Dragon Prince (M lf F)-Spoilers within for Season 2

Started by National Acrobat, February 28, 2019, 05:31:58 PM

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National Acrobat

Heads up, if you haven't watched the series or Season 2, there are some spoilers below.

Normally I'm not one to do fandoms or canon characters but I really like the Dragon Prince series on Netflix, and feel that there is a lot to explore and expand on where Season 2 ends, and would love to play Callum opposite Rayla and have them click, which is likely to happen given the last couple of episodes of season 2.

I would want them of age, at least 18, for the RP, and would like to explore their romance, and the events that surround them. There's a lot to explore.

Things to explore are in the spoilery-text below

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Both of them had total misconceptions about each other's race
Both have overcome those misconceptions to become tight friends, and more obviously
Both want to learn about each other's culture and history, and stop the impending war
Rayla was trained as an assassin but has morals and has found that being a killer is not what she wants
Callum has defied the natural order and is able to wield the Sky Arcanum without a Primal Stone

If you're interested PM me.

Part of this game would also be exploring their world while evading those that would do them harm and see their attempts at reconciliation fail.

It wouldn't need to use a ruleset, but Pathfinder would be perfect, as I can see Callum as a Sorceror with the Air Bloodline, and Rayla as an Unchained Rogue/Ranger.