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November 29, 2020, 09:56:46 AM

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Author Topic: Losers and outcasts:coming of age rpg | Possible love triangle (M looking for F)  (Read 704 times)

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Offline BeccaTopic starter

I am currently interested in stories set around life in small towns. Towns that have that sort of claustrophobic feel to them, where you can find the charm of knowing everyone around you, not locking the doors at night, where children explore freely and grow into teenagers and adults who stay behind to build a family in the same place their parents did. Where you also feel the quiet desperation of this being all there is, where time almost seemed to have frozen a long time ago, and everyone meddles in each other's personal life. Privacy is rare and gossips aplenty.

I'll be posting here all requests related to this kind of setting, if anyone is interested please send me a pm, don't post here, I like to keep it tidy :)

We all have roles to play (Taken)

They knew the saying all too well: Small town, big hell.

They had, after all, lived their entire lives in the same small town, with the same people, the same families, the same students, the same jobs. Each family had their reputation, each young man and woman's actions were watched and silently judged or gossiped about.
There was the one who'd go to college and never come back, the good girl, the high school sweethearts, the jock, the slacker, the bad boy. Each of them already locked away in that stereotype for good.

She had always been the good girl. The girl who went to church every Sunday tutored children after school and had a bright smile to offer those around her even on rainy days. He, on the other hand, came from a bad family, had been a problem child and one of the usual suspects whenever trouble started at school.

I'm interested in the relationship between these two characters. How much truth is there to the rumours? Precisely why is his family an outcast... is his father a drunk, a man with a violent streak, a criminal? Has this young man tried getting away from his father's footsteps only to find everyone automatically assumes he was up to no good, no matter how hard he tried until he decided to simply give them what they wanted? Or has he always been precisely what they thought he was?
And what about her? Is she really nothing but sweet smiles? Is she faking her way through life? Has she grown up in a household that taught her being different is wrong, a life where appearances are all that matter? Perhaps inside closed doors, her family isn't quite as idyllic as they pretend to be.

They grew up around each other but what kind of relationship they shared in the past? Is he a few years older than her and merely saw her from time to time at school, or around town? Were they childhood friends before they drifted apart thanks to the inevitable rumors, or perhaps her parent's or friends disapproval? Does he hold resentment towards her, the town's little sweetheart, always so prim and proper?

What I'm looking for: I'd rather play the male character in this RPG, so I'm looking for my partner to play the female role. I'm open to discussing playing the F character, though, so do send me a PM either way!

Growing pains

I'd like to explore the idea of exploring the relationship between outcasts in town. These characters to be "damaged goods" of some sorts, losers or rebels. Nerds, stutterers, teenagers from broken homes. I'd like to dwell in their blooming romances, in their sexual awakening (all being 16 and up, of course, but no older than 21 for this one), the bullies they might encounter, the problems at home, their insecurities, their dreams of what they'll become and where they'll go after school is over. I'd also be willing to discuss the possibility of teenage pregnancy is any potential partner is interested, but that is certainly not a must at all, merely an option to explore.

This idea is somewhat inspired in It by Stephen King, and his Loser's club, though it's just the original idea behind it, it would feature any of the characters nor the story told there.

The setting would, of course, be a quaint little town, and I would love to set it in the 80s if possible but could go modern times for sure, as long as the place retains that oddly claustrophobic vibre small towns sometimes offer.

What I'm looking for: A female counterpart to my male or males characters. I'd be very interested in doubling with two characters instead of just one: the two main love interests for the female protagonist, a love triangle of sorts. One of them would most likely be bright and promising but would have some kind of impediment to be discussed, such as stuttering or social anxiety. This is not a requirement, but I think it would add another layer of conflict to the rpg.

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Offline BeccaTopic starter

Losers and outcasts | Possible love triangle (M looking for F)
« Reply #1 on: April 09, 2019, 10:10:35 PM »

Though the first idea is very much taken, I'm quite interested in exploring the second story prompt. I would really love developing a good coming of age story and involve the 'losers' or 'outcasts' of a small town, especially if one of my main characters had some kind of social impediment, like a stutter. I would be willing to play two main male characters to work as a love triangle for my partner's female character.
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