Long Nights in a Dark City (Anthro, MxF, Impreg, Multi Charaters)

Started by SilkenVenom, February 05, 2019, 11:11:31 PM

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So, this is an idea I've tried before and, at the time, it didn't really work out as I hoped. So, after over a year, I'm willing to give it another attempt. I do ask for some patience from my partner as this is very much outside my normal stuff, so you'll need to bear with me.

What I'm looking for is someone willing to play a male Anthro in a modern-fantasy city who is going around impregnating a number of human women (all played by me). The reason why can be discussed. The story is constructed in a series of one-shots with each woman encompassed within the story arc. While a fair bit more smut oriented than what I usually do, I would like there to be at least some context and development. I also have possible images of both Anthros and women available for those interested.

Soooo...yea. Send me a PM if interested! I'm only looking to accept one or two people for this idea, so let me hear your ideas!


Over a year later and after much build up of courage, I'm willing to give this another shot.