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May 11, 2021, 10:59:55 pm

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Author Topic: Little Halfling in the Big City  (Read 1839 times)

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Little Halfling in the Big City
« on: February 18, 2019, 03:00:25 pm »

Do you like adventure? Do you long for a little romance? Do you crave a little drama with your smut? Do you have a thing for buxom halflings? Do you believe in pint-sized fun?

Well pull up a chair! I’ve got a yarn for you!

This story is inspired by InCase’s wonderful webcomic Alfie.

In this story, I will play the titular halfling (called ‘havlins’), Alphanea Tolman, or Alfie.

The twist with this story is that it takes place in a large metropolitan city, following a ‘natural’ disaster--the encroaching of the redwood forest! more on that later--which forced the citizens of the havlin village of Pickering to flee for their lives!

Relocating to the havlin neighborhood of Fairbriar, in the heart of the sprawling metropolis of Ptolus, for the first time in her young life Alfie is exposed to the wonder and mystery of other races.

At first, Alfie is intimdated by the big city. There is so much to take in! So many sights and sounds and smells! But soon enough, she starts to resent her conservative moral upbringing and yearns to grow beyond her past in Pickering and experience life! She wants to meet new people! She wants to adventure! She wants to have fun!

Do you want to come with her? She’s putting on her armor. Strapping down her harness. Do you have the courage to stand with her?

What this story is…
This is a drama. Havlins are a conservative society and Pickering was no different. Because of what surrounds it, Fairbriar is even more conservative. Havlins are reclusive bordering on xenophobic. Any form of copulation that isn’t between a married male and female havlin in the missionary position is immoral. Especially same-sex unions. Especially unions with other races.

Alfie is going to buck all of that, and the fallout that results will be delicious. Drama is the fuel that drives this train.

This is an adventure. Ptolus is brimming with intrigue. There are cults and secret guilds above, dungeons below. And while this is predominantly a drama, there is plenty of adventure to be had.

An erotic tale. Sexy times will happen. Alfie isn’t a virgin, and she knows what she doesn’t want, which is to marry some ultra-conservative havlin who will keep her barefoot and pregnant. Alfie may occasionally get in over her head (it isn’t hard, she’s not even four feet tall), especially when she ventures into the Dungeon, but the majority of her couplings will be consensual.

An exploration of secrets. Not just among the characters, but also in the city and in the setting. There is a reason why havlins can only breed with their own kind...

What this story isn’t…

A 1x1. To qualify, you must be willing to write from more than one perspective. We will both share the load of minor characters, but this simply is not a story about two characters pairing up and having adventures. I will help share the creative load, and you will not be required to juggle multiple characters simultaneously, but this is the deal.

A straight hetero experience. Alfie knows her way around a cock, but you must be willing to write from the perspective of different genders, races, and orientations.

A romance. You are not going to sweep Alfie off of her feet. You’re welcome to try, and if a character’s heart gets broken along the way, well, that is just part of the drama. If Alfie wanted monogamy, she would have stayed home.

This doesn’t mean that romance won’t enter into it. It’s just that romance is the endgame of the story. When a certain goat enters the picture, that is the signal that romance has begun, but even that will be a rocky road. (Yes, you must be willing to roleplay a goat.)

This story will take place on the E forums. Writing style will be 3rd person. Posting is to take place weekly, sometimes more as time permits. This is a longer story, so please consider your obligations before committing. Don’t poof on me. I don’t expect perfection, but please give an eye for grammar. Please consult my O/Os. Be respectful; I will do the same. If you’re interested, PM me.

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Re: Little Halfling in the Big City
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Re: Little Halfling in the Big City
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Re: Little Halfling in the Big City
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