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December 01, 2020, 06:07:11 PM

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Author Topic: Seeking Long-term Fantasy/Horror RP (F seeking M)  (Read 447 times)

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Offline ValkyrieRainTopic starter

Seeking Long-term Fantasy/Horror RP (F seeking M)
« on: February 11, 2019, 10:08:10 PM »
I am new to E and just dipping my toe in the to speak. I am still acquainting myself with the forum but decided that I may as well dive right in and send out some feelers for some rp.

First, a little about me.

I am 33 (in 2 weeks) and from southern Ontario, Canada. I am a freelance transcriptionist, writer and digital fantasy artist. I have a BA in history and I am a certified ESL teacher. I have taught in China and Japan...though I am now a home body thanks to an autoimmune disease...yay! >_< Hence why I now freelance from home.

Along with my art, I do a lot of writing. I am writing a dark fantasy novel that I hope to publish eventually. I also enjoy gaming. Recently Tera and The Witcher 3 on PS4 and the occasional bouts of World of Warcraft on PC. On rp servers...of course.

I have been rping since my childhood via pen and paper with my friends. To this day I still write with those friends...with some of the same characters. (Though obviously very different and developed.)  I am looking for another rp partner...or several!

What I would like to write.

l enjoy writing the dark fantasy/horror genre. I am fine with gore and all that comes with the horror genre. There be monsters in the dark… monsters are fun.

That Adult content.

Characters interact and sometimes things get intimate. That said, I enjoy writing in some romance and... NSFW erotic scenes.
Of course...there must be a plot...Its not as enjoyable for me when it's nothing but the NSFW erotic stuff.
Violence...always present in the dark fantasy and horror genres so yes.
I am also okay with Non-Con.

What kind of character do I enjoy writing these scenarios with most?

Male characters who are dark and maybe a bit on the evil side. Or who have a darker, violent side to them that haunts them. They are strong, powerful but ultimately flawed in some way.
Race - does not really matter to me. I am not really into the whole anthro/furry thing though.
Age - older or same age as my character.

World - That can be left to our joined imaginations. It could be a fantasy jungle paradise with treacherous monsters… or a post apocalyptic wasteland with cannibal tribes and monsters. Whatever we decide upon.

The usual character I write

I tend to write strong female characters. Usually they also have a bit of a dark side to them, or a past trauma that scars them somehow. They are usually outspoken, and tend to speak their minds...which isn't always a good thing. It gets them in trouble!
Sometimes they might be a little on the crazy side…(I have a schizophrenic vampire who speaks in third person, collects the hearts of “bad men” and absolutely hates wearing shoes...she is so much fun)
Or, My character is quiet, shy, innocent and kind...who ends up pulled into a nightmare and forced out of her shell.

Possible RP Ideas

1)   It’s a post apocalyptic wasteland. Something devastated and poisoned the world, leaving the land barren and cities in ruin. Maybe it was a war, or maybe it was a virus. Whatever it was… it changed some people. Some, it killed, and others it changed...turning them into monsters. Animals also changed...morphing into terrifying creatures. Only the strong survive and most tend to wander the wastes alone or in trusted groups. Meeting and trusting strangers in this land is dangerous.
My character wanders these wastes alone, and ends up in a cannibal’s trap. Yours, comes to her rescue. She is wounded and forced to trust the stranger. OR… your character is the one who set the trap in the first place.

2)   It’s a war. Our characters are on opposite sides of the conflict. My character is a spy, and ends up caught by yours.

3)   My character is off exploring, ends up falling into some underground ruins where your character has been slumbering.

If YOU have any ideas…or want to expand on these, then feel free to respond to this post or PM me. I may add more as inspiration comes.

I am looking forward to writing with you!

Offline ValkyrieRainTopic starter

Re: Seeking Long-term Fantasy/Horror RP (F seeking M)
« Reply #1 on: March 13, 2019, 03:34:04 PM »
Bumping this post! Still looking for some awesome writers to write with!