is, the depths of her emotion. While it doesn't have 'empathy', so to speak, it does so purely out of curiosity; attempting to understand the nature of this strange creature.

content & rules

I would be writing Kai'Sa. I'm looking for someone to write the 'Alien Queen'. I have no ideas or images of what it would look like, so that is up to you. The story will contain the following:

  • Impregnation
  • Eggs/Tentacles
  • F/Alien
  • Brainwashing/Mind-twisting

So it would look something like this:

  • Kai'Sa is drawn to its lair by its voice.
  • The voice would focus on her sorrow, her loneliness, her isolation. It seeks to understand her.
  • Mental manipulation/Brainwashing would make her subservient.
  • The 'queen' impregnates Kai'Sa.
  • ??

I really do want to explore the psychological side of this though. I really want a partner who is interested in writing that.


  • Intermediate -- > High level of writing experience. The effort I've put into this means I'll need someone who can meet my expectations.
  • One post per three/four days minimum response time. I lose interest and have time and again when my partner takes longer than five days. If something has happened in real life, I'm totally understanding. But I ask for fairly frequent posts because I put a lot of passion into my writing.
  • Enjoy yourself! Contribute ideas! Throw things my way! Let's make this a journey!

❤ ❤ Interested? Have questions? Message me! I also have Discord! ❤ ❤
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