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January 31, 2023, 10:01:39 am

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Author Topic: Is It Just Fantasy? [F lf M]  (Read 975 times)

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Is It Just Fantasy? [F lf M]
« on: February 18, 2019, 02:25:09 pm »
I'm selectively looking to start 1 story with another creative partner

Quick facts:
I average 3 paragraphs.
I'm a slow poster, average once a week. So if you're looking for someone faster, unfortunately I cannot commit.
On the flip side, I do my best to communicate transparency with all my partners. We can exchange over Discord. I do not bite :3
Are we a good fit together? You can look at my preferences to see and my posting history.
My favorite settings: low fantasy, high fantasy, modern, historical fiction
My characters default to switch, but lean towards sub.
Bolded will be MC.

Summoner x demon
She was bullied all throughout school. Her presence was hardly notable, and she coasted by. Now as a young adult stuck in a miserable job, she reaches the boiling point. She researches hexes to cast on anyone who has dared to look down upon her. Instead, she summons a demon on accident. She'll take what she can get, anything to make them suffer as she has suffered. However, this a very powerful demon who has no intention of playing obedience to a naive girl. How far is she willing to go? How did she accidentally summon a demon in the first place?
(I'm interested in a dom male character to play this demon. I would like to see NC and bondage elements. I'm open to discuss other kinks as well. It would be fun to have some dark humor, but not required.)

Boss/Succubus x employee
He's a new hire, fresh in the market and highly driven. His recent work has been impressive and gaining traction from his peers and viewers. He's made his ambition known, and seeks to climb the ranks under the good graces of the editor-in-chief. The editor-in-chief is the founder of the company and responsible for its explosive successes. It's well-known within the company she has been single, and many rumors circulating around why.  Knowing her relationship status, he attempts to charm her as he takes the initiative for a promotion. Unbeknown to her employees, she is a succubus, owing much to her success in beating the competition and earning reputation. After their first encounter, she'll test exactly how far he's willing to go for a promotion.
(The main theme I'm seeking is role reversal eventually turning into femdom with some elements of bondage, cheating, blackmail. I'm open to discuss other elements.)
Soldier x demon
pics for inspiration

MC is a top ranking soldier in the royal guard. She has been assigned the task of guarding YC's existence—not to protect him from harm, but to protect society. She was their most loyal and strongest in their fleet. He was a powerful demon that surfaced the Earth and ravaged multiple cities. It left lasting scars on the kingdom and its people. Why don’t they just kill him? Well, it's easier said than done with their present artillery. The most they could do was seal his powers away, but even now the seal is beginning to wane. They made him assume a more humanoid form and complexion, to avoid alarming the people and inciting chaos. Most of the common people didn’t even realize his malicious power sealed within him since his outwards appearance was very human-like. Thus, his true existence must be kept secret and guarded, very closely. YC will play nicely for now, but has ulterior motives brewing that they couldn't begin to imagine.
(The setting is fantasy in a medieval kingdom where my character serves the higher-ups who know of his real identity and threat. I'm looking for a good balance of story and smut. Looking for a dominant male character who is charismatic. I want there to be a power dynamic in their forced "relationship" and have YC play psychological games with MC. I plan for MC to develop from a law-abiding soldier and possibly descent into a darker side. We can hash out the other details.)

Servant x patron
MC is a simple woman. She's spent most of her life collecting bounties. She sees a posted bounty that makes good money. The original poster tells her enough information to find YC and increase her chances of success. However, when she makes an assassination attempt on YC, things don't go as planned. By turn of events, she is coerced to work for him to do his bidding.
(The setting is something we can discuss but I want it to be fantasy. The different scenarios that come to mind is YC is holding her long-lost sister captive, or he's in possession of insurmountable power that YC has no chance to win against, or he promises her riches beyond her wildest dreams, or a mix of all of the above. I'm looking for a dominant male, but I don't want this to be a cookie-cutter master/slave relationship. I would like a balance of story and smut. I'm very open to more discussion.)

Arranged marriage.
A prince and princess from two different countries will soon be wed. It was marriage proposal to create a truce between vastly different ideologies, long-time rivals. On the surface they each have their duty. Facing heavy pressure to end the tension, presentation was everything. The timing was perfect. This devoted and passionate couple gave the people hope that peace and harmony was just around the corner. If the people wanted a party to celebrate, they got it. If the people thought a new theater would bring peace, construction would not be a day late. The strings of fate would not be kind to the prince and princess. The threat of warfare loomed over them. They were in no position to refuse. However, they had their own ulterior motives.
(Brutes vs. pacifists? Authoritarians vs. free will? Opposing religious sects? Large empire vs. city state? I was low-key inspired by the Cold War, so that’s the atmosphere I want to achieve. I left the plot vague to leave room for a lot creative collaboration. I’m open to discussing the conflicts and complexities our characters will be facing, and what setting we both would like, etc. I also expect 1 or 2 secondary characters to color the story and move the scenes along. Can tailor it to be more or less smut, non-con to romance. I'm completely indifferent to the face claims, just there to spark some inspiration.
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Re: Is It Just Fantasy? [F lf M]
« Reply #1 on: May 10, 2019, 01:50:06 am »