Female Wanted to Play Role of Dragon

Started by mahes666, February 10, 2009, 03:18:42 PM

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The Price of Power
[NC-E] : Non-consensual involving non-human creatures

Before his conquests, the continent of Zenith was a violent and savage place. The various nations constantly at war over religion, resources, territory and petty ambitions. At the age of 25, Adamus Cain discovered an ancient source of power.  He first used it cease his body from aging.  No longer burdened by time and disease, he shifted the power to create a nation in his image, a nation he named Adamor. Gathering the finest minds the world had to offer, he created a nation dedicated to bettering itself. He instituted mandates on the populous for education, advanced irrigation and agriculture, industry, shipbuilding, trade, banking, architecture, medicine, music, and art.  Adamor prospered quickly under the protection of Adamus's great power, and soon created a military to match the advancement of its culture.  Slowly but surely, the enlightenment of Adamor swept across the entire continent, making the nation an Empire.  Adamus, now 100 years after beginning his rule, is regarded as a benevolent, wise, and powerful Emperor.

Adamus looked forward to a golden future, a future of peace and prosperity.  However, no power comes without a price, and Adamus must pay for his. The age of dragons is long over, but Adamus had found their graves and used their fossilized bones to siphon his power. Far out to sea, an Island is discovered shrouded in mist. Explorers set foot on the soil and awaken the only resident, a female dragon long at rest.  The dragon senses the desecration of her anscestors and seeks retribution. Assuming a mortal form, she enters the capital of Adamor and searches for the Emperor. After observing him and his kingdom, she feels admiration for the society he has made. Even so, it is her duty as the last dragon to deliver vegeance.  On a day of great celebration, the empire of Adamor watches in horror as a mighty dragon claims their emperor and flies away. Adamus becomes the prisoner of the dragon, and for the first time in his life, he faces a foe he cannot hope to defeat.  His magic is useless against her, his strength puny in comparison.  He is her property now.  Her slave.

Diabolus Lupus

ooh, definitely an interesting story. Not a role I'm used to playing, but I think I might be up to the challenge.