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November 15, 2019, 07:39:52 AM

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Author Topic: Tails of Monkey - Adventure awaits!  (Read 6215 times)

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Re: Tails of Monkey - Adventure awaits!
« Reply #75 on: November 07, 2019, 07:32:38 AM »
AIf I took a moment and looked behind me I would have seen the grass wilting and everything from Beanie's stare, leaving a perfectly formed silhouette of me in the grass. Of course if I looked behind me, that means I took my attention away from Beanie and would have ended with a bang.

I can tell he is bean pissed for playing playing baseball with his bullets, which lead to one of his guns being knocked out of his hand and landing back in a violin case. I am still not sure how that happens all the time or even part of the time. It just happens. Gun goes flying and there is the case to catch it.

You know what would be interesting to see? An indie style flashback movie on what made Beanie, Beanie. It would be interesting to see where the whole mariachi thing came from. Maybe one crashed through a window one night when he was sitting there looking for a sign, I have heard others do that and everything. That doesn't explain the bean thing though. *mental head scratch* You know what, I gave a moment or two and that would give me a.moment away from 'the look'. Let's do it, I think I can scrounge up some popcorn.


Oh and don't forget the banana milkshake. Can't forget that. Roll of film! Shhh shh be quiet the lights will go down and the opening credits will start any moment now. So excited. Hopefully they have a short before the movie, I always love those.

"Let's go to the movies. Let's go to the movies," I start to him to myself. What? There is no indie style flashback movie? Drat! Fine let's get back to the now. *mental humph*


I don't know if it is honor thing or Beanie just won't shoot a person while they are daydreaming, but I had no new holes in me. Which is a good thing, since I hate waking up and finding new holes in me.

You see there  was that one time when I was at the mall with my mom, I was really young, I was having a lot of fun and passed out. When I woke up, my ears were throbbing and I had two new holes in my ears. I scowled at my mom the rest of the day but I got ice cream, so win win. That was the last time I fell asleep at the mall with my mom though. The last time!

In the blink of an eye Beanie has the gun up and pointing at me, I look behind me to make sure he isn't pointing at someone or something else though. Just in case, you know maybe Beanie was protecting me from someone type of monster sneaking behind me and unless it was invisible, he wasn't. 

I look back one more time, putting my finger up to tell Beanie to give me a moment, to see if there is anything invisible. Any odd distortions like the heat thingie on concrete? No. Any double image thing? Those flowers over there look a little doubled, There is a bee on one and not on the other. Lastly floating pixels. Unless I am in some type of video game and I don't see any health bars or hearts floating about, it would be a sure sign of digital stealthiness, well with a bad pixel. Easy to spot too. Look a floating pixel, that is not seen in nature. Get it! That is why I don't think you see to many pixels floating about, people would hunt them down. Get them stuffed and put them on the wall. That one was a fighter, it sat there and blinked.

I see no odd signs of invisibility, especially no foot prints in the sand since there is no sand. As I turn around I hear a click, a click that means one thing and I flip out of where I was, of course I do a little spin. Not for style, well if definitely did add some, but so I could actually be looking at Beanie and not blindly dodging things. Especially things that are metal and will hurt.

I can hear the gun firing so I keep flipping, but not in a straight line which makes it more difficult for the both of us. BANG! BANG! BANG! BANG! Isn't his finger getting tired? BANG! BANG! BANG! I am going to urp if I don't stop flipping soon. BANG! BANG! THUMP!

The THUMP! was me meeting a large boulder that was stinking out of the ground in a place that it shouldn't have been. It should have been over there with the other boulders, but no it is a loner and has to go it alone. I flip, smack and ow!

A bullets pings of the boulder next to me as I shake my head, another pings to the other side of me. I grab Boulder and flip over it, resting my back against it to bring my URP level down to a safe level.

"Want to call It a tie?" I yell back over the boulder to Beanie, moments later I get an answer as a bullet zips by. Then everything goes quiet, curious I peek over the Boulder and see Beanie reaching for his guitar case.

GULP! This isn't good. Need to think. *Mentally rubbing head trying to free up thoughts that are stuck at the moment.*


*** We interrupt this story for something holidayish or just something something. ***

I didn't think this could actually happen, those things over there. *point* With the blank stares and mouths open, wondering around aimlessly. Yeah they show them in movies but come on. Who would have thought? You see that is it, they are in the movies and everything but I should have known really. Hollywood can't come up with anything original know-a-days, they probably saw a couple wandering about some movie backlot one day and thought 'Why not?!?!'

"Hey get back. Getting into my personal space here. So please step back."

When the reports first started coming in, people thought they were some hippies taking it one step too far. I mean *sniff* eeww, they do smell and that might be how hippies smell. How should I explain the not so fragrant smell to you. Okay one word 'blah!'

"I said personal space. Let me mark it on the ground for you so you know. In yellow  which is the 'this is my personal space' color crayon." *draw circle that is just big enough for personal space and point* "This is my personal space, so please respect it."

Anyways back to the hippie thing. Everyone thought it was hippies until they started munching on people, which I hear you do get the munchies if you are a hippy but I am not sure why. There was no "Peace man" or "Give love a chance", there was just munch. Which cuts straight to the point and isn't to hippie like. Although if you think about it is is hippy. Sorry bad joke and play on words.

"Hey what are you doing with your feet? Stop trying to rub out the chalk line. That is there for your knowledge and if you rub it out you will forget."

Then more started to show up. Where they were coming from no one knew, but we could tell they were good with math since they multiplied quickly.

"I said stop that! Read my shirt." *point and slowly spin* 'No noming the monkey. She wouldn't like that and really she isn't that tasty. In fact she doesn't taste like chicken and you shouldn't even try finding out if she does or doesn't. That and she doesn't like teeth massages so please turn around and find someone else to teeth massage. Like maybe that person way over there. Not that one, that other one. I would point but I am only a shirt so I don't have hands. Just trust me, he or she is way over there and is looking forward to a teeth massage. So just head in that direction and you two will meet. Nom in first sight sort of thing. Go ahead and go. I don't want to keep you.'

"If it is on a shirt it must be true so you can just stop rubbing the circle with your foot. So you can just stop.

Hey, Where did you come from? Didn't your friend tell you about the circle? Hey stop trying to nom my head. It doesn't tickle or feel good. I said stop."

POP! Goes the monkey girls head out of the mouth.

"Eew! Your breath stinks. You should consider breath mints. That and when was the last time you brushed your teeth? Have you considered flossing? I mean I think I felt something small kicking my head, a squirrel maybe.

Hey stop! I thought I told you to watch my personal space. Now get back. Both of you and your friends can stop looking at me with these blank stare hungry eyes. I said stop it, I am not nommable.

I saw you licking your lips, right before they fell off, which is gross. You really need to get that looked at, it isn't  normal. They look like little slugs sitting there. Someone is going to slip on them and get hurt. Don't you care about your friends?"

*shake head* No respect for others in the undead, I guess.

"I guess we have come to an impasse, I don't wanted nomed and munched and you do. So we have to...Hey what is that over there?!?!?" Exaggerated point in a direction other than mine.

 * ninja art of the distraction that saves my tail*

When the zombies turn back around they will see one of those Ching Ching monkey dolls with the cymbals and everything. Shhh..... Don't tell them. It will be fun to see the look of confusion in their blank stares from a safe distance. Like way over there and I don't want to ruin their surprise. So shhh...

*ninja sneak away without a puff of smoke technique*

*** Now back to the story. CLICk! Oh and Happy Belated Halloween. ANOTHER CLICK!**

((Yeah That last part is a little late but I am sure there is some Halloween candy somewhere...))

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Re: Tails of Monkey - Adventure awaits!
« Reply #76 on: November 12, 2019, 08:13:15 AM »
"Come on brain," I whisper to myself, "that is what you are here for. Too come up with things and to pull the bacon out of the fire." I hear a thunk, chunk and some clinks. Okay last time there was none of that, there was just a click and then a really fast BANG! BANG! BANG! Something is up. Curiosity piqued I climb up to the top of the Boulder and see... What is that thing?!?!

Last time it was something like a machine gun or something. Small and handheld. Whatever Beanie has  now was not that. Far from that. Not even in the same ballpark as that.

I flip around and fall to the ground, landing on my feet of course. Ten point landing, well two, no three including my tail but that didn't matter. Not with whatever Beanie was fiddling with. If it was only a fiddle. I mean it was like this and like that. It had stuff that looked like they did nasty things. Things that made shooting the cute and adorable easier. It looked like it could shoot hippos out of it and I didn't want to get shot by a hippo. Even a baby hippo, even if those are cute, a baby hippo to the body would hurt.

But? I scurry back up to top of the boulder and peek. Okay this doesn't make any sense, whatever this thing is came from a guitar case and  yeah it was bigger. Not by a little by a lot. Unless Beanie was an expert on storage or some weird origami thing, there was no way. But there it was. Big and painful, certified to create an ow. Not owl as in hoot hoot, ow is in this hurts a lot.


Kerchunks are never good. Oh my monkey it is getting bigger. How? This is just getting ridiculous, no one needs something as big as that. What is the saying again? It doesn't matter how big something is, it just matters how you use it. Looking at what I am seeing, I am starting to doubt it. Of course this could just be for show, maybe this thing shoots bubbles. Big ones but still shoots them. Pull trigger and BLOOP.


This is getting ridiculous, too many Kerchunks even for a bubble gun. Quickly I scurry up to the top of the Boulder, "Hey Beanie!" I yell out and I see Beanie pause and look at me. Throwing a hand up to point at the big thing in an exaggerated way, "What is that?"

Beanie didn't respond, he just turned around and continued to assemble the big thing. Did he just attach a chameleon to it? That isn't good, hooking a chameleon to something takes it to the next level. Not that level you are thinking but the next one up. Do you remember the cookie jar that is just out of reach and no matter how much you stretch you can't get to, that level! Colorful too, but that isn't important. Well not really, okay sort of maybe it is. I mean different color bubbles would be cool.

"Oh come.... You can tell me, I promise I won't tell anyone."

Beanie just shoots me a look as he attaches something else. Then walks down the length of the whatever it is, grabs some handles.

*Warning! Warning! Warning!*

I hear the machine thingie start to hum at just the right pitch. Moments later, I see the end of the machine start to glow and light blips start to form. Oh and light streaks now too. No bubbles yet though. *mental sad face*

My head automatically follows the barrel as it moves, mesmerized by the prettiness. Wow Beanie is giving me a good view now.  The blips, streaks and everything else is so pretty.

I feel something tapping my shoulder, "What?" I ask without taking my eyes off the pretty. I feel another tap on my shoulder, more urgent now. "What?" Suddenly my tail appears in front of me snapping its thumb, which is impressive since it doesn't have a thumb. The snapping of a non-thumb wakes me up as the tail points in the direction of the blips, streaks and stuff.

Suddenly I feel an ice cube race down my spin when I realize that the machine is pointing right at me and is humming louder and louder.

Looking down the machine I see Beanie looking at me, without blinking. A wicked glitter in his eyes, not due to the machine though. The machine quickly starts to get louder and louder as more blips and streaks start to appear.

EEP, not good!


I freeze in place once I hear the click, not that I have anything against clicks. I am not a clickist. I just have a bad feeling about the machine now with all of its light blips and streaks, no matter how good it can keep a tune with its hum, it is up to no good. Of course I stumble a little when my tail bumps into me, it wasn't paying attention and thought I was still moving.

Okay I need to think of something.

Change into something? Something fast and get out of here leaving an 'I was just here' cloud behind. Maybe but can I outrun a light blip or streak. Streaks are probably really fast since they are streaking around. Something really small and hope the whatever the machine does shoots over my head. You must be this small for whatever the machine over there does to shoot over your head. If you are are too big, you might not be soon. Something armored? I can imagine light blips have a way around armor. Just a 'look I am here, was that suppose to stop me?' Sort of thing.

The only thing is, is to transform I will have to strip down and there is no where to do that in private. That is all I need is for someone to snap a photo or a dozen of me naked. Moments later I would be on the front of all of the tabloids with titles like, 'Monkey is going back to nature', 'Look it is a full moon!', 'We flipped a coin and tails it is!' or 'It looks like Monkey has gained some weight. The scandalous photos inside!' What? I haven't gained any weight. *look around* The photos were retouched, they added the weight. Let me see the photos, ppfftt that isn't me, that is a baby hippo with a Whig and a tail taped to its butt. You can tell here and here.

Then....turn to look up into the sky, the spy satellites. I hear they have really good cameras on them now and can read the newspaper that you are reading. Which is rude actually, looking over your shoulder to read the paper. You would get this strange feeling, look around and see nothing. The satellite would clip out the coupons as your read it and use its laser to finish the crossword puzzle. No manners. I can just imagine as I started to slip off my clothes all of the satellites gathering right above me trying to snap a photo, blocking out the sun. *Shiver* Creepy peeping tom satellites, I see you looking at me, well not really but still you are probably up there or aliens.

Let me check the Boy Scout manual it has had everything else in it. Lick finger and start flipping. FLIP! FLIP! How to hide behind a Boulder. I can do that. FLIP! FLIP! FLIP! How to give a porcupine a bath. Why would anyone want to? Can't they give themselves a bath? Maybe the bar of soap would get stuck on their quills if they do it themselves. FLIP! How to tell a storm cloud from a regular cloud. Useless, rain and lightening duh! FLIP! FLIP! FLIP! FLIP and FLIP! How to escape from a mysterious machine that has a lot of Kerchunks and now has light blips and streaks. Look to part two if it is humming. Pretty specific there but hey I am not complaining.

Whip out imaginary reading glasses and start to read page. Interesting.....'We have discovered that light blips and streaks are not good signs when humming can be heard. While the steaks or blips are not poisonous, which is good, coupled with the hum it usually means an energy style attack is about to occur. Such attacks usually hurt and no matter how much Bactine is used after the attack, it will hurt a lot. Screaming and yelling will occur during the attack and more than likely after too but that is part of the energy style attack so that should be expected. Also lose of limb, that is an unfortunate side effect of energy attacks. They sort of just vaporize or burn off whatever they hit, not caring that you or someone else might like or need whatever was just there and now isn't. How to defend against it, well hmmm.... Maybe a mirror but that might only reflect however big the mirror is, attack back. That is about a fifty fifty percent chance though. Oh and remember those fingers holding the mirror, they might be gone too after seeing the light. What we are trying to say is don't get hit by anything with light blips and streaks that hums. It won't be fun.' Great....

*mentally rub the bridge of my nose as I put the manual away*

Okay the short list of things to do getting shorter, really short since I don't want to get hit by it. Need to think and think fast since the glow is becoming brighter and the blips & streaks are making their way around the Boulder. The hum is nice though.

Need to think. I can't let the banana milkshake go to waste.


Hey that is a pretty cloud it looks like a ....... Wrong type of thinking.

Focus and think.

*Idea bulb boink* BOINK!


Now is not the time for me to explain my idea, not with the machine pointing at me with the light blipping and streaking. That and I am not a villain so that rule and others don't  pertain to me since I am a hero. *fists to hips and proud stance with a bright light behind me and jets flying overhead. Heroic Ha! Ha!* The rule books are kept separate, the villain one way over there and the hero one right here. Let me flip through it real fast, yeah no rule for explaining ones idea out when caught in a situation. It just says, 'Save your bacon!'

Oh shoot I need to stop doing what I just did, I can do it later though but the light blips and streaks are getting more blippy and streaky. The hum is getting louder too! Huh what did you say? I need to do my idea? That is what I am planning on doing.

I switch hats from professor to ninja and in one fluid move throw my hand down. *imaginary ninja smoke bomb* In a nonpoof of  ninja smoke I disappear, which is kind of hard to do if you are really cute and adorable. People just like looking at that stuff, not my fault.

I stand there invisible and preparing myself, quickly though remember the blips and streaks,  to tiptoe around and do the 'save my tail' technique. Which always works by the way, especially if you are invisible and stay quiet. No smashing your toes against anything.

Right when I am about to go all stealth I realize something, I am invisible and the keywords are 'I am' as in not my clothes. Which sort of makes the whole invisible and stealth things sort of blah. I mean others could easily see me and point, "Get the clothes!" At that point, I would have to take off like a monkey after a banana and run. Which would probably lead to tripping and falling since I couldn't see my feet.

"Ugh!" I say as I drop my shoulders. You and you turn around so I can take my clothes off in private. No photos either. Yeah I know I am invisible and all you will see is clothes but still, how do I know you don't have one of those thermal can see everything no matter what goggles. I am not an exhibitionist and I am not putting on a show. That is for other girls not me. Turn, I said turn around and stop peeking.

I point to the sky, "You too satellites and weird aliens. I am not putting on a peep show." I motion with an invisible hand for them to turn around,"Turn!"

Waiting for a moment, but not to long because of the blips and streaks, I start to take off my clothes and in moments I am naked as an invisible naked monkey girl. Invisibly censored of course, just in case. Standing there I shiver as a cold wind blows across the landscape. Why couldn't it be warm? I might catch an invisible cold and those are the worse. Cold medicine and doctors can't see them so you remain sick longer.

Quickly I fold my clothes and press them against my chest, a little fit of giggles hitting me. KERSPLAT! Giggle Giggle Giggle. Fun things pop into my mind as I take off. At the right second too, *whew* light blips and streaks filling the air behind me. Taking out the stone and some of the ground and some boulders over there and maybe part of that sheep.

Hiding my clothes behind a small Boulder, about this high, I put a rock on top of them to keep any leprechauns from taking them then do a dramatic spin and point and hey there was pigeons too. Invisible ones, so you couldn't see them. In fact there goes one now. Invisibly point to space in empty air.

*stealth mental giggle*

((Ohhhh a cliffhanger now you will have to come back to see what happens next.))

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Re: Tails of Monkey - Adventure awaits!
« Reply #77 on: Yesterday at 07:48:50 AM »
I see Beanie standing there behind the blip and streak machine, a wisp of smoke coming from the end of it. Fun thoughts come to my mind, thoughts that I shouldn't be having at the moment really since I narrowly escaped experiencing the light show in first person. But the thoughts sound fun. Especially that one and that one. Not that one towards the end though. It would take too much work and I don't know where I would get half the items with this short of notice. I mean where would I get a monster truck out here? Can't go to the corner stone building and get one. They might carry the hundred glow sticks which would be useless without the albino jet black kiwi bird. Which is just plain hard to find by itself. Sort of collectors items I hear, they have shows where people show off their kiwi bird collections and they salivate at the most rare mint condition ones.

Best to go with that one idea, everything is right here and that is better than not easily being found. That and it would be fun. Can't pass up fun.

*Mental slurp of shake*

Carefully I began to sneak around, letting that one gnome pass before continuing so I don't create any commotion and draw attention to myself. Then I all ninja like start to...hey wait a moment, if I told you what I was doing you would be all yawn when it happens. Where is the fun, shock and awe in that? So all you need to know is that I went all ninja like and stealthy, tiptoeing  and staying low as I moved around. There was was that one time I tripped but I stealth fell and since I am invisible I am not sure if a stunt double stepped in and fell for me. I did see a look of surprise from a squirrel when something unseeable smashed it, eyes came out and everything. I really need to talk to the stunt double.

Let me see if I got everything done. Okay did that and then I loosened those then tied those together and then I ordered a pizza, hey I was a little hungry. Invisibility takes a lot out of you. Until you experience not being seen you can't deny it. Trust the monkey girl, my stomach was about to rumble which isn't too stealthy. So yeah and I shared with the gnomes. They have a hard time ordering them for some reason. I think it is because delivery people don't carry enough change for gold coins, so I ordered and shared.

Hop, skip and a jump and I am off. I stealth run to the blip and streak machine and jump, doing an invisible flip in the air. I think I flipped, it might have a roll or a spin, it felt like like a flip though. Tail over head or was it a bird. It was something, all I know was that I stuck the landing at the end of the machine. Which thanks to some loosening and tightening of some bolts did something fun. If there is a down there has to be an up, physics really. At least that is what they taught in class, although sometimes that felt like they were going by the textbook. So down went my side of the machine and up went Beanie's side of the machine which caught him in the chin.

I watched him flail his arms trying to catch his balance, you see I tied his show laces together. Shhhhh....... So he could only adjust his feet by a little amount and that never works and looks funny. Shuffle. Shuffle. Shuffle.

Beanie growls as he falls backwards and I jump with another I think flip and land on the far side of the machine. Which sends the um..... the beanbag, yeah that is it the beanbag up into the air. The gnomes gave it to me after I shared the pizza with them. I forgot to mention that didn't I? Oops I think the pizza got to me, I will tell you about it later.

Anyways the beanbag went up as I went down. I didn't need to watch where the beanbag was going to land since it was going to land right there. *Invisible finger point to somewhere right there but you can't see so it doesn't matter* Bean goes the beanbag on Bean's head knocking him unconcious. A lot of beans there I could crack a joke but.... I just have to, I can't pass it up. So many bean jokes. Like have you head the one about why the bean crossed the.... No no I shouldn't. Okay a quick one. Pppffffhhhhtttt! Giggle.

The rest is kind hard to do being invisible since there is a lot of knots. Any mistakes and I could find myself tied to a mad bean. There would not be any dancing just a lot of jumping. Giggle. I should ask Beanie how he has bean.  Giggle. I am not Lima, I am concerned. Giggle. I really don't want to string him along. Giggle. Okay okay that is the last one it is starting to get chili.

Quickly I run over to my clothes giggling all of the way at the continual bean things running through my mind. Slip clothes on and adjust then poof I am visible again. For a moment I double check, just to make sure. Al fingers and toes. Two ears and nose. Tail check. Cute and adorable check.

*mental milkshake SLURP*

As I walk over to Beanie, who is still unconscious, I pull out a length of rope from my bag. The standard adventuring length of course, no person calling them self an adventure would carry anything less. Then click the timer on and then off.

Laying on the ground in front of me is a hog tied Beanie. I smack my hands together as I head to the motorcycle making sure any bean stuff is off. Wait you say? What just happened ? How did Beanie get tied up?

I think I can answer that. You blinked and missed it all. Nothing to see really, just a record setting hog tying maybe. Had to switch imaginary hats to a ten gallon hat though. Which was sort of big but streamlining and aerodynamic. What do you think the click click was? It was me timing tying the bean. Maybe a world record too!

Fastest time hog tying a bean - really fast - date this day - Nicole Anne Marie Smith


Just wanted to test to see if it was still good. Yum it is. Did I tell you it was good. I did? Ok. Well it is.

Off to the village since Beanie is all tied up at the moment. Giggle.


Which means I am pushing it up a slight incline. Thank monkey there was a sidecar or I would have dropped the motorcycle and there would have been some screaming when it landed on my foot. Not a stealth scream either, a scream that everyone would hear.  When I say everyone, I mean everyone in the world. Ears would be covered and everything as people looked to the sky wondering where it was coming from.

After what seemed like hours but was only....let me look at my watch. What?!?! It has to be wrong! I just climbed all of that, motioning with a hand back down the slight incline. Grabbing for the motorcycle's handlebars when it looked like it was thinking about rolling back down the slight incline. More importantly it would have taken the banana milkshake with it and I couldn't have that. Shake head and wipe head.

Carefully I undo all the seat belts keeping the milkshake safe and SLURP yum . 

Looking towards the village two words comd to mind and those are  'fishing village'. Which is good since that is where the evil was staying. Maybe for the fresh salt air. Inhale and cough. Yeah definitely salty. Deers could lick the air and get their daily requirement of salt licks in.  If you needed a dash of salt on something, you would not come here. The recipe calls for just a dash, ppfftt ppfftt too salty. Even the salt probably has salt on it.

I take another deep breath and smell the other thing, the fishy smell. Not that there is something smelling funny around here. Okay there is, but that is fish. Which makes sense really since it is a fishing village and everything. I would be questioning the village if it smelled like chickens, yeah I know there is the chicken of the sea. I have seen little cans of them, but I have never seen any feathers on the beaches or anything. That and I don't think chickens know how to swim, no one has offered to teach them maybe. What would they do? Chicken paddle. Those little feet wouldn't be good in the water at all. They would just kick and kick and go nowhere, just bob up and down. Getting their feathers in a ruffle and getting them wet. Once you get chicken feathers all wet they matte and they are hard to dry. The chickens would catch colds and start sneezing and have you heard chickens sneezing, it's like a whistle.

So far I am not seeing any movement down in the village. Just birds flying above and that is about it. From here the village looks a little odd, I can't put my finger on it but on an odd meter it registers as odd. Not almost maybe odd, a definite odd. Maybe it is the colors, maybe it is whole the buildings sort of just, well just. Hard to explain. Maybe it is because I haven't seen anyone walking around too. The milkshake is getting a chill up its sides, which isn't a good sign. If a banana milkshake is scared something is up.

"Don't worry," I tell it as we start to descend towards the village." I will keep you safe."


((Down down I go to the village by the sea where it smells of fish and KERSPLAT! Ewwww Stupid bird. Be back soon.))