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Author Topic: Thin's Roleplaying Requests (New cravings/Ideas added)(Craving Incest pairings.)  (Read 877 times)

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It feels like I haven't been on here in ages! I do apologize. Life got in the way I am afraid. I am intent on that NOT happening this time around.

So, first things first. I am a part time author that tries to balance a child and an actual job. That being said, there are some times I may be around to post several times a day. Others I may only post once a day or, if I'm working on my novel, not at all on that day. I will not RP one liners. That is a strict NO GO. If you respond with any less than 3-5 sentences, I will quickly loose interest.

I have plenty of on's, very few off's. I will not do scat, vore, or watersports. NO. May be incest or psedo incest depending on the plot.


I have TONS of ideas. I am really wanting to do historical rp's at the moment. Think Lord of the Rings or Cinderella. I have a barbarian/mistaken identity rp idea if anyone wants to here that. Just shoot me a message and we can chat. Included down below is a link to my ON's and Off's page.
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Re: Thin's Roleplaying Requests (Fandoms included) (Murphy/Z nation CRAVING)
« Reply #1 on: February 17, 2019, 08:39:51 PM »

Loki X OC-

In this particular plot, I would be thrilled if someone could play the part of Loki for me. I want dark and deadly Loki.

Deciding it is time for his sons to wed, an announcement is sent to all the royal families of Asgard as well as the other realms. Each is to send a suitable bride choice.

MC is nothing but a serving girl to one of these choices. At first glance, she is nothing special. Loki, however, is utterly fascinated by her and decides to make her his. He has no intention of marrying her, just bedding her. Of course, as the pair grows closer, this changes.

This plot could have some NC, darker themes.

(This ignores ALL the events of the movies in case that wasn't clear) PLEASE! I am desperately craving this!

Spike x Dawn-

This plot happens of course when Dawn is older. I am happy to play either character in this role.

Dawn has returned from her first year of college. Still a virgin, she is intent on changing this. Spike is a reasonable choice though he is reluctant.

Spike x OC

Young Magneto X OC

This plot would take place with the first Xmen prequel taking a different ending. Eric ends of with Xavier running the institute. A younger mutant girl, name undecided, comes to them seeking refuge. There is an immediate draw between the two. I image a VERY illicit and taboo romance blossoming between the two. Bondage and perhaps a bit of NonConsenual as she is hesitant at first.)

Murphy from Z nation

What happens when Operation Bite Mark stumbles across another survivor, another person immune to a zombie's bite? Well, now it seems like Murphy isn't the savior of the human race anymore. Alyssa is.

The ragtag group stumble across this fresh faced, completely oblivious to the chaos around her, nineteen year old. She's just woken up from a four year coma, having been bitten when the outbreak first begun. She's under the care of a deranged scientist who has been using her blood as a temporary cure for his own zombie bite. But, as time passes, he needs more of her to survive.

There's an immiedate almost strange attraction between the blue skinned savior and this new attraction that will lead the group to rescue the girl from her captor at Murphy's behest.

(I see this more of a slow flirtation than anything. But I am SERIOUSLY craving this right now.)

Fandoms with no particular plot


Castiel x Meg


Lex X Lana
Lex X Chole
Clark X OC
Lex X OC

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Re: Thin's Roleplaying Requests
« Reply #2 on: February 28, 2019, 05:14:46 PM »

Barbarian/Princess (Mistaken Identity)

I am willing to play either role in this scenario. It can range from sweet/romantic to forced/NC. My character is the serving girl of a Princess. The Princess is due to wed a prince of a neighboring kingdom. Knowing the political turmoil of the other kingdom, the female servant is sent ahead completely unaware she is being used as bait. The barbarian king and his men attack. The men are all slaughtered. Female servant is taken hostage, believed to be the Princess. Needless to say, he is not pleased once her true identity is revealed. Or, perhaps he is. This means he can have her for himself.

A Were's Unwilling Breeder

I would like to place the female character in this role. But may be convinced to play the male role if you're nice enough.
So, MC belongs to a tribe of humans. In this rp, Weres (werewolves) are the dominant species. They are taken once a year in what is called The Harvest to be breeders for the Were males as their are very few females left. Not many survive the birthing process. YC (The Were) is completely against this. His father puts pressure on him to find a breeder. So, he makes a list that outlines in excruciating detail what he desires in a breeder/mate. He is shocked when the Collecter (The person that takes the girl from her village) shows up at his home with MC. She is completely unwilling and so is he. But, he is forced to mate her when his father threatens to do so in his place. His father is a brute and MC would surely perish at his hands.

The Guardian

I can happily play either role in this scenario. Female character is a elven maiden being sent to a land far away in order to join two nations together. Male character is a human male whose sole purpose is to protect the Elf from harm. They are set upon my thieves and they are forced to flee. This scenario could be darker if my partner so desires it. He ends up taking her innocence (Either with permission or with force.)

Mistaken Identity

Male MC is a paid to kidnap the daughter of a senator. He mistakenly snatches the girls best friend instead. She's seen his face so the girl can't be released. She's attrative...and a virgin. He tries to fight his darker impulses but looses.

(This plot will DEFINENTLY have aspects of non consensual activity and will not be for the faint of heart. He will be rough, demanding, almost brutal.)

Forbidden Attraction

She's the daughter he never knew existed. Male lead is a vampire who has lived thousands of years. Female lead is his only human offspring, the first of her kind. He is drawn to her like a moth to a flame. His kind holds no morals when it comes to incest. Hell, it isn't even a word that exists to them because, up until now, vampires were unable to produce offspring. She is special. And she is HIS.

Her mother is dead. The only clue to her father's identity is a buisness card with his name and address. She shows up at his house expected a father. She is greeted by something so much more. Though they share the same blood, she finds herself physically attracted to him. She is a virgin.

Daddy's Girl

Male character (The father) gets seriously drunk at a bar one night. He has a one night stand in the bar bathroom with a seriously hot, and honestly willing, college student. The next day, this girl shows up AT HIS HOUSE claiming to be his daughter. Now, he knows this is impossible because his infertility is what cost him his last marriage. HIs wife wanted children...he couldn't give them to her so she had left. But that night of hot, passionate sex, is something he hasn't had in a long time so he plays along...all with the intent of getting this luscious creature in his bed.

Female character is devestated to learn that the man she had hooked up with the night before is the man she came here to find. He's hot but he's also her biological father...or so she suspects. But, she can't keep her hands off him and ends up between his sheets, calling him daddy.

Pairings with no specific plot in mind
Girl/Boyfriend's dad
Vampire/Recently turned Vampire

Please! If you have ANY ideas, do not hesiate to shoot me a PM. I won't bite...unless you ask me to of course.
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Re: Thin's Roleplaying Requests (New cravings/Ideas added)
« Reply #3 on: April 08, 2019, 06:43:13 PM »

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