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Started by ashia starstreak, February 11, 2009, 04:48:14 PM

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ashia starstreak

These are short starters, they are simply for one to gain inspiration, but they can also be turned into an actual introduction to a new story if one so chooses.

FFVIII: Balamb Garden

The night would show a clear sky, unusually dark with a new moon. Most beings falling silent within the late night, it would prove to be nice and peaceful.

The small girl hurried along the dirt road. She waved her hands at her side and kept on going. Panting and she looked around keeping an eye out. Ashia had been running for quite sometime, being chased. Though no one could be seen, that didn't mean they had given up on following.

She stopped in front of the rather large building of Balamb Garden. She looked at it with her large green eyes, faintly glowing an eerie color. This was no place for one as her. Ashia looked around nervously, debating the issue, but finding her time too short, she hurried up the stairs, her bare feet barely heard as she ran across the pavement.

She ran into the entrance doors. Patting it, how strange it was to her. She banged on them for a moment. What was this barrier..it was clear..yet..She tugged at the door, it had been locked up for the night. Paranoid she looked behind her then ran along the windowed doors looking for another way.

The pointy eared girl found her way into the car garage. She eyed the monstrous cars, thinking them to be giant creatures. She crept along, her back against the wall, green eyes never leaving the sleeping creatures.

She pushed on the door and looked out into the hallway. It was dark, barely able to be seen. She tip toed down the long corridor, looking around, the lights turning on at movement, startled her. Fearing to be caught she ran as fast as her small legs could take her down the hall into the training ground. She slammed the door behind her and held it for a moment. Her heart racing too fast, she looked behind herself at the strange place.

Fooled into thinking she was back outside she ran down the deck then hopped into the brush beside it. Hearing the strange noises of unknown creatures, she dug herself a small hole and buried herself from sight of any carnivores bigger than herself.

The Ruins

There to explore and climb, she didn't think anyone would be near the ruins anymore. It would fit her.

She climbed to the highest point and crouched atop of it looking up at the half moon, though no stars nor clouds, it seemed so bright tonight. The small female peered down below to have her eyes scan out the land before her, her green eyes glowing rather eerie.

Ashia stood up and stretched her arms out to the sky and decided to start her way down when something had caught her eye. She spun around and crouched low as she watched this unknown being walk through the ruins, seeming to talk to himself aloud. Her curiosity beginning to get the best of her. She should have left when she did, or perhaps even earlier. Instead she leaned forward and watched this one longer, her hands slipped off and she almost fell off of her platform, she scrambled her small body back up, pebbles falling down below.

Her heart raced as she sat back atop of the platform. She panted, her hand on her chest. After a moment she relaxed again and decided now would be good to move. She jumped across the gap and landed onto another platform.

The Alley Way

The night was unusually dark, The street lights being the only thing keeping the sidewalks lit. The wind blew gently down the street, quiet yet eerie.

She jumped down from the fence, landing in a puddle of water. Glancing only for a second behind herself she ran down the dark alley way, panting rather hard. She could hear them hot on her trail. She darted out of the alley and ran into the street, almost being hit by a lone car. Waving her arms for balance, she waited only for a moment then rushed down the street, turning into a different alley. She coughed harshly having no saliva, and crashed into a trash can near a house. The lid rolled out a few feet and spun before stopping on the sidewalk. Ashia shook her head then looked around paniced.

She ran down the alley and was met by a dead end, she looked around then found an open window, she crawled onto the window sill and looked around in the room. She saw a man/woman sleeping in his/her room, she jumped into the room, terrified he/she might wake up, she dove into the corner and hid beneath some clothes.

FFVII: The Northern Cave Crater

She liked to play near the lifestream at the Northern Cave, the green glow attracted her. She hopped down a few rocks, lowering into the cavern. She stopped and watched as the stream shimmered at her side. The small female trotted down a little bit further, she wanted to be close to the main flow.

Stopping for a moment she bent low and kneeled beside the stream, playing with it. She didn't really know what it was, being only interested in how it glowed and how it felt. Her ears bent back following a sudden noise behind her. She slowly stood up and turned her body to the direction. She took a few steps forward and looked down the cliff to see where it was coming from.

Her hair gently blowing back in the breeze, she waited and saw a man/woman. Ashia backed up, some pebbles falling, making their way to the floor below. She ran out of sight, into hiding.

Others to come, but these are what I have for now. I will write new ones when I feel the time to be right. Once again, thank you for your time. *bows* I will be awaiting any of those whom would be interested in role playing with a summon.

"A knight in shining armor is a man who has never had his metal truly tested."

ashia starstreak

"A knight in shining armor is a man who has never had his metal truly tested."