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October 26, 2020, 02:09:15 PM

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Author Topic: Satyr [M lf F, Modern Fantasy, Dub-Con to NC]  (Read 428 times)

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Satyr [M lf F, Modern Fantasy, Dub-Con to NC]
« on: February 07, 2019, 09:34:13 PM »

Tetcher National Park and the connected Three Feathers Campground are by all accounts pleasant places to enjoy a little Nature. To let go of the city and the rat race, at least for a while. Natural streams and ponds, thick forests, hiking trails, idyllic overlooks - it's a place where you can let go and unwind.

But now there's something else in the wind. Something Ancient, Something Mythic, Something That Demands to be Satisfied...

So this is an idea that's been floating in my head a bit.

The basic premise is that some campers have accidentally let a Satyr loose in a modern park/campground. These goat-men monsters from Greek Mythology, in the stories they were masters of stealth in natural settings but these creatures were most notorious for having volcanic sex drives and fuzzy-at-best concepts of consent. There's a bit of leeway in the stories for how hard the NC can be, in some versions they had supernatural sex appeal as they were servents of the Gods, in others they could play hypnotic tunes on pipe music, in others they just had knacks for making women feel pleasure when they raped them.

Right now I'm picturing this at two possible intensities of NC -
Quote from: Dub-Con
The Satyr's "supernatural animal magnetism" is from his body producing particularly powerful sexual attraction pheromones. It's not mind control, but a quirk of his biochemistry makes women horny and sexually primed just from him being nearby. Victims tend to enjoy themselves immensely and it's not uncommon for them to believe they consented, but their abilities to truly consent were actually deeply compromised at the time. To further blur a few moral lines, he doesn't control his pheromones either, nor does he really have any conscious say over how volcanic his sex drive is.
Quote from: Med NC
The Satyr's "supernatural animal magnetism" is just Ancient Greek sexism, there's no doubt in the minds of anyone involved that the victims were raped. He is relatively gentle with his victims when compared to other rapists, but only because he's purposely trying to impregnate them. Victims do tend to have orgasms during their rapes, but mostly just because he believes it will aid in the conception that that his sons will be stronger for it.

For YC, obviously this can be flexible but right now I'm thinking an investigator into this mysterious string  of sexual attacks that discovers the truth the hard-way.

Let me know in PMs!