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November 29, 2022, 07:43:54 am

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Author Topic: The Oath (M lf F - forbidden romance)  (Read 1017 times)

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The Oath (M lf F - forbidden romance)
« on: February 18, 2019, 08:22:53 am »
"I am her sworn protector.
I took an oath, bound to serve.
I am expected to watch her day and night.
What I didn't expect, was to fall in love."

This is a classic royal (Female) and guard (Male) pairing. While my preference is an older Queen with a younger guard, I’m also perfectly fine with a young queen or a princess playing opposite my older guard (not too old). There will be a lot of intrigue and forbidden romance.

Dom/Sub dynamic

I don’t mind if we play equals or switches if that’s your thing and the idea is really good -- however I'm more interested in playing a submissive guard to a dominant royal. Now that won’t mean he’s weak, or soft-spoken -- he’s a knight and he’s strong, brave and commanding. But he is loyal to her, and for him, her pleasure is a priority. She doesn’t have to use chains and whips, but she does need to be leading the relationship. She could be a soft domme in bed if you're open to that, but it's not a requirement. Mainly, I don't want her to be submissive. Just so we’re clear on the dynamic.


Now with the above you might be thinking this is more smut centric, and you would be right, sort of. Just for the sake of understanding, the ratio of story to smut should be more along the lines of 50/50, or maybe 60/40. I want a great story with a hint of depth, sure, but I’m also here for smut deeply intertwined with romance.

The Burn

There will be heaps of romance. Gut-wrenching, intense, forbidden romance. But I want something of a medium burn -- no insta love, but not taking forever to get to anything. It's not like them getting together is the end goal here. An initial attraction at least. Which brings me to --


I’m also looking for something more quick fire. If you write novellas, that’s fine. Just know I prefer writing somewhere between 2 to 5 paragraphs to keep things moving. But I will still give details, character, and I will build a scene. (oh and goes without saying, no one liners)

I will also post ideally a few times a week and hope for this from you. But life happens for everyone, and I will try to let you know when things get too stressful/busy and I can’t RP. Rule of thumb is, the fewer paragraphs you post, the easier it is for me to respond quickly.


I love pictures. You don’t need to use pictures, but having a faceclaim is always a plus. Using photos for clothes and settings, and adding music and ambience from youtube/spotify is a double plus.

Speaking of, here's an album from WLOP for some inspiration/ideas. Extra bonus points if you choose a faceclaim from this gallery (or from this request thread):



As for the story, I want to leave it a bit open. If you’re not sure of a clear idea, PM me with something vague, and we can brainstorm. But give me something at least, especially for your character, maybe an idea of the setting you want as well.

But to help get things started, here’s some quick prompts/keywords, none of which need to make it into the final idea:

Travelling to another land
Trapped in wilderness
Lonely Royal
Abusive king
Arranged marriage
Duel to the death
Love potion

Maybe it’ll jostle something. Let me know if there are some ideas that stand out, as vague as they may be.


The below are just ideas. Definitely feeling something more medieval fantasy, with an elven princess, or evil queen perhaps, but I’m very open to anything.

Medieval Fantasy?
Maybe something sci-fi (aliens or dune-esque), dystopian, where there’s still a monarchy?
Alternate modern worlds?
A vampire/witch queen in modern or medieval fantasy?

If the above sounds interesting, please send me a PM. I would love to brainstorm something with you.


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Re: The Oath (M lf F - forbidden romance)
« Reply #1 on: September 14, 2021, 05:50:25 am »
Let's try this again, did a big overhaul of what I'm looking for.