Labyrinth fandom: Jareth's daughter (F for M, gender irrelevant)

Started by LamentingQuill, February 22, 2019, 08:09:16 PM

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For this, I would like to find a partner whom is very familiar with the movie Labyrinth starring David Bowie and also happens to be highly literate with a capability to post anywhere from 3 or more good sized paragraphs per post. Except of course for scenes dominated by conversations or situations that do not leave much opportunity to do jack squat, those happen and I more than understand that.

Anyway, here is my pitch that involves an alternate ending to the movie:

Jareth allowed Sarah to return above ground with Toby as long as she promised she would willingly go with him after she turned eighteen and become his queen. She accepted and 3 years after that fateful adventure, she returned to the Labyrinth and married Jareth.

Now 19 years later, where our story will be opening up, Jareth and Sarah have a daughter turning eighteen years old named Melody, the young princess being as feisty and spunky as her mother and as intelligent, sassy and magically gifted as her father.

What neither Melody or her mother knows, is that the Underground has a  very old deep dark secret... there was once a sorceror as powerful as Jareth that ruled the Underground...

The Dark Prince of the Deep Down  while greedy and oft-times fickle, his people were not cruel persay. Jareth sought to trick and usurp them for their banality.
They ruled the Underground in such pristine order that there was no color and no wonder. It was a land of Fae, but behaved anything but.

In his game centuries ago, he tricked the Prince into the Deep Down where the Dwarves and the Imps dwelled and locked him and his followers away, where upon Jareth remade the Labyrinth into the fascinating place it is now.

As he's grown over the years and changed for the better with the love of his wife and daughter, this is something of Jareth's past that he is not very proud of, but too afraid to come clean about for fear of it reflecting upon him negatively.

I was thinking Melody would somehow unwittingly release the Dark Prince from his prison and find herself abducted in a plot for revenge.


After Sarah and Jareth were married and had their daughter, they had a brilliant idea... instead of turning the wished away children into goblins... why not let fey couples adopt them? Fey had a difficult time conceiving and they could wait hundreds of years before finally being successful... they thought it would be wonderful if other fey yearning for children could experience their same joy.

Unfortunately... like with any adoption... some things can go wrong...

With one young man for example, he's watched the princess of the goblin kingdom grow up loved and adored by her fey father and human made immortal mother... while he received nothing but scorn and resentment from his adoptive fey parents... he resents the princess Melody for every happiness and joy she has had her life blessed with... it's not fair...

For this story, I was thinking this young man might concoct a scheme of some kind to 'punish' Melody and form some sort of creepy romantic obsession with her. Deeper details on that and also what he endured growing up can be given detail and life alongside my partner.