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Author Topic: Burn the House Down [All Genders][Original]  (Read 912 times)

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Burn the House Down [All Genders][Original]
« on: February 12, 2019, 01:55:52 pm »

- 10+ years of roleplaying experience
- Plays protagonists, antagonists, and anti-heroes
- Plays all genders
- Plays dominants, submissives, and everything in-between
- Prefers to play multiple characters
- Post length can vary, typically does long introductions, may get slightly over-enthusiastic in that regard
- Does original and fan-based pairings, as well as cross-overs, prequels, sequels, and AU
- Writes all gender pairings and gender expressions
- RE: relationships, open to roleplays involving monogamy, casual relationships, and dedicated threesomes
- Enjoys dark and crime-themed storylines
- Loves Crack!Pairings; the weirder the pairing, the better
- Has a slightly twisted sense of humour
- Prefers canons in fan-based, but can be easily tempted by well-written OCs
- Likes to chat OOC with partners

- Enjoy multi-faceted characters
- Enjoys character development
- Enjoys both dark and humour elements in stories
- Open to regular to semi-regular communication
- Interested in plot development
- Open to a diverse cast of characters

- No bestiality
- No incest
- No sexualized abuse
- No characters below the age of 18 involved in romantic situations
- No furries
- No bathroom play
- No vore, necrophilia, or fetishized character deaths/torture
- Probably read my O/Os
- If it's got a strike through it on the list then I have too many (though I may be tempted by a bizarre/unusual pairing)


I make characters.  A lot of characters.  Below are a few of them, the faces I headcanon for them, a description of them, and possible storylines to accompany them (though I am always open to discussing different ideas). Please note if two characters are listed, they will both be involved in the story, as they are linked in some way that doesn't allow one without the other.  If any of them appeal, feel free to ask about them and we can figure out what works.  Please note when I mark stories with M or F, I do not mean exclusively cisgender characters - I know some writers hesitate to approach about writing trans or nonbinary characters when it isn't specified, so I'm clarifying it here: all gender expressions are welcome.

Ready To Mambo

Fin and Ezra

[brash, stubborn, impulsive, violent/determined, intelligent, lively]
She Came, There's Blood In The Streets, It's Up To My Ankles

[manipulative, calculating, devious/clever, tenacious, playful, loyal]
Who Are You, Really?
It's like BFFs under duress. 

Ezra (Peter Gallagher) has worked for Fin (Connie Britton) for a long time, providing council (legal and otherwise) through the course of her erratic, dangerous, and often sordid life as the owner of a bustling Casino that fronts for bad deeds.  Foul-mouthed, stubborn, and rough around the edges, Fin has relied on the cool head and expensive picky good taste of her loyal and dangerously clever council to keep her out of trouble. 

Story Idea 1: In her teens, Fin had a kid (YC) she gave up for adoption.  Having secretly kept an eye out, Ezra discovers Fin's kid (now in their twenties) has followed in their mother's footsteps, taking the path of crime with far less panache and ending up in prison.  Ezra takes it upon himself - with Fin's reluctant approval - to take the budding criminal under his classy wing and bring them up in the business in style, all while keeping the truth away from them. [Possibility for YC/Ezra, M/M, M/F, M/NB]

OTHER POSSIBILITIES: I'm open to F/F/M or F/M/M or F/NB/M with these two (when the character is unrelated to Fin) as well if a trifecta is desired; there's the possibility of YC being an employee at the casino, a fighter in one of the boxing rings, a low-level criminal trying to rip off one of the games.  There's endless opportunities if these two are of interest.  Originally written for the 1980s, but can be modified.


[mulish, irritable, gruff/pragmatic, empathetic, perceptive]
And I've Been Stepping on the Devil's Tail

Former Special Forces under the U.S Army Psychological Warfare Division, Mark (Ricky Whittle) has all the makings of a hard-ass, while privately having the personality of an oversized puppy.  Initially written for an early 1960s timeline, Mark's life has become a series of odd jobs and odder days, taking on work that he often ends up regretting: private security details, retrieval, delivery, bodyguard, bouncer, or a bystander who gets begrudgingly roped into things. 

STORY POSSIBILITIES: Mark can be hired on as the bodyguard for a criminal, the security detail for a public figure (politician, movie star) or their family member.  An ideal dynamic would be for him to be opposite someone who is vastly different, who likely hasn't seen much violence and needs someone to defend them - someone mouthy and headstrong is ideal, but he can also mesh with someone who has been through some shit.  With a bit of editing in his background, Mark can be in any timeline, but his military service will always be present. [M/M, M/F, or M/NB]

  • Can also be placed in the original story 'The Fix', as The Helper.

Phoenix and Kalenderian

[underhanded, duplicitous, devious/affable, outgoing, benevolent, wily]
Hustle and Cuss

[unbending, irritable, belligerent/earnest, clever, dedicated]
Keep On Pushing

A retired career thief, Phoenix (David Harbour) spent most of his life wreaking havoc and gaining notoriety for his ability to pull off jobs that were viewed as impossible, each of them with the particular spin of robbing people that everyone else had the good sense not to go near: state politicians, drug lords, mafioso, as long as they were wealthy, powerful, and cruel, Phoenix sought to do damage to their coffers. 

Constantly encountering him but never able to tag him, Officer Kalenderian (Neil Brown Jr.) has been an exasperated part of his life and ultimately a central figure to the end of his career.  After surviving a life-or-death situation together that injured both, Kalenderian and Phoenix arrived at a deal: Phoenix retires, and Kalenderian won't have him imprisoned.

A storyline for Phoenix would likely involve a small-time criminal who needs his help.  Either they come to him, knowing who he is, or someone they know asks Phoenix to bail them from prison, resulting in an old school super-thief showing a petty criminal the ropes.   Phoenix is set for the 1970s, in Louisiana.  Kalenderian will likely come into play, but depending on the storyline, may or may not play a huge role - it can be modified to heavily involve him, however.

Phoenix would likely have chemistry with either someone impulsive and criminal but generally a good person, or someone who is law-abiding and a stickler for the rules.[m/m, m/f, m/nb, m/m/m, m/f/m, m/nb/m]


[blunt, detached, disaffected/brave, dogged, resilient]
A Transmission On the Midnight Radio

Former journalist and current disc jockey and podcaster, Imani (Danai Gurira) made her name going into active war zones, interviewing killers, and reporting on political corruption; she lives a life of calling people out for horrible deeds and has been the target of numerous smear campaigns and doxxes, facing every threat head-on. 

Imani can be placed in a number of modern day settings, particularly any where a willful character would fit; she has the potential to be pulled into reporting on criminal activity, on helping uncover conspiracies, on calling out someone that shouldn't be fucked with, or being drawn into the chaos of others' lives.  [F/F, F/M, F/NB]


[machiavellian, unpredictable, dangerous, violent/clever, energetic, engaging, intense]
I Got You Where I Want You
Baby Did a Bad Bad Thing

There is something very wrong with Edith.

Edith (Nora Lum) was the focus of an international manhunt following an incident that saw the gristly death of two federal agents; a timeline of atrocities she committed were subsequently discovered, including drinking the blood of some of her victims; her case and trial were largely kept out of the media to avoid a panic, but stories about her circulated in crime buff communities. 

In spite of being imprisoned for thirty years, Edith hasn't changed - she shows no signs of aging, no change in personality, no mental deterioration - in fact, by most accounts, she comes across as entirely sane.

This character is tailored for crime-based and horror stories with a supernatural undertone.  Edith can exist in any century, but she's liked the 20th and 21st centuries best so far - the development of refrigeration in private homes is just something she's enthusiastic about - and she can be placed in any part of her own timeline, including prior to, leading up to, or during her imprisonment.

Possible storylines include a federal agent needing Edith's help in regards to insight about similar ritualistic killers, a journalist wanting to get her life story while she's imprisoned, or a scientist wanting to study her.  I prefer if Edith is in a setting where the supernatural is considered mythological or unlikely, and what Edith "is" can be left up in the air.  [F/M, F/F, F/NB]

On the Bench Until Ready

Jude and Astrid

[cold, calculating, possessive/dedicated, clever, perceptive]
You Belong To Me

[myopic, socially unperceptive, oblivious, rigid/methodical, guileless, warm, intelligent]
There Is a Light That Never Goes Out
[In Progress]

(Hasan Minhaj)
[In Progress]
(Chadwick Boseman)
[In Progress]
(Omid Abtahi)
[In Progress]
(Emun Elliott)
[In Progress]
[In Progress]


Most of these stories can have characters custom built according to the plot and partner, but there are also some characters listed above who can fit into a few of the roles here. Feel free to approach me about your ideas as well.

We're In This Together
Old high school friends: one, a former loser, the other once a straight-A student. Unlikely friends, but somehow it worked. They meet by chance later in life - the straight-A student has fallen into the trap of an abusive relationship while the other has gotten his act together. A run-in with the abusive husband leads two old friends to wonder how to get away with murder. [preference for playing 'The Skid']

The Vibe: Dark, Dark Humour, Thriller, Gore, Gritty, Trauma, Mental Illness

The Characters

Straight As: (Any Gender), this character was brought up upper-middle class to upper class and was an overachiever perpetually hiding the chaos of their home life.  Wounded by their experiences, they hid everything under a false image of perfection, achieving perfect marks, aiming higher than anyone, and seemingly never getting tired.  As an adult, they are trying to maintain the image of perfection, but are struggling more and more with it.

The Skid (Any Gender), this character was brought up in an overtly abusive home and responded to it with understandable anger.  Quiet and full of rage, they were the kid who only got bullied once before the entire school learned to stay away.  As an adult, they've come into their own, having physically and psychologically changed, but with remnants of their past anger.

Seeking Sidekick

A writer jokingly answers a bizarre ad seeking a crime-fighting partner and is drawn into a world of superheroes.

The Vibe: Dark Humour, Crapsack World, Gritty, Superhero, Hopeful, Trauma, Mental Illness

The Characters

The Hero (Any Gender); down on their luck, exhausted, but clinging to the shreds of their optimism and sanity, this character has been blessed (or cursed) with superpowers that expose them to the worst of humanity.  After losing several of their allies (supers and otherwise) they are desperate for connection, and for an anchor to reality.

The Reporter (Any Gender); equally down on their luck, jaded, and struggling to get back on their feet after being recently sued, this character is looking for a story to get their name back in the papers.  Answering an ad for a sidekick, they expect to get a ridiculous human interest story out of it, only to find themselves pulled into a new world.

Heroism and Other White Lies
When a serial killer saves lives and ends up a media darling, their life is flipped upside-down and invaded by a journalist/manager who wants to make them into a star. With their urges still present, they have to keep their habits out of the spotlight and still be able to act like a real person.  Ultimately, when their manager discovers their rising star's habit, they go out of their way to hide it and continue the money-making illusion.

The Vibe: Dark Humour, Gritty, Horror, Gore, Con Artists, Trauma, Mental Illness

The Characters

Killer (Any Gender) With their life neatly in order, the killer just has it in them, a desire to kill that they've had since they were a child and ultimately embraced.  An expert in their trade, they've quietly gone about their business for most of their life without causing an uproar until the day they do the opposite of their usual deed and save lives.  This character will be baffled and embarrassed by the attention, inundated with anxieties and charmingly awkward.  Also a fucking murderer.

The Manager (Any Gender) This character has worked in media most of their life and knows a selling face when they see one.  Having recently lost a client, they are looking for someone they can sell to the public and see profit in an awkward-but-moldable hero.  Something of a hustler, they're accustomed to dealing with out-of-the ordinary problems, harried and high-energy, this character is clever, quick-thinking, and self-involved.

The Fix

A low level gangster is badly injured and ends up taking shelter in a shop, intending to lay low and lick their wounds, only to lose consciousness from their injuries.  They wake up bound, with a complete stranger caring for them, warily keeping an eye on them. 

The Vibe: Dark Humour, Crime, Neon Noir, Violent

The Gangster (Any Gender) Early twenties to early thirties, this character doesn't know when to shut up.  Book smart but not street smart, they saw an opportunity to make money and took it - and are paying for it.  They will be savvy, mouthy, extroverted, and very much the sort who means to survive.

The Helper (M) Older, mid-forties to early fifties, a crabby blue-collar guy, an introvert used to solitude, who can't type on a keyboard without hunting for each letter.  He grew up poor, works with his hands, and may very well have a record. [would prefer to play this character]

A good Samaritan with a dragging job helps a stranded motorist and ends up with a terrifying friend, one who begins to turn up everywhere they are, and intends to make their life far more interesting.

The Vibe: Dark humour, Crime, Gangster, Stalker, Neon Noir, Mental Illness, Bizarre, Nightmarish, Funny

The Characters

The Samaritan (Any Gender) This character works a mind-numbing office job with a boss who makes their life a living hell.  Intelligent and quiet, this character has just accepted their lot in life, one where they're stuck in the same place, too anxious to take the risk of walking away from the relative security of their current life, but deeply unhappy.  This character is ultimately a decent person, but hasn't had much opportunity to find out who they really are.

The Motorist (Any Gender) Charming, attractive, and very violent, this character has been a criminal since they were a pre-teen and is extremely happy that way.  With a jolly personality, this character is accustomed to finding a way to make things happen the way they want them to happen, and in this case, they want the Samaritan's life to improve - by any means necessary.
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Re: Burn the House Down [All Genders][Original][open]
« Reply #1 on: July 17, 2019, 01:28:15 pm »
Alright alright alright.

Big old update here: Eight original character profiles have been completed and those characters are presently open for stories. 

Tentatively looking.