Alura, a high fantasy world of reversed gender roles (Everyone welcome!)

Started by Galactic Druid, February 26, 2019, 02:00:58 PM

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Galactic Druid

This is one of several pages of story and setting ideas. Click Here for my main page.

On it’s surface, Alura would likely sound like any other fantasy world out there; philandering royalty, towering warriors, scantily clad, sultry mages and seductive rogues dressed in tight leather; generous, often submissive healers eager to sooth their teammates, taverns hosted by wenches  hoping to make a few extra coin where they can, and steamy hot springs where the more shameless adventurers might steal a peek...

While Alura has all the fittings of a traditional high fantasy ERP world, there is one glaring difference; the genders for all of these roles is reversed. In Alura, the women are the stoic rulers, philandering princesses and playboys, while the men are the dutiful husbands, timid healers, or sultry sorcerers. A typical male might be found serving drinks in the tavern while trying to coax a few extra coin from the party women (obviously the ones who are managing the money) with their choice of clothes, working as healers who are often coaxed into alleviating a few extra aches than planned, or praying at the various shrines to the worlds goddesses. Thieves and rogues are far from uncommon, but every once in a while, a man might occasionally try to take on a woman’s role as a warrior, as well.

The Setting:
Alura is a bright and colorful world filled with crystal caves, enchanted forests, and ancient ruins just waiting to be discovered an explored. It's a world of adventure, with plenty of adventurers to rise to the call. A story set in the world of Alura might best be described as a lighthearted adventure with a touch of humor targeted at tired old tropes.

Edit: I was asked by a friend if my intent for this world was for the women in it to all be masculine or tomboys, the answer to that is absolutely not. I still see the women of this world as feminine, perhaps with a different perspective from the world on what can and can't be feminine. Just because a woman is a warrior doesn't mean she can't have long hair, look pretty, and have a floral scabbard for her broadsword.

Character ideas and potential stories to go with them:
These are not the only plot ideas I'd be willing to play if you like a character but want to write something else. These are also not the only character types I'm willing to play if you like the idea of the setting but nothing else here. I'm very PM friendly, so please don't hesitate to ask me if you want something changed, or have an entirely different idea on where we could take a story. If you're interested in writing with me at all, I'd love to hear from you.

With all these ideas, it's safe to assume I'll also be playing various NPCs and side characters to help move the story along. I have no intention of making my partners do all the heavy lifting in whatever adventure we write.

The Wannabe Warrior

Renu was trained from an early age in the ways of healing magic and ritual, and once he was of age, in all the other duties expected of him as an attendant of the village's healing springs. He's used to serving the local guardswomen and huntresses, as well as putting up with their roaming hands and insatiable appetites. What he really wants out of life, however, is to be an adventurer, and not just any kind, but a warrior. He's spend many a free hour watching the guard train in secret, and practicing on his own. If only he could get someone to take him seriously...

Perhaps he's picked up by a band of adventurers, perhaps he begins a journey when his home is attacked, perhaps he's taken by an empire or band of bandits to serve them and breaks free with other prisoners. There's a lot of ways this one could go, and I'm very open to negotiation. I should also note I'm willing to play more than one character if we wanted to do something like two each for a party of four, etc.

Royal on the Run-
Prince Cassius is the typical spoiled prince, living a life of luxury in the palace walls, daydreaming of the day he might meet his knight in shining armor, or a lovely princess from another land coming to sweep him off his feet. His entire life is thrown upside down, however, when he suddenly finds himself having to survive outside the palace walls.

Perhaps this was due to a coup, an attack from a Rival kingdom, traveling in an Envoy and getting cut off, or any other reason. I'm looking to play a spoiled, reluctant adventurer having to learn to survive outside the life they've grown accustomed to.

The Charmer-
Wizards are so misunderstood. Therion didn't choose to be born under his sign, but growing up with the powers of illusion and persuasion, as well as the inherent distrust that seems to come along with it, one can hardly blame the sultry warlock for turning out the way he did. Despite his sultry appearance, Therion is a true master of the arcane, and devilishly clever, and while he's not afraid to use that to get ahead, at the end if the day, he genuinely wants to do good.

Therion would be most fun to play partnered to a knight or paladin, a woman on a noble cause he could tease and corrupt. His knowledge of the arcane and occult would prove invaluable on her quest, if she's willing to put up with him. Maybe she'll learn to enjoy it...

The Healslut- *Craving* (Yeah, you all saw this one coming. =)

A priest of the goddess of love and passion, Erol is dedicated, passionate healer. He strives to make the party however he can, whether is by healing, acting as a dutiful and caring companion in a time of need, cooking and serving the party when they camp, or soothing any other need they might have, expertly and shamelessly. It's no wonder the party is so protective of such a dedicated soul.

For this specific character, since I'm looking to play the party healslut, I'm looking for partners that are willing to play at least two characters for a party of three or more. Whatever the quest may be, and however they meet, Erol will prove a compassionate and passionate companion on the road ahead.

The Exotic Warrior

Cio hails from the Amazon, an enigmatic tribe of warriors with a strange, patriarchal society. When his home is threatened, he must venture out into the greater world in search of answers, only to discover the world around him is more different than he could have imagined.

It would be real fun to play him butting heads with another warrior, or practically competing with a mage as they journey together. As with everything else here, the specifics on the story are negotiable.

The Blossoming Druid-
Fern, a Dryad of the great forest, shares a deep connection with the land. If she ever were to die, so would the forest, and if it ever passed on, so too would she. Their very lives are connected, a swim in a lake for her sustains them both the same way a week of rain might the forest. She feels what her plants and vines do, both the pain of severance and the pleasure of basking in the sun or a warm place. When her home and life are threatened, she rises to the cause.

Open to F/F with her, or even F/Futa for those so inclined. She could fit just about any plot, or even be a second character to another on this list!

The Future Warchief-
Daughter of the Frozen North, Elsa is a young woman set to inherit her mother's title when she retires. Skilled with both her axe and magic, she's a force to be reckoned with, both a beloved leader and feared conqueror of nations. It's of no surprise there's been rumors of an empire assault before she can ascend to power...

The Mercenary-
A former knight, Kayla now fights for no one but herself. She refuses to discuss exactly why she left, but these days, she can often be found around smaller villages, defending from monster attacks or taking on bounties for local bandits until the town runs out of work, often enjoying the benefits of a healer's spring and a little mananizing while she's around.
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Galactic Druid

2/28 - Added a few more potential characters, an edit on the setting, and cleaned up the thread a little.
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Galactic Druid

3/8 - This is something I’m really craving even more than usual this last week. I finally got around to starting Xenoblade Chronicles II’s Torna DLC, and I really love the dynamic between two of the game’s main characters.

For those unfamiliar with the game, a core mechanic of the game and its world revolves around these artificial life forms calls Blades that come into existence bound to humans (or more actually, naturally born creatures), and exist as long as they do. From that point on, they are bound to one another, fight together, etc. In the game, one of the main characters, Adam, is bound to a legendary blade called the Aegis, and tasked with saving the world from a rampant blade of equal strength. The aegis is powerful, but unruly, quick to show off and fight with far more strength than necessary. Adam is constantly attempting to keep this character reigned in, while simultaneously learning how to better wield this power himself. It’s a really fun power dynamic I’m really enjoying, and something I’d really enjoy writing in a setting like Alura.
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