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August 20, 2019, 01:39:56 PM

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Author Topic: Tails of Monkey - Adventure awaits!  (Read 1955 times)

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Re: Tails of Monkey - Adventure awaits!
« Reply #50 on: August 01, 2019, 07:27:22 AM »
For inanimate objects, tumbleweeds are definitely animated. Definitely this one, zipping from tree to tree like some crazed timber tiger. Skitter, skitter, hide, skitter, skitter, hide, stalk and lunge at unexpecting victim. Growl! Okay yeah 'timber tiger' is another name for chipmunks  and they aren't too deadly unless you are a nut or seed, maybe a small insect here and there. Still the tumbleweed was like one, zip zip and zip.

I thought I had it trapped once, behind a tree. My tail even peeked around and saw it was there and it was, right there on the other side. Probably catching its breath or silently laughing at me. "I got you," I silently say to myself right before sneaking around the tree and jumping. To find nothing but root and some nature stuff, but no tumbleweed. It was here a moment ago. Where did it go? Quickly I look around, nothing to either side and I know I wasn't sitting on it, tumbleweeds have a distinct tumbleweed texture. Sort of like a hair ball but drier and bigger and not hair. Think of a snowball made of hay and you got it. Not really soft but not really hard. So yeah no tumbleweed texture so not below butt.

That is when a piece of tumbleweed fell from above and right in front of me. They can fly? Why didn't anyone tell me that. I look up expecting it to be floating there, unnaturally. But instead it is up there sticking to the tree, looking and contemplating its next move. They can climb, like a spider erm......Do I have to worry about copyrights or anything? No. Okay. They can climb, like a spider can.

How they do it I don't know. But there it was just sticking there. Maybe they use there straw stuff to stick like little claws. Leaving little holes all over the place when they dig in. Or....or... Maybe they expel a sticky substance like wall crawling things do. I don't think they are sticky, never hugged one and have never heard any wives tales of how to remove a tumbleweed after it sticks too you. Hmm.....

Or maybe they just don't believe in gravity. That could be it. *mentally smacks head* Tumbleweeds don't believe in Gravity like birds do, so they can just go anywhere they want. Rolling up trees, under things, over there, up there. Anywhere because Gravity has no meaning to them. That explains everything now, well everything dealing with rolling up, over, under and sideways up things. *nod*

If you don't believe, it will not effect you. New theory of gravity, mark the date on the calendar. The day Newton was raspberried. The apple believed so it fell.

"You are not getting away," I say gripping the tree,"you aren't the only one that can climb." Quickly I start to shimmy up the tree, not taking my eyes off the tumbleweed. Don't know what type of tree it is, other than a tall and fairly straight. In the way of trees, I would say it is doing pretty good. It definitely had those little car thingies you hang from the rear view mirror scent. Mmmm....Fresh!

Right when I am about to reach the tumbleweed it jumps. Not down but away into a another tree. Then another followed by another then another and so on. It was like watching those Japanese movies with the tree jumping ninjas. BOING! BOING! BOING! Through the woods and never touching the ground like it was so below them. Yeah the ground, ninja pfpht that is so yesterday.

Dropping from the tree, no way would I attempt the BOING thing until I got some practice, I start chasing after the tumbleweed as it disappears into the darkness.


The cat and mouse game continued, between me and the tumbleweed. Tree to tree, rock to rock, strange thing to stranger thing. Such a ugly saying, I am not a cat! Yes tail but not a cat. Monkey and banana game? Nah..... I don't plan to eat the tumbleweed, don't need the fiber. That and I hear they are bad on the gums. Before you say it and I know someone will, fiber isn't the other white meat. It is....whatever fiber is. So let's say a monkey girl and tumbleweed game.

On and on we went and a couple times I thought I had it. It was just right there and fwoom it was gone. Almost leaving a little tumbleweed shaped cloud behind. Then there was that one time where it was sipping water waiting for me. Don't ask me how, it just was. Cup in tumbleweed hand and a smug look on its tumbleweed face. Sip, oh there you are I have been waiting. Then fwoom gone. The cup hovering in mid air for a moment right before it spilled in my face. An angered grrr later while wiping my face and I am after the tumbleweed again. Again amazingly spry for something that doesn't think, well at least I don't think they do. But maybe.... Well they have been all over, unless I have been seeing the same one over and over. Which either means intelligence or just freaky coincidence. Or I am seeing tumbleweeds and they are not really there.

It hit a straight away and wow, I thought it was fast before. Yeah no, no where even close. I thought it might have strapped a rocket on to its back, but I didn't see any rocket and if it had one I would have heard it. Rockets aren't the most quiet things to be honest, loud when they start up and really loud after that. Wouldn't hear myself think. Definitely wouldn't be hearing the birds singing. Tweet tweet tweet. Yeah none of those.

Hands almost on it and zoom, it shot like a bullet down the pathway.  Going so fast it pulled me along with it, which caught me my surprise initially. Didn't really expect being dragged along by a ball of grass. But there I was being bounced off everything as the tumbleweed flew down the path. Yeah it made the easy almost nonexistent turns, me on the other hand started to find it strange that there was a tree in every turn. Which meant I kissed wood in every turn. Mmm...yum oak this time. A nice red oak but I can't place the year.

After a couple more bounces down the rail I could see that the tumbleweed was going for a ninety degree one. Oh[\i] It hit the turn and stopped, which meant I shot by it and nearly hit the tree. The bark was so close that I felt the texture as I shot by. Of course the large wooden sign thought otherwise and WHAM! All forward monkey girl movement stopped with one tail jarring moment.

Dazed, I turned my head as I started to get up to see if the tumbleweed was there. Up it hopped and off it took. Dragging me along with it. The moment I saw it hop I knew what was going to happen, I have watched Saturday morning cartoons and quickly rolled around and tried to grab anything solid. Pebble, useless. Leave, again useless. Root, maybe and too late.

"Sto," bounce. Bounce.

"I said...." Bounce. Bovine

After the first couple bounces I decided to keep my mouth shut, I had already eaten enough dirt and didn't need any for dessert.. Whap. Whap. Bounce and tons more whaps and bounces. Until I bounced into something metal. I looked up and smiled. "You are in trouble now tumbleweed."

Without taking my eyes off the ball of tumble I reached up and put my hand on the door then slowly picked myself up. "No way you are getting away now." I jump backwards, I so should have done one of those moves that those energy fighters do in those Japanese shows with the giant robots. Some dramatic move with light and a cool sound effect. Schwing.....Schwimg...I call upon the old beat up hotrod hoooooo.......

Quickly I adjust myself on the books as I pull the seatbelt across. CLICK! With a quick glance I can see the tumbleweed sitting there as turn the key in the ignition. Suddenly the air is filled with a mighty roar as the engine came to life.

"Let's see...."

Well I tried to tease the tumbleweed but POOF it took off. The sun glinted off my teeth as a smile appeared for a moment. Foot goes down and BOOM off I go.


The car explodes from the gate, well not literally a gate but from where I had parked. I wrench the wheel to the side and  I can feel the back end fish tailing around, gravel from the parking lot flying everywhere, as the car turns towards the exit. Over the roar of the engine I can barely hear the ricochetting of the gravel off of everything, I can definitely see the effects of the flying gravel as various signs bounce back and forth, little plants that had grown tall were cut short and a squirrel takes one to the forehead . "Sorry!" I yell back as my hands fly around the steering wheel, hoping the car will hit the exit and not make one of its own, trying to steer the car in the right direction. That way!

Wooooo.......going to far one way. Need to go the other........too far go the other way. If I could, I would rub the raccoon tail for good luck and I am not making any euphemisms either. Don't have the time for euphemisms at the moment. Even my tail has strapped in and wishing and praying. "We will make it...." I say though gritted teeth as I make a donut in the parking lot, again not a euphemism, no time. Car spinning around in a circle, URP!  I wondered what the other side of the parking lot looked like and now I know and knowing is not keeping me from urping into a paper bag. "Hey birdie," I say as I spin around it, "you are pretty photogenic. You don't have a bad side on you."

My hands go flying in the opposite direction and I hope. Hope that the car decides not to roll and flip and roll more. While it sounds fun and all, the whole image of supporting the car with my head doesn't well feel good. It outweighs me by a little. Well okay a lot, a couple more zeroes different and if anyone says different I will do.....nothing!  Too busy with the car at the moment.

Again the car fishtails and now in the opposite direction, gravel again free of its earthly bounds. Maybe that is how gravel gets their wings. If you fishtail your car after doing a donut a gravel gets its wings. If that is how it works, a lot of gravel were getting their wings that day. They can thank me later if they like after I get off this demented fun house ride. If I am going to make another donut I am going to look at breakfast different from now on. URP!

I think I got it... I tell myself, slamming on the brake for just a minute for the car to slow down for a moment then slam on the gas and hold on. Boom! The car starts to skid just a little and using the little hood ornament on the grill to aim and fingers that it is aligned with the exit and go!

One moment I am here and the other moment I am over there. The wind ripping at anything it can get a hold of. If I look back I might be able to see my tummy running to catch up to me, run faster tummy I like you. You don't have any weird tastes and generally like things I like. Except for those one things, that we will talk about later I don't know why you like them with hot mustard that burns like lava.

Looking pass the steering wheel with my hands at ten and two, white knuckles and all. I can see the exit coming at me quickly and the tumbleweed grr...... Tauntingly waiting for me beyond.

I blink and find myself almost at the exit sign and get to "ex" as I try to read it. If I didn't blink again I might have gotten to the end and seen how.....well how it ends. *Hands on the steering wheel dismissive wave* That was a stupid thought.

This blink almost takes me to the end of the drive, in the right direction too. I would have been mad if I blinked and found myself heading back into the parking lot again. Only to repeat the whole donut thing again. That would have been urpable.

My brain and tail both loudly hint at me to make a course adjustment when tire hits asphalt. Both don't want me to keep going that way and out into the dessert, where the cacti roam oh and the coyotes too.

Making course adjustments captains.

I wrench the steering wheel so hard hat the car goes into a sideways skid. The air is quickly pushed into a wall and the car rocks once as the sideways momentum. The gas pedal goes down and the gears grind as the car rips reality and heads down the road in massive show of acceleration. Warp factor five.

Somewhere out in the dessert some poor unexpecting lizard is quickly looking around as it tries to figure out what is pushing invisibly across the dessert.


The road looks different when you are rocketing down it chasing after a tumbleweed. Everything is a blur on either side and the wind is whipping through your hair. I could see the tumbleweed racing ahead of me as we flew down the road. Again a mystery on how the tumbleweed was managing to stay ahead of the car. For a brief moment I looked over the steering wheel at the speedometer and it was saying I was going fast. But the odometer, for an older car it has a lot of ometers, hand was firmly planted in the red.

Red is never good, bulls don't like it and usually machines go red before exploding. I really don't need the exploding thing either. I listened to the whine of the engine as I sat there trying to think. Little nasally I thought. Slowly the arm moved further and further into the red and I was starting to get scared, what would happen if it reached the end. For a brief minute I pictured an explosion, car parts flying all over and a monkey girl gets her wings. Eep! Don't want that, harps are hard on the fingers.

What to do? Buttons? Push, pull, twist and one goes flying off. I might need that for later I tell myself as the button goes and fwoom it disappears when it is caught by the wind. Levers then, that one is obviously the windshield wipers, since now they are going back and forth. This other one is a turn signal which on a straight away is useless. Especially on a deserted straight away on the middle of the desert. Little pull thingie on the side of the steering wheel which looks like it doesn't really do anything.

What is left? Radio is a no go but there is something called an eight track. I press the button on one side and out pops something the size of an engine. With one hand on the steering wheel I reach down and pick up this thing. I have heard rumors of eight tracks, thought they were an urban legend really. Who would make something that could only hold a couple songs? Have they never heard of CDs or MP3 players. Heavy too! Ergh!

I slip it back in to where it popped out from and I heard a loud thunk then hissing coming from the speakers. Did I release snakes or something, I ask myself. Looking around to see if there was anything with scales or whatever snakes have slithering around. A snake won't be my co-pilot. Ick and no.

Is this the best of Snake? All the songs sounding the same. Hhhhhhiiiiiisssssssss.

Maybe it one of those language learning eight tracks, how to hiss snake in five easy lessons.  You want to do what with what? Oh you need to hiss not hiss. You had the hissing wrong. Hiss hiss hiss hiss hiss. That is how you hiss that.

Then it starts, the wailing. I thought the hissing was bad, oh my monkey this sounded old. Like ancient old. No auto tuning or anything. There are actually words and a beat. No dirty words or anything. This can't be music. Is my ears bleeding? Someone tell me, are they? I didn't even think they had music back then, well what they called music. Just to late you know if it isn't auto tuned so everything sounds electronically perfect it isn't music, well that is what I hear.

I hear the clunk clunk and another song starts up. Oh my monkey it is like the first one but with different words. I can't take it! I let go of the steering wheel and grab the eight track and start to pull and yank. Come out..... Come out..... I keep pulling and nothing as the car continues down the highway. Singing or what someone called singing wailing throughout the desert like some banshee. The coyotes will start howling any moment now, I just know it. Ergh! Nothing,the eight track has a death grip or something. I might need the jaws of life to save myself.

Volume, that might work. Just have to find the knob and.....Quickly I sit down and look.... It couldn't be! Of all of the knobs it had to be that one that popped off is probably back there still spinning around.

"Not fair", I growl as I grab a hold of the stick coming out from the floor. Kerchunk.,.. Suddenly the engine starts to whine louder. What did I do, I ask myself looking around, noticing how loose the stick is in my hands. What the? I push the stick forward and I am answered by a ketchunk. The car jerks, tail almost over the end. and I pull the stick back hard.

Ketchunk and the sound of gears grinding fills the air. Followed by the car jumping forward with a mighty leap as the sound of the engine deepened. Gears, I forgot about those. I push the stick forward again but shove it to the right. The sound of the engine deepens more as the car starts to pick up speed. Ketchunk clunk.

I can feel the car hug the ground with this last clunk and boom. If there wasn't a sonic boom there should have been when I took off. BOOM! Screeching down the highway. Two black tracks and a puff of smoke left behind.


((What better place to end it than a cowboy thingie with no lasso though. I tried... but kept finding myself hogtied.))

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Re: Tails of Monkey - Adventure awaits!
« Reply #51 on: August 06, 2019, 07:07:52 AM »
In a move that was surprising and well not really possible, the tumbleweed turns ninety degrees and shoots out into the dessert. I sat there slack jawed for a moment as I watch it going one way and then be going in the another. Nothing man made could do that, well and be going that fast really. Almost like it was running along some grid or something. Zip and zip. No I am not going to make any movie references on this one, it is obvious which one I would do,

I keep track of it as it kicks up dessert, mouth open until I swallow a bug. Ptow! Gripping the steering wheel I yank it to the side and the whole car groans as tires grip the pavement.  Errrrrrrrrrrrrr........................ You know driving a car is a mixed bag when it is going sideways at a really high speed. No windshield to protect you from the wind. No engine in front of you to keep you from rolling over. Tires not going in the direction you are going. You know the little things, but hey the blinkers work.

The car threatens to flip when it comes to a stop, pointing in the right direction. I slam my feet down on the right pedals and grab the stick. KERCHUNK. KERCHUNK. GRIND. KERCHINK. The car lurches forward when I let go of the one pedal for a moment. I push it down again and KERCHUNK and let go. The engine roars and dust kicks up as I accelerate.

I can see the tumbleweed in the distance as it crests a hill. KERCHUNK! "You aren't loosing me", I growl as I edge the gas pedal closer to the floor. When I hit the top of the hill I go flying and I can see for miles and miles. Okay I can't really see for miles and miles, just to over there. Right pass the cacti and everything. The one that has the one arm that goes like this and this. Don't make me get out and point to it.

KERCHUNK! The car squeals when it hits the ground, bouncing a couple times before finally staying on the ground where it is safe. One time I thought it was going to try a flip and thankfully it decided it against it. But it was ready now and it let the tumbleweed now when it roared. Whoops that was me, foot slipped. It let the tumbleweed know by it kept on running.

Down into an old dry river bed we went, little pebbles being kicked up as we went. The tumbleweed tried to loose me by feinting going up the side and then grinding the edge for a while or doing some spinning trick at the lip of it. I kept the car in the center, where I wasn't tempted to try any tricks and kept track of the tumbleweed. I knew if it tried I could probably pull off a tony mctwist with a half nail biter into a backwards penny head while ridding goofy. A medal would have finally been rewarded, I just know it, even that one judge would have voted high. But I was on a mission so the trick and medal  earning would have to wait  for later. I could have so pulled it off.

Of course the boulders randomly placed throughout the riverbed was making it more exciting. Swerving to miss those was tricky, sometimes I was up on two wheels and not always the ones that were easy either. Thankfully my tail was helping me with balance, pushing back the back end when we were up on the front wheels for example.  Super cute monkey girl agility there.

Towards the end of the river bed, I rounded the boulder and the tumbleweed was near. I could almost smell it. Phew it needs to take a shower. A little closer, I told myself as I pressed the gas pedal down and.....

Suddenly from out of nowhere a turtle stepped out. It was to close, I couldn't  swerve to miss it so I had to run over it. Sorry little turtle. *wipe tear* One of the front tires of the car found the turtle and well.... The phrase stop, drop and roll can be used here. Terrapins and cars don't mix sometimes and that leads to me in extreme bouts of rolling and 'What the......."

I could hear the sound of crunching metal all around me as I rolled. None of it sounded good, especially me being in the middle of it. It felt like some deranged merry go round especially with the eight track mysteriously kicking back on.

Roll. Roll. Roll and many more.

When the rolling finally stopped I managed to pull myself free. Thankfully one of the rules of the cute and adorable had been enforced and I had no cuts and I think one little scratch on my elbow see. I think there is blo............... Thump!

((Dramatic ending well a passing out ending with a thump. Nail bitter maybe.... find out what happens after the thump next time.))

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Re: Tails of Monkey - Adventure awaits!
« Reply #52 on: August 08, 2019, 07:34:18 AM »
Why can't I pass out and see cottonballs? Sweet soft cottonballs. Falling into them would be better, it always seems that I am falling into something hard. It isn't the fall that hurts, it is the hard surface at the end that hurts. Thump! Ow! Never ah..... This is soft so very soft.

There I was laying there, just minding my own business. Maybe getting a good tan too, I have to remember to flip over soon. Don't want to get burned. Red and blistery on one side and regular on the other. That cuts the cute and adorable in half. I would get the ahhhhhh she is so adoraaaaaaaaaa.......,,oh my monkey, what happened to you. Yeah no, I don't want that. Maybe on Halloween, go out as a crispy zombie. But not everyday.

I am not a zombiest either. One of my friends is a zombie I think. Her skin is pale and she groans a lot before she gets her cup of coffee in morning. If that doesn't say zombie I don't know what does. Honest monkey,  If you want to walk around all slack jawed and moaning to a different tune that is fine by me. Just try not to nom my brain, I only have one.

Where was I, oh yeah I was laying there in a moment of close eye when I felt something taping me. "Hello friend, you shouldn't be laying in the middle of the riverbed or close to a car."

"Yeah I know...." I say opening one eye and then the other. Squinting a little because of the sun wanting to sit perfectly behind the strangers head. It always seems like it is one part of the sky one moment and the next right behind whomever I am talking too.

Slowly I start to sit up, putting my hand in front of my eyes to shield them from the sun. I saw the stranger's toes at first, bare and hey I think that one has a hang nail. I start to look higher and see the bottom of monk robes, slightly worn but still in good shape.  Higher I go, hopefully not catching a peek of what is under the robes. A friendly monk face looks down with a smile. "Hello again friend."

What the? It can't be! How the? "It can't be, how did you get here so fast?" I ask standing up, dusting myself off.


"It does not matter the how, it only matters that I am," the monk answered back,"now come before I pull your tail."

 Immediately my tail went into the defensive, swinging behind me to hide away from the monk's hands. For a moment, I thought I heard rattling come from it too,  like a rattlesnake. A rattlesnake! Quickly I look over both of my shoulders, need to do both to be safe, to see if there were any rattlesnakes hiding behind me. Even though their butts rattle, loose change maybe, they can be quite silent when they want and deadly when others don't want.  I look and see no snake looking things, wait a second there could be one..... No just a twig. *Whew* Did that other stick move? It looks sort of snakish in a snake sort of way. No.,,. Just my mind playing tricks on me that is all. But I might have to keep an eye on that one. *mental putting stick on the spot* 

"Just kidding..." The monk says laughing to himself, "now come before the river decides to fill." Motioning with his hand as he turned to walk away. The monk paused for a moment after taking a few steps,"Come monkey."


Off we went, leaving the car behind and the tumbleweed getting away, I think. For a moment I spin to see if I can spot the tumbleweed anywhere. You know sneaking up like tumbleweeds do. In the back of my mind I can hear the shark music playing. Du....duh duh duh du......duh duh duh and on and on. It is out there watching I can feel its tumbleweed eyes watching. So I do what is the best in the situation and blow a general raspberry in all directions. Can't be too safe really, might miss the tumbleweed if I didn't scatter shot the raspberry.

"You shouldn't do that too much monkey," I heard the monk say pulling my attention back around.

"Why is that?"

The monk laughed for a moment before answering, "Two little words, dung beetles."

My tongue rolled back into my mouth so fast at the thought of a dung beetle on it. Ick! No. No. No. Dung + beetle + my tongue is not a equation I ever wanted to solve for. Ick!

I heard the monk laugh again as I spun back around,"What is worse is armadillos,"

"What?!?!" I say stumbling, imagining an armadillo sitting on my tongue just staring at me as my my tongue keeps its bottom moistened. I start to shake my head trying to get that image out of my head and it fought too. The image of the armadillo on my tongue held on to my brain for all it is worth. Finally though, its grip slipped and off it flew into the desert.

Again the monk laughed, "I was kidding, pulling your tail."

"Not fair....." I growled for a moment as I cleaned the imaginary taste of armadillo off my tongue. Yuck. Imaginary armadillo is the worse. The taste just lasts and lasts. No matter how much imaginary mouth wash I use it is still there. Yuck.

On we walked the lurking monk and myself, pass cacti and something that looked like one. For a desert it looked nice. The sand was organized and the cacti was dusted. Probably by the little owl sitting over there. No that is a something or another, I am talking about the owl on the cacti over there. The little one carrying a feather duster. You see it now? Yeah the one right there. Dusting away making sure the desert is clean.

"So......" I say, arms behind my back and tail bobbing up and down as I look around.

"I have a needle and thread if you need them," the monk replied stepping over a large rock.

"What?" Pausing to flip over a cattle skull,"Oh no, no cuts or tears. What I wanted to ask is how and why are you lurking out here."

The monk didn't bother stopping to answer, he just kept going and going, "Every place has a lurker and I needed to cover this place, while its lurker was on vacation. How? I just walked."

"Just walked?"

"Yeah down the mountain and to here," the monk nodded.

"But that is really far away and..." I look a down at my wrist, "not that long ago."

The monk paused for a moment on top of a boulder, "distance and time have no meaning to a lurker. We are just.....there."

"That really isn't an answer,"

For a moment, the monk stroked his chin. I so pictured in my mind a little green alien with big ears saying some backwards line. But all I got is "That is the answer that is given." Then he vanished out of site when he moved to the other side of the Boulder.

Running after him, I am stopped in the middle of what I am about to say when I see something that shouldn't be. Well it can be but not be here. It is hard to explain, it... *motioning to the unexpected thing* can be somewhere else and be perfectly fine. But here it shouldn't be, I mean look at it. A mound of snow in the middle of the here. It should be melting or something, but nothing. It is just sitting there like snow does enjoy it the sun.

"Okay how?" I say motioning towards the snow as the monk sat in front of a fire on the snow,  Rubbing his hands as he blowed into them, trying to keep them warm.


"Snow. Here. How?" Asking as my feet crunched into the snow.

With a smile, the monk patted the snow. "Just because...."

I lift and hand to say something and I am stopped mid thought by the monk,  "That is the answer given. Now come join me by the fire."

((Ok....monk....desert.... It so sounds like the beginning of a ghost story. I was walking minding my business out in the middle of nowhere and this guy wearing robes appeared out of Yeah nowhere because he couldn’t appear out of somewhere since somewhere was not there since it was nowhere and no does not equal some. You don’t have to be good at math to figure that out. Anyways he invited me to sit with him by the fire and yeah um.... *shrug* it goes from there but you have to wait until next time to find out where but it won’t be nowhere. Well shoot I gave it away,))

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Re: Tails of Monkey - Adventure awaits!
« Reply #53 on: August 13, 2019, 07:29:40 AM »
My mom and dad didn't raise a girl that had no manners so I accepted the monk's offer. Butt on cold snow in the middle of the hot desert. I just had to accept this I guess, the snow in the desert thing. Which I was fine with. Hey the stuff I had seen makes non melting snow nothing and really if you think about it, they can make chocolate not melt in your hands and only in your mouth. So non melting snow, fun! Snowball fights in middle of summer. Snowmen enjoying the beach. I hear the lemon snow takes a little off though.  Not that lemons taste good, I just hear lemon snow doesn't taste anywhere close.

"So what brings you out here?" The monk asks as he hands me a cup of tea. I nod thanking him, sipping it before I start to tell him what had happened since the mountain, I would repeat it here but that is a lot of words and I would think you are more interested in what is happening now. But if you must, this might hurt a little. Oh and if you start to get a tingling sensation in your toes, please let me know. It isn't bad, it is just....well let me know okay? *ninja art of telling a story without words* Okay you are now all caught up and you got the limited sighed edition too.
I take another sip of tea before I continue, telling the monk about the chupalupa & goatman and how I chased a tumbleweed out into the riverbed. Of course I told him my theory on tumbleweeds too.

The monkey nodded when I completed my story with "and then I blacked out."

"That is an interesting story and it sounds like you have been on an adventure."

"Yes," I say proudly,"the thing is, is that my car is wrecked so I am sort of stuck now"

The monk chuckled, " I think you will be surprised when you go back to the riverbed," nodding a little.

Slowly an eyebrow rises and my tail does the whole question mark thing, "Why would I be surprised?"

"I have learned, during my time here, that there is a very bored river spirit that likes getting her hands dirty. In fact she might already be looking at your car already."

"River spirit?"

"Yes what stories call a nixie I think. Since the river dried up, she had gotten bored."

"Um,,, Why doesn't she move to I guess somewhere wet?"

The monk turned in the direction of the river, well I am guessing towards the general direction of river, "She has her reasons, one being she Is stubborn and the other is she believes."

"Believes what?" I ask turning towards the direction of the river. Well back that way.

"Simply that the water will return."

"But it is dry,"

The monk turned back towards the fire, "Yes but there is always the possibility and she sees the possibility. You should know about possibilities monkey, especially with what you have experienced."

"Yeah," nodding,"So why take me away from the river?"

Chuckling the monk responded,"She likes to get dirty in private. Let's us enjoy the fire before we head back, to give her some time to enjoy herself."

"Sure..." I say before sipping the tea. Mmmm...... Herbal with a hint of mint.


The walk back to the river bed was nice, the monk and I talked here and there and over there too about things. I mentioned the tumbleweeds to him, how every place I have been and no matter how illogical it was, there was a tumbleweed. He couldn't explain it really, being a lurker of the great white and everything. If they were snowballs he could help but tumbleweeds,  he would be stretching and reaching for answers. Answers that might lead me in the wrong direction but he mentioned that maybe the nixie might know something.

"You think so?" I asked stepping over a sleeping scorpion. I hear they always wake up on the wrong side of the bed so..... Light step over and tip toe away leaving it to dream about whatever scorpions dream about.

"She might, her kind have been around since we'll forever. She is a spirit of the water, a stubborn one, an elemental in a way. Water has been around before everything you see and might be around after everything you have seen yet. In some way shape or form water has touched everything, so she might know." The monk paused,"If she doesn't, she might be able to point you in the right direction."

"That sounds good," I nod as my tail bobbed up and down, anxious to meet a nixie. "What is she like?"

The monk chuckled before he answered, "If I told you it would ruin your moment with her. Meeting something that only exists in tales shouldn't be ruined by loose lips. You should form your own opinion of her and well like water, she is always different. I have seen her well...I have seen and leave it at that."

In the blink of an eye we were there, well a long blink, at the hill above the riverbed
 Nothing exciting happened. Too keep myself busy I counted rocks? Who knew there was so many rocks in the desert. The monk stopped and pointed at the car which now stood up correctly like cars should, on their tires. "It looks like she found it, go on down and introduce yourself."

"Okay," I nervously replied,"Aren't you coming?"

The monk shook his head,"This is for you and not me. She won't bite."

"Okay, thank you for everything."

The monk nodded and smiled,"You are welcome, now go and say hi."

Quickly I turned and started to head towards the car, sliding down a loose section of the riverbank. For a moment I look back towards the monk and see nothing but desert. How the? Where did he go? I look around seeing no signs of the monk and I can hear the whistling of a spaghetti western in my head. Weird...

The closer I get to the car I start to see that parts have been taken off and a small set of light green legs dangling from the engine.

"Excuse me.." I call out and I hear "Give me a second," in reply.

((Time to meet a nixie. Well not now.... I mean come on if you meet her now you wouldn’t meet her later and then what would I post later? ))

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Re: Tails of Monkey - Adventure awaits!
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My tail swung back and forth trying to catch a glimpse of the nixie. Well more than a glimpse of her legs and back side. Okay yeah I was anxious to see what the rest of the nixie looked like, at this moment all I knew was that nixies had legs and that was about it. She would kick them out sometimes as she worked.

Every so often a nut or some other part would fly out quickly followed by some comment on how humans always over engineered everything or put something in just because they thought it made something look nice. That explained the small piles of parts that was accumulating all over. Kneeling down I picked up a spark plug. "Um...I think this is needed." The nixie didn't even bother to stop and look at what I was talking about before she answered,"Wrong!"

"But I am pretty sure it is. I have watched some car shows and they always mention spark plugs."

I heard the nixie chuckle to herself,"Wrong!"

"But I....." I started to say, stopping when the pixie quickly flipped around and sat a top of the engine, her feet kicking freely in the air. Her stare froze me for a moment, it was like staring at two dark green jelly beans. No white of the eyes, no pupils or irises. Just a solid dark green. I could see a small smirk starting to form as she sat there, "I have taken enough of these things,"patting the engine with the bottom of one of her feet,"too know that, that is useless. No rhyme or reason other than to plug a hole. Which didn't need to be there either."

I was just about to say something, about being pretty sure the spark plug was needed when the nixie stuck her hand up, "Stop, It isn't needed. In fact," the nixie paused to wipe her face with the back of one of her hands leaving a streak of oil and grease across her face,"as you can tell," motioning with a hand towards the ground,"there is a lot that isn't necessary. Honestly I think some coyote spirit whispered into the engineers' ears or something. Tricked them into believing that half of this junk is necessary." She reached down out of sight and pulled up a bolt and shook it at me,"Do you know what this does?"

"Well...." I started to say trying to think of an answer,"if I had to guess it was to keep something bolted to something else." *mental hand to face for that answer,*

The nixie just laughed and tossed the bolt over her shoulder,"You would think so, but a all it was doing was filling a hole. Not a hole that goes anywhere or does anything just a hole. Put there by a engineer to probably make the engine look more powerful. It doesn't work that way." I would say quickly but I didn't see any movement, one moment the nixie was sitting down with her feet dangling down off the engine and the next she was strolling down the engine.

You are probably wondering the whole strolling thing aren't you? Okay maybe I should describe the nixie too you. Picture in your mind a girl with light green tinted skin, of course the dark green eyes that I have already described. Her hair is long, pulled back in a pony tail. Brown roots that quickly change to a surprise green. A slight slender build made for slipping through the water effortlessly. It looked like she was wearing, whole ridden worn jeans, a red handkerchief stuffed into the right rear pocket and what looked like a very stained white if you can still call it that white bowling shirt. Nothing off there right? Right.... Now take the girl and shrink her to about the size of your hand in height and you can now imagine what I was seeing. Just have to warn you, I think if you call her in any combination of the words 'bell' and 'tinker', you might find yourself with a tiny hand imprint on your cheek as your head spins around.

I watched as she strolled from one engine part, I would say what it is but I don't know what it is. All I can tell you it is metal and sort of shaped like this and a little like that with a hole. Then hopped to another, again metal, to another then hopped up on the little bit if hood between well the hood and window spun and sat down. Folding one leg under while letting the  other fall down into the engine compartment to swing freely.

"This old girl has been fun to work on, they don't make them like this anymore." Nodding  a little as she patted the car,"Nowadays they are all plastic and computers, taking all of the heart out of car. Then you have the ones with lights under the car, why?  Just a waste. The cars don't even want that stuff, it weakens their dragon. Not this old girl, she is ready to roar!"

Out of nowhere, I watch the nixie pull out a toothpick and stick it in her mouth. "That is what so good with the older ones. They might be older but they are strong. Built to last. Yeah I had to hammer out some dings and take out all of art sculptures in the engine and everything. But she will roar when you turn the keys. Isn't that right girl?"

I waited for a moment just to see, see if the car would respond but all there was, was silence. "Thank you for fixing the car....." I ask as I give the nixie a look that says please continue.


"No problem. I like getting my fingers dirty," the nixie said kicking her leg up a rubber ring swinging from it. "Like I said I like working on the older girls. Always fun to get them up and running again and hear their hearts roar." 

I watched as she nodded happily as if she was agreeing with herself. Stopping for a moment to wipe her nose with the back of her arm. "There a few I won't touch though, Gremlins and Pacers. Little boxes on wheels to be honest. Now...." the little nixie's eyes light up,"the rods, those are the fun toys to work on. Simple but proud. I will tell you this, when one of those wakes up the sun shines a little brighter and the night is a little darker."

Without pause the nixie grabbed a hold of the edge of the hood and just sort of did some gymnastic sort of thing. Hands down on bare metal she flipped up and over to end up laying down on the engine itself. All in one graceful move, like watching water. "Just laying here, I can feel the power in this girl. Wanting to get out. Grrrrrrrrrrrrr" the nixie shivered as she grrrrr'd rolling over onto her stomach, kicking one of her legs behind her slowly as she put her hands under her head. "You are a lucky girl to have a girl like this.." pausing to swipe at a loose nut that was sitting there,"nothing plastic and fake here oh no. "

It felt wrong in a way to stand there watching the nixie, I could tell she loved the car By the way she acted. Rolling around every so often and not caring if she got covered in grease or dirt. Slowly she lifted an arm and pointed a hand in a casual way towards the side of the car,"I hope you don't mind..."

"Mind?" I asked back as my tail scratched the top of my head, trying to figure out what I shouldn't mind. Looking I dud anything strange, the car was in one piece and didn't look odd.

"Yeah.... I couldn't help myself when I started working on this girl. Just had to leave my mark."

Confused I got up to look for a mark, "Mark? What mark?"

The nixie laughed and lazily rolled off the engine catching herself on one of pipes coming out of it. "Can't miss it, I signed it right in front of the door hinge, really big and in white."

I looked again, nothing really big or anything that would stick out. Then I saw it, at first I thought it was the light catching a ding or scratch, but getting closer I could see the flourishes and flowing curves starting to show. I knelt down closer and felt something suddenly land on my shoulder,"Yeah, see.....I tried to put it in a place where others might see it but not stick out. Some get really fancy when they sign a car. I think that just steals from the dragon. A simple signature is all that is needed."

Closer and closer and suddenly BING the little nixie's signature was readable.. For not trying to be fancy it was fancy. Calligraphers would be jealous on how beautiful it was, I even started to tear up. *Sniff*


"Your name is Winnie?" turning my head a little to ask the nixie face to face sort of in a way. Winnie nodded and as did another gymnastic move and rolled over my shoulder and slipped into the front of the seat of the car. Landing perfectly on her feet.

"Yes it is," Winnie answer as she walked across the set like some tightrope walker and spun around to look at me as she slowly curtsied, sniffing a little as she paused before rising. "Even the smell is perfect. So what is the owner's name of this old girl?"

I take a step closer and put my arms on the top of the dude of the car, lowering my head so it rested on my arms, "My name is Nichole Anne Marie Smith, my friends call my monkey." Pointing back to my tail that was in the middle of taking a bow.

"So what brings you out here, Nichole Anne Marie Smith," pausing to takes if again, "So good. I mean monkey."

For a moment I hesitated, trying to find the right words well really word and there was only one word really,"Tumbleweeds." *exhale* "I keep seeing them all over place and I shouldn't be."

Winnie was right in the middle of another sniff when I said the one word and she just stopped. "That would be the witch," Winnie said as she turned towards me, hands on her hips. "For some reason she decided that tumbleweeds would be her eyes and ears. Don't ask me why though. They sort of stand out anywhere other than the desert."

Quickly she spun and pointed that way, "She is that way the last time I saw her,  living in a big shiny mobile home that looks like a giant Twinkie. You can't miss it really. In fact she probably has the inflatable palm trees out wrapped in Christmas lights and everything right about now." The sound of a bubbling brook filled the air as Winnie laughed,"Probably out trying to get a sun tan too knowing her. You should drop in on her and ask her what is up with the tumbleweeds."

"I think I will...."


"Want to go along?" I ask Winnie as I jump into the car and pull the seat belt across.

"Can't," the nixie replied,"need to stay in the river bed. If I leave it well the hounds will be after me."


"Yeah, nasty li...well big things. Dark as midnight with red glowing eyes. No way to escape them, their noses are actually more powerful than a regular dogs." Winnie answered as she started to get out."Will hunt me down and I get slobber covered when they take me back to the river. It happened once and I didn't enjoy being a chew toy."

"That sucks...." BOINK! *The sound of an idea bulb forming over my head. Before anyone asks yes it meets all federal regulations* With a smile I reach over to Winnie, carefully grab her and put her in my lap "You know what, this is a pretty big riverbed and everything. Don't you want to do a test drive just to make sure everything is running smoothly?"

I didn't need to see the smile forming on Winnie's face to know the offer made her happy. Quickly she scooted up closer to the steering wheel and took a hold of it with both hands, not in the ten and two position just in case you wanted to know. "Let's see what the old girl can do," Winnie growled.

Smiling I reached up and turned the key. Instantly the hotrod came too life. The engine didn't sputter or cough, it roared! I thought it was..*ninja art of the made up word * roary before. That was nothing, not even close oh no. Now it was more guttural with a big side of attitude. All around me I could see smaller and even some of the larger rocks starting to bounce. When I pushed down the gas pedal down just a little the engine growled even louder and i could feel it in my bones. That was just the whatever effects, there was an exciting visual display too. Fire and smoke of the extreme kind shot out of the pipes from either side of the engine and I could hear Winnie say something about the dragon having her breath and giggling to herself.

Sitting there I could feel the power coming from the engine and the force it was creating. The vulture that was flying overhead felt the force too when I turned the rod on. With the pipes pointing up and the whole wrong place at the wrong time thing happening. It might be hitting the surface of the moon any moment now, a little no a lot surprised and holding its breath.

"Are you ready?" I ask Winnie and she just nods and grins. "Three," I grab the stick,"Two," I push down the pedal," and one!"



The engine roars loud and we just don't take off we explode from sitting there to going fast, well faster than fast. There is fast and then there was what we were doing.


For a moment the engine whines as I change gears then quickly deepens. I can feel the car lowering to the ground trying to become more streamlined, faster. Everything is starting to become a blur now as we pass things.


Again the engine whines as I change gears, the speedometer kicking to the right for just a second. The pull of the engine gets stronger and we lurch forward. If something wasn't a blur before, when it passed, it is now and all I can hear over the roar of the engine is Winnie laughing.


I can feel the car drop just a little as the engine roars louder. In my mind I can imagine hotrodders around the world looking to the sky knowing what the sound is as a tear rolls down their cheeks. When asked what the sound is or why they are crying, they would answer it is the sound of an fallen angel laughing and that they have sand in their eyes.

Down the river bed we tore in a blur and if you just happens to be on the bank of the riverbed and blinked you might have missed use as we shot by. "Brakes now and shift down!" I heard Winnie say as she wrenched the wheel to the right. Instantly the car spun and Winnie laughed as the car spun and spun doing a donuts in one spot. The last time I did a donut it was by accident and it was urpable, this time it was fun. Around and around we spun, the continual donut, leaving clear black marks on the ground as we did.

"Gas now!" Winnie shouted back to me as she wrenched the steering wheel the other direction sending us back up  the riverbed. Sending a small tornado in the opposite direction, you know because of the continual donut. Physics or something people, a car spinning and spinning at that speed will eventually create a tornado. I think Einstein stated that, now I can't prove that or anything but look behind the car, a tornado going that way, so the continual donut forming a tornado theory has now been formed just like the tornado,


Back up the riverbed we shot, Winnie laughing all the way and this went on for hours. Back and forth down the riverbed doing all kinds of tricks. The one time we traveled the whole distance on just two wheels and I nearly thought we lost it a couple times and we went back up the riverbed on the other two wheels. Winnie said it was because she wanted to make sure all of the tires were worn exactly the same but I knew the truth and the truth was called 'fun'.

"I want to try one more thing and open the girl up."

"Okay???" I said questionably.

"Gas pedal to the floor," Winnie said as she pointed the car back down the riverbed. I did what she wanted and instantly we shot straight down the riverbed. All of the chains were broken and the dragon was released, the engine roared louder than it ever did and we hugged the ground closer than before.  I blinked and we were hundreds of feet from where we were pre blink and going faster.

Suddenly there was a KRAKA BOOM and I could feel the car rock for just a second as we continued down the riverbed. "Oh yeah we buried the needle and then some," I heard Winnie laugh.

"What just happened? Did we just? I didn't think that was possible on the ground?"

"Oh it is possible," Winnie replied as she held onto the steering wheel, her knuckles turning white. "Oh and you might want to slam on the brakes now or we will shoot off into the ocean."

"Wait, what? Ocean? I didn't bring my bathing suit!" I slam a foot down so hard the pedal hits the floor board and we skid for what feels like miles coming to a stop. The car rocking back and forth when it does.

"That was awesome, I knew she had it in her," Winnie's said standing up as I looked back over my shoulder to see the twin black skid marks leading off into the distance. Without pause she hugged my face and did some acrobatic move out of the car, "Thank you monkey for the fun. Now the witch is that way," she said pointing into the distance.

I pull myself up a little to look over the door to see Winnie, "How are you going to get back home?"  She laughed, "This riverbed is my home so don't worry. Go find out about your tumbleweed problem."

I settled back down into the seat,"Okay, be safe Winnie."

"You too Monkey." I heard Winnie answer back as I started to head in the direction she pointed.

((Witches in the desert..... at least they don’t have to worry about water being splashed on them but they must be all stinky from sweating. Find out how to prevent that next time.))

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Re: Tails of Monkey - Adventure awaits!
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You know what will be more dramatic? A far out shot, so let's pull the camera out so you can barely see the car. But you can hear the car's roar from even way over there. Kind of hard to miss it really. ROAR GRRRR................ Cacti are swaying and rocks are jumping like jumping beans. What is that, you might ask. Looking off into the distance, you can see twin plums of desert stuff shooting up into the air. Higher and higher they go as the roar get louder, if that is possible.

You see a shiny starburst effect for a moment as the sun catches the grill. Then VOOM I shoot right pass you. The wind from my passing pulling on your clothes, oh please say that you have clothes on. Don't be naked out in the desert please. You can get a sunburn all over and tumbleweeds might poke you and sand might get in areas and do the sandpaper things on other parts. Then don't even get me started on scorpions, those confused little things. They look sort of  like lobsters but they aren't and they like to poke things with their tails. Maybe to remind others that they are there maybe. * poke poke * "I am here..... Why are falling down?" Maybe they like poking things going "Hey," then  playing dumb by just looking around.

Now you can focus the camera on me, the dramatic thing is done. Hands on the steering wheel in the proper positions, ten and two & my tail wearing its googles as it quickly bobs back and forth in the wind.  The lone figure passed in the desert is quickly disappearing behind me, getting smaller and smaller as I race away from it. For a moment I wonder who I just passed in the middle of nowhere, a strange stranger out for a walk in the middle of a desert. You know, "Just out for a stroll" sort of thing. Looking into the rear view mirror I can see something or someone back there, maybe they are waving and maybe it is a cactus. They always look like they are waving or temporary frozen in a dance move. Can never tell with cacti.

Far off in the distance I see a glint of light coming from something and if Winnie was right it would be only one thing, the witch's giant metal Twinkie. There I would find out why I have been seeing all of those tumbleweeds. Slowly I turn the steering wheel and the car is soon pointing towards the glinting thing. "Time to find out some answers," I say, drowned out by the roar of the engine as I press down on the gas pedal and the car accelerates, fire and smoke erupting from its pipes.

((Doing a little set up for the witch. You can’t just say “Look a witch” and not expect people to scream, witches to be dunk in cold rivers and something with ducks and wood.))