Have you ever wanted to explore the darker side of yourself? (M for F)

Started by RegularRaskolnikov, February 18, 2019, 01:55:14 AM

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...Then  please give my post a read.

Have you ever been fed up with society, and doing what society deems as "right"? Are you sick and tired of being good and nice to those around you, and sick of pretending to care about your fellow people. Have you ever just wanted to take what you want even at the expense of someone else? Have you ever wanted to take what you want and it's even more delicious because it's at the expense of someone else? Do you want to feel powerful, and hold dominion over others? Do you want to victimize and hurt them, and ruin their lives so that you can have the orgasm that YOU want and then discard them like trash? Have you ever wanted to take and rape?

I like to salt the earth. I like to watch people explore these parts of themselves at the expense of others. I enjoy themes where we explore the things that are morally wrong in society and delve into them for no other reason than we want to and it's fun. I don't want to victimize you, at least not in the traditional way. I want to lead and corrupt you so that you blossom into something curved and sharp and pointed. Although, if you want me to directly victimize you then that's certainly something that we can talk about. Mostly, though, I want to see your tongue sensuously licking the blood from my knife.

I don't like lists very much. I'm not interested in being a Severus Snape or whomever. I want to be some variant of Myself. This is my persona here. I enjoy creating original stories from nothing...or at least from almost nothing. That being said, I won't do pairings. If you're reading this and you're interested then message me and we'll talk and make something together. However, since I know that I'm being pretty vague here in this request thread I'll just generate a little list of kinks and things that I'm willing to do. It would probably be easier to list things that I won't do, but whatever.

-Abetted Rape

Just as some general themes. Again, I'm not necessarily interested in subjecting you to these things. I want you to want to inflict these things on others with me. I love the idea of having a partner and watching them delight in inflicting awful things on others. So please, message me. You can message me with some ideas you already have or we can just fantasize together for a while until we create something which we'll both enjoy. Hope to hear from you,

I simply did something that I was too stupid to realize I couldn't do.

((ons and offs because I cannot make hide nor hair of this internet sorcery))