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April 17, 2021, 04:25:21 am

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"The Break" [Ex:Solos]
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Author Topic: Back Around at Long Last [AnyXAny]  (Read 427 times)

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Offline OctopusPrinceTopic starter

Back Around at Long Last [AnyXAny]
« on: February 21, 2019, 01:13:26 pm »
Hey everybody!
I'm Octopus Prince, as you can see, and it's been some time since I hopped on this website to look for an RP. I'm gonna set my sights out again for some new partners, so if these stipulations and interests align with your own desires and expectations, feel free to contact me! I'll go ahead and list what I'm looking for first, and throw in some personal rules for me-- hopefully in making it to the end of this little thread here, you'll know for sure if you wanna give me a go!

World building
Sentient Monsters
Tall Bois and Thicc Girls
OOC Friendship
Character Depth and Analysis
Mutual Plotting
40/60 Smut/Plot Ratio ( I do enjoy a good amount of smut, but it needs to be organically developed and plot driven-- my characters will not be attracted to your characters just because they breathe and are hot/powerful/eccentric)
Multiple Characters/Relationships
Third Person/Past Tense
Quality over Quantity
A High Level of Dedication and Investment (This has nothing to do with post frequency, and more to do with you being jazzed about the story)
Kink (My f-list is on my profile, but I'm pretty flexible to most kink, it's up for discussion)

1: If you get tired of the roleplay, just tell me, it's cool.
2: Don't make me carry the plot, and don't expect smut at the drop of a hat-- come with a desire for development and a genuine interest in writing out a plot. I'll smut it up with you to the moon and back, but only if it means something for the characters and in the context of the story.
3: Don't contact me asking me to play any characters you've created. I'm not interested.
4: No fandoms. We can certainly make up worlds inspired by specific media, but I'd like to go as original as possible, particularly with characters.
5: I'd like to be friends with you, and I'm an enthusiastic and attentive partner, so just be straight up with me about where your at, your energy level, and feel free to talk to me about yourself.
6: No incest, no bathroom play and no abuse. No, No, No. My F-list is on my profile if you'd like to get specific about what I like, but I make my characters to suit the scenario and I'm comfortable with a lot of kink, just those three things will send you straight to my blocked list.
7: Feel free to hit me up with one on one pairings, but we're doing polyamory, we're doing full on, everyone loves everyone polyamory. If you're uncomfortable with homosexual relations between men or women, you're riding the wrong ride. I would prefer to have a partner that enjoys all types of pairings, and is comfortable with both heterosexual and homosexual relationships, as well as a healthy dose of monster fucking if you're gonna get wild with me. I do love me a monster lovah~
8: No I will not play all the girls, no, I will not play only submissive characters, no I will not do a harem for you, and if I agree to it, you're gonna get trolled and all of my female characters are gonna talk about how tiny and unsatisfying your character's dick is. So just don't do it, I will troll you, don't test me.
9: I roleplay via threads, pms or discord.
10: In multicharacter scenarios, I'd prefer to keep the romance/sex aspect of it open, see who meshes organically and see what things fall into place all on their own, so don't pre-ship anyone if we're doing a plot where we play several characters that aren't already, initially discussed as in a relationship for plot purposes.

I might as well throw in some plot ideas for you to go through if you made it this far, now that I'm thinking of it, so here's some ideas:

A Match Made In Hell

Classic Pact Made with A Demon plot line, but rather than the classical innocent person biting off more than they could chew, I'd like a devious, mutual alignment between the demon and their ward where there's a high stakes conquest for the person who summoned the demon and an opportunity to see something truly, wildly corrupt for the demon themselves.

The Court

Our characters, a group of various supernatural beings, decide to form their own mystic court in the human world similar to the Seelie and Unseelie Courts of old. The intention behind creating this court? That's up to us-- could be quite dark, like they want to take over the human world and make it their domain, could be combat, that they want to take out the Seelie or Unseelie court for slights done to all of them, could be a desire for power and companionship since supernatural creatures rarely have race-crossing relations, and miss out on the opportunities to see how powerful they can be together. I would love for this to involve the founders of the Court being polyamorous


This plot would involve a lot of characters, leaving positions open for each piece type on each side. There's a great war between these two nations of White and Black, and some have their reasons to see it end, while some would never have it stop since it benefits their own personal goals. Lots of characters, lots of character development, lots of danger and magic and fun.

The Warriors of Old

So, this world we make up is at the brink of sentient extinction. As a last desperate attempt, the people of this world commit the ultimate magical taboo and start using necromancy to bring back great warriors of old to fight in the desperate battle against seemingly unstoppable forces. The people of the current world are traumatized, overwhelmed, and unsure what to do to stop this calamity that has overtaken their world, but the warriors of the past, the men and women of legend that have faced up against impossible odds and have been remembered for their valiant battles might have some ideas. We'd play these heroes of old, and can make up all kinds of intense danger and draw ideas from history and fantasy alike.

Okay~ I think that's it for now. Feel free to contact me if these things appeal and we'll discuss.

Thanks so much!