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November 30, 2020, 10:56:22 PM

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Author Topic: My stuff is so Shiny~  (Read 624 times)

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My stuff is so Shiny~
« on: March 07, 2019, 01:37:35 PM »
Greetings, random reader! Tis I, the writer obsessed with Shiny from Moana The IndoWriter!  To be short, I am a fairly chill person, or at least I like to think so, with my fair share of literary experience in terms of years.

What kind of Player are you, IW?
  • One of the more OOC ones, on occasion, just to be a good internet friendo.
  • Novella level writer, who isn't afraid to chug out a bunch of good paragraphs to add spice and details to the roleplay; smutty or otherwise.
  • A very patient player, who is willing to wait weeks for responses, if necessary. What good is rushing someone for a post, anyhow?

What Am you looking for in a partner?

Eh, one of the above, I suppose! Especially in the sense of being at least Semi-literate, as one to five line posts aren't exactly very great for me. With that said, we can discuss the role playing aspect of middle; namely what things I would enjoy writing. I'm up for the more plot-driven stories or settings with a very simplistic plot set-up for them. Does this mean I wouldn't be up for a steamy based roleplay? No, I'd be up for that! I just mostly go for plot rather than...plot. As far as both genres go, I'm very much into the concepts of hypnosis and entrancing, snake-oriented characters, M/F or F/F and Sub/Dom roles. As far as plots, I am a bit short on what I would enjoy doing for this site, so chances are I may come to you if I like your plot ideas--which are you are more than welcome to send my way!

Regular Plots:

When You Wish Upon An Attractive Djinn: A doesnt recall the day she became a Genie, but she assumes it was millennia ago. Or maybe more? Again, she isn't sure. But it's definitely been more than a decade since that fateful day. There isn't enough space inside her lamp to make the tally marks, so she just has to guess how long its been since she was summoned by that one greasy old king. Boy, what a chump--he used all ten of his wishes in one day, that greedy ball of lard! At least the emperor before him took a day and half to exhaust all his wishes.

In any case, she'd become convinced that her lamp has been thrown to the depths of a bottomless ocean, or sealed beneath hardened magma from a volcanic eruption--never to be seen again or even used again. Such a fate might be enough to drive someone insane with fear and isolation, but she'd long since grown bored with being insane and...well, there was no reason for her to fear isolation. Not when all her masters were completely antisocial towards her--not even bothering to ask about her wellbeing before using their wishes. Better to enjoy her loneliness than spend a few minutes in the company of a greedy, filthy soul.

But apparently, her destiny wasn't to spend the rest of eternity in a jar, but to be found in the twenty-first century by--a world that A is going to have a rough time readjusting to--by a luckless young woman who hasn't a living clue what to do with a hot, half-naked Genie. (I'm open to playing either role! F/F)

Fish out of Water: It's the year 2025. Character A's life has gone downhill in rather colossal ways, all things considered. The world being ravaged into an apocolypse by constant rain storms, large bands of roaming psychopaths and packs of bear-sized bats was bad enough as it is, but getting through these obstacles suddenly alone is an entirely new prospect that they aren't certain they can manage. When their crates of stolen drinks failed to appease their aching heart, they opted to take a day beside a lake surrounded by forestry. They really weren't  expecting to find a particular thing of myth waiting for them.

Character B is a water-dwelling Merfolk, one with a much less troubled life. Granted, most of their kind find their curiosity about the surface world odd and disturbing, but it was still a relatively peaceful life. Perhaps, if they'd heeded the warnings about being close to the surface during a hurricane, they wouldn't have been stuck in a lousy lake for days. Perhaps it was just their luck that a tour guide for the dangerous world of earth turned up in the form of a cranky, alcoholic young human. Oh well, beggars can't be choosers. (To sum it up, a post-apocalyptic survivor, made bitter by their year of hardship encounters a merbeing with a life long dream of seeing the world through another's eyes. Can be M/F or F/F)

Only Steamy Plot I got right now:

Character A has been a vigilante tomb raider their whole life, breaking away into a sense of independence from boring family traditions. Her life has been filled with vigorous danger and adventure, as well as great wealth from the prizes she's managed to collect from different missions inside the unexplored depths of caves and Mayan ruins. Her cockiness has recently emboldened her in taking things stolen from her by other raiding groups seeking powerful weapons and even inspired her to occasionally track them in case they did find anything threatening. Perhaps the world would call her a superhero or something, and gain her a bit of fame.

One particular week, the woman finds herself enduring into the world's largest jungle to spy on enemy activity in the very heart of the landscape. While she expects to see them unearthing some giant gauntlet with power over the entire universe, she is pleasantly surprised fo see that they have merely captured Character B: a young Naga, a hypnotic creature thought to be a mere myth. Thinking herself to be doing a good thing, A easily pulls off a rescue to get B out of her bonds and thinks that it'll all just end like that; with her assuming victory again. But not only is this cryptozoological beauty a lot more playful than thankful with her would be rescuers, but sbe is in a particularly raunchy sort of mood. And A is far too much of a treat to let get away...

Interested in the above, or got an idea of your own? Just PM me!
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Re: My stuff is so Shiny~
« Reply #1 on: December 23, 2019, 08:49:05 PM »
Edited with a new plot!

Offline Hex

Re: My stuff is so Shiny~
« Reply #2 on: December 23, 2019, 10:12:52 PM »
Hello, I'd love to discuss a possible rp.  I'm interested in either "Fish out of Water" or the steamy plot idea.  Shoot me a pm and we can create something together~