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May 17, 2021, 06:15:26 pm

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Author Topic: Cloud 9- Expansion into Space (Debauchery, Lust, Fame & Entertainment in Orbit)  (Read 512 times)

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Offline magikalTopic starter

Hello! My story idea inspired by Plato Voltaire, who has written dozens of stories about undercover police officers and trying to stop criminals from expanding everyone in the universe.

My own spin on things, the year is 10 to 20 years in the future, let's call it near future. Many technological advances have occurred as science continues marching on. One of these advances in nanites that allow for many miraculous things in altering and changing just about every facet of human appearance.

My idea is for my character, doe-eyed Fatima, to head to the brand new orbital space station, a sort of Las Vegas in near Earth orbit. Cloud 9 was just opening nad was promising something that nowhere else in the galaxy could deliver, almost every vice could be found on Cloud 9, sort of like a Westworld in space, if the credits were right. Fatima would head to Cloud 9 to be a waitress and possibly bartender. However, because of her natural height and athletic ability, she gets chosen to be augmented into a Pillow Girl, which is a special sort of entertainer. Pillow Girls live in 50% gravity and are very curvy. The rich can pay 1000 credits a night to sleep using the Pillow Girl's cleavage and inflated breasts instead of pillows. The pillow girls typically sign a 2 year, non renewable deal. After working for those 2 years, they have enough money to live for about 10 years. They could start a new business or something with social media.

As Fatima was transitioning into one of the Pillow Girls, she was aiming to become the elite Pillowgirl and an Entertainer in her own fashion, too. Maybe doing some tri-d vids on the side, or some sort of endorsement deals. She of course was looking for love and someone to settle down with eventually. If the pay was spectacular, would she break the rules and sleep with a client? What if a client offered to take her away from all of this so they could live happily ever after?

I'd like a writing partner to help come up with adventures that Fatima could go on. Does she fall in one with one customer but finds out he's poor and has been stealing money from his family business to support his expensive habit? Is there pressure for Fatima to continue altering herself to make even more money?

Fatima had just graduated high school and after being encouraged to fly to Cloud 9, was just sitting down in the spaceship that would take her there and change the rest of her life. She adjusted the strap across her chest, it was very tight.

Background information from Plato Voltaire (this is only a starting point, we can put our own spin on things)
Cloud 9 was an orbital station, some 8 million metric tons of metal and clearsteel. It was home to over 20,000 people and numerous leisure-based businesses. The Cloud 9 Club, the one that gave the name to the station, employed over 500 people. Of that number, 30 were very special women. In addition to performing zero-gee acrobatics and low-gravity dance routines these women also served as living pillows for men that could afford the 1,000 credit per night charge.

Fatima arrived with a group of new employees, ones whose breasts in a matter of weeks would be as large as beanbags. After settling in they saw the 9's medical staff. The head doctor was practically beaming with delight when he saw Fatima. She was the tallest in the group; the next one was 15 centimeters shorter than her. That meant Fatima's frame could handle a much larger bust. She groaned inside when the doctor showed her the final size. Including the flesh pushed in by her arms, her hands would be 40 centimeters short of reaching the nipples. Good thing that she'd be spending the majority of her time in 50% or less gravity. In a quick and simple operation all 30 women had micropumps installed. Even at zero-gravity they needed those pumps to assist their hearts to move blood in and out of their soon-to-be enormous breasts.

     Next was the dance instructor. It was her task to teach her new charges to dance in low and zero-gravity. During the next few weeks the instructor (called Coach by everybody) ran the girls ragged. Fatima was reminded of her basketball coaches in high school and college. Coach wasn't afraid to use swear words and hardly a day went by without exhausting her potty-mouth vocabulary. After the first four weeks Coach mellowed a bit, and only swore when necessary.

I'm looking for a writing partner to think of adventures that Fatima could go on. I would write Fatima and you would write her love interest or the other men that come in and out of her life.

I'm looking for decent grammar, the ability to write 10 sentences or more per reply.

Please look through my previous posts and. make sure we're a match.

Thanks for reading and hope to hear from you soon! PLEASE MESSAGE ME PRIVATELY.