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August 19, 2022, 09:04:59 pm

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Author Topic: High Fantasy, Adventure, and Romance! A Focus On Plot Over Sex! [M for F] [Open]  (Read 567 times)

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Right now I'm looking for someone to join me for a story with heavy elements of fantasy, adventure, and romance! The stories I enjoy most are ones where the characters build up a relationship over time, instead of instantly wanting to get into it. Creating that relationship through struggles and adventure is one of the best ways to do it in my opinion!

A quick note: Multi-paragraph partners preferred! Sometimes things require a quick back and forth, but even then I generally expect several paragraphs as a sign of a give and take of actions and information to work with. I'm not expecting multiple main characters, though we will need to take on side characters now and again as the plot demands. I'm always willing to talk on the side on how to divide up the labor if and when it comes to it!

[Current Main Story Preference]
Right now I'm looking for a classic high fantasy settings with plenty of magic, wonders, and horrors. A world with miracles, curses, and dangers, to add tension and excitement. There must be some opposing force, either through a specific person/group or a force of nature/magic pushing our characters together and forward. I find that without a force to unite our characters it can be harder to justify why they would suddenly decide to start travelling together.

One of my favorite things is when our characters have a bit of tension and rivalry, and can threaten one another as opposed to one simply being a damsel in distress. The more unusual the character dynamic the better!


Here is a general shortlist of themes I enjoy writing about or around!

High Fantasy Settings - Worlds with a lot of magic are far more interesting than realistic ones! This doesn't necessarily mean fantasy medieval, but can also include modern settings as well. Futuristic is hit or miss, though I do enjoy the Shadow Run setting from time to time.

Dark / Violent - I'm not much of a slice of life person when it comes to writing. I enjoy the more serious, dangerous stories where something is on the line and people can get hurt.

Humor - Just because the story might have dark themes, doesn't mean it shouldn't have humor it in it too! I don't think I've ever written with someone without having humor here and there between the tenser scenes.

Romance - Romance is a must! And I mean romance, not just lust!

Adventure / Driving Forces - The characters have something driving them out of their comfort zone or over great distances, allowing the story to branch out and explore new things. At the very least, there should be something personally motivating to each of the characters!

The World

Where will our characters start off? In a forest? In a city? In a classic fantasy setting or perhaps in something more modern, with a mix of magic splashed in? Are they somewhere unusual, or is it a normal place for that world?

Nature - Sprawling forests with rivers, lakes, and mountains. Small villages dot the area, but you're mostly on your own in a place like this.

Cityscape - Traveling in and around massive cities, exploring guilds of magicians and the houses of nobles. (Typically I like vampires to be mostly in control in these setting types.)

Remote Ruins - Fresh battle grounds or long forgotten graveyards, our characters need to move through perilous environments including trapped ruins and castles, perhaps searching for something of value or herded their not of their own choice.

Extreme Biomes - Magical or natural, our characters can travel through ice caves, volcanoes, or other planes of existence!

Starting Ideas

What are the overarching themes or ideas of the story? How did or will the characters meet? For what purpose? Here are some quick ideas that I would like to explore!

Reluctant Ties - Somehow, some way, our characters meet and part ways. Soon after they wind up meeting again. One might blame the other, or not, but they quickly split up again. This cycle keeps repeating until they realize that despite their best efforts they can't be rid of each other and something is keeping them linked. I feel this one is best played out with a lot of initial tension and fire between the characters, definitely not a love at first sight.

Incomplete Geas - The female character summons purposefully or accidentally a creature of unknown origin, and results with the male character. Regardless of whatever it was meant to do, something went wrong and not every command has to be obeyed. This theme is all about testing boundaries and figuring out what the two of them, now tied together, are going to do. There must be an important reason the female protagonist would risk such a dangerous ritual, not just for her own amusement!

High Tensions - One character utterly detests the other. Perhaps they killed someone dear to them. Perhaps they feel they are an abomination that needs to be struck down. Whatever the reason, their first meeting (or perhaps second!) is not going to be a pleasant one! As they clash some of the truth comes out, and reluctantly they begin to listen to reason and find the true threat. Perhaps despite their appearance or their species habits, they are different. Or perhaps the person who was killed was not who they thought they were. There are many ways to go with this one!

Winging It - Sometimes its best just to put the two characters into a situation and see how they react to one another, and add in story hooks as we go along. I've had much success in just winging it and seeing what happens!

Let me know what you think, I'm always open to suggestions!