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October 23, 2020, 02:40:38 AM

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Author Topic: [FxF, MxM,Futas...all welcome (could accept MxF)! The kinkier, the better!  (Read 1050 times)

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Offline Eternal EternityTopic starter

After a short break I'm back to the forums, so I decided to set up a whole new thread. Well then, with no further ado...Here I go!

I'm Fabs, theorically not new, but you can think of me as a newbie (never had the chance to be that active in here). Basically, I'm looking for any kind of pairing at the moment. Even if it states in the title F x Any, I can also portray males. Basically, any role x any role you might be craving for. I'm pretty open-minded.

.I'm looking for anything kinky. The kinkier, the better. Throw your kinks and darkest fantasies at me. I'll be eager to try everything at least once (only exceptions: scat and vomit). If you have a kink you think no one will like, don't hesitate to poke me. I'll most likely be  willing to fulfill your deepest desires, whenever it comes to roleplaying (unless it's something that goes against the rules).

.I can portray any type of character...except for MxF pairings (I won't be playing against submissive males in MxF pairings. They should be switches, at the very, very least. Dominant males for MxF pairings fairly preferred!). For FxF, I can play whatever characters you need: a submissive cute maid, or the most cruel master you'd ever meet. For Futa roles, I can play as a futa or against one (won't be playing futas against male characters, bear that in mind!). Either is fine. And finally, regarding MxM pairings, I can be your cute, shy trap or instead a dominant, hot stud who will not accept a "no" as an answer.

I want to test myself and try new things. I want to improve. So throw any kind of challenges at me. Let me improve my skills. And, in return, I'll do the same for you and even more! Whereas you are only interested in smut, or want some plot to accompany it, I'm your girl!

Here I'll add some basic pairings we could try, as I have no plots of my own at the moment:

(Any type of gender and characters welcome!)

.Friend x friend
.Twin x twin
.Incest (only for MxM or FxF/Futa x F pairings)
.Queen/princess x knight
-Princess x princess/prince
.Vampire x werewolf
.Vampire x Human
.Werewolf x human
.Teacher x student
.Abuse x abused
.Alien x human
.Alien x alien
.Supernatural being x human
.Angel x any
.Demon x any

And any other pairing you might be thinking of. As for favorite genres, I'm open to anything. But some of my favorites would be as follows:

.Slice of life
.Sci fi



.Anal sex
.Oral sex
.Breast and nipple play
.Clit play
.Non-con/Dub-con scenes
.Harem (me portraying several roles, mainly)
.FxF and FxFuta pairings (Willing to either dom or sub for those)
.MxF pairings (especially if I get to play either submissive or switch/versatile female characters)
.Cervical penetration


Anything you might want to try really. None of my favorites is necessary if you don't feel like including them.


MxFuta pairings (against male characters, I will only RP as another male or ordinary women, forgot to mention it!)



-RWBY: Only FxF or FxFuta pairings. I won't like it if you talk about including an MxF pairing for this particular fandom, unless it's strictly Pyrrha x Jaune (don't like Jaune too much, but the pairing in question is lovely) or Ren x Nora. It's the only one I happen to be that picky with.
-Sailor Moon: Only FxF or FxFuta pairings
-Pokemon (Any pairing)
-Digimon (Any pairing)
-Attack on Titan (Any pairing)
-FMA & FMA Brotherhood
-Teen Titans (not exactly sure if they are American or Japanese though)
-Feel free to suggest one of your own


-League of Legends

RL movies/series:

-Marvel/DC universe (quite a huge fan of Raven and Wonder Woman xD)
-Teen Wolf
-50 shades of Gray (mostly with OCs)

Well then, if you happen to be interested overall, let me know! I'm also open for some brainstorming together with my would-be partners! Don't hesitate to poke me. Communication is the key! ^.^

P.S. : For more information, feel free to check my On and Offs thread, post samples added in there!
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Offline Eternal EternityTopic starter

Re: [F x any] The kinkier, the better!
« Reply #1 on: May 20, 2018, 05:43:29 AM »
Monthly bump! Sorry for the lack of activity, had quite a rough time IRL. But now hopefully things have calmed down, so I have some time to spare here.

I modified the thread a bit and added "Teen Titans" as a possible fandom now. Or anything superheroes related. I've noticed I've become quite a fan of Raven, from the DC verse, lately xD Although I only know her version from the Teen Titans cartoons, which I've started watching again.

Offline Eternal EternityTopic starter

Re: [FxF, MxM,Futas...all welcome (could accept MxF)! The kinkier, the better!
« Reply #2 on: February 22, 2019, 06:25:45 AM »
Bump after some time trapped in RL activities! Added a link to my on and offs thread within my first post!

Mostly looking for MxM, FxF and Futa x any pairings. Could indulge in some MxF fun, depending on plot. Don't hesitate to ask anyways!