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September 19, 2020, 10:24:28 AM

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Author Topic: Beneath Our Paws; The Densite <Main IC Thread~>  (Read 10835 times)

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Beneath Our Paws; The Densite <Main IC Thread~>
« on: January 29, 2019, 03:08:22 PM »

☪〈 Chapter One; Blood Stained 〉 ↘

Kiowa is a wolf pack that has been around for many, many years. It lives and flourishes in De'Khan forest. It only receives about three to five months of warm weather. In the other months it is usually cold, cloudy and covered with snow. Kiowa had been run by the same bloodline of alphas since it had been established. Some of those alphas were good leaders, others not so much. One thing that remained constant, over the years, was the bloodlust that ran through some of the alpha bloodline's family and even in some of the pack members themselves. The once caring, and loving pack slowly started to become one that was more malicious and evil. Pack members turned on one another more often and large numbers of casualties began escalating. Some believe it to be a curse placed upon them. Others believe some are simply born with the "dark" trait. In recent years, an the current Alpha by the name of Reynu sought to try and rid his beloved pack of evil doers, those who he believed were Shaded. Wolves that showed uncontrollable signs of bloodlust and evil were outcast and unwelcome. That is until one mysterious night Reynu was found, along with his mate, by one of their trackers, near the riverbed, with both their throats completely ripped out and their bodies mutilated. It seemed the Alphas had been ambushed and taken out. Reynu and his mate, Kenjah, left behind two young pups, Vitani and Jag, and his brother, Zuya, who was also Kiowa Pack's Beta. Naturally it was Zuya who stepped up and became Kiowa's new alpha. It is said that since Vitani is the eldest, out of Reynu's last litter, once she finds a mate and becomes of age, she will be able to take her rightful place as the pack's alpha after challenging Zuya, or having him peacefully step down.

Things changed drastically under Zuya's reign. Wolves that craved bloodshed and lived to torment were now welcomed with open paws. Zuya has made it known that he only wants the best, strongest, fastest wolves to be a part of his pack. He's begun to allow others to take out the "weaker" wolves with no hesitation. He plans to expand and overtake any neighboring wolf packs. In order to survive in Kiowa, wolves needed to adjust. It quickly became a pack of "eat or be eaten."  It is rumored that Zuya was the one who killed their beloved alpha, Reynu, though no one knows for sure. Those who were suspicious and questioned Zuya's loyalty to the pack are now dead.

It has been about two years since Zuya has taken over Kiowa. His niece, Vitani, has grown and become of age. She's grown to hate the way her uncle has chosen to run their pack and has vowed to herself that she will take over and make things right. Deep down, however, she knows Zuya will never willingly give up his spot as alpha, even if it is her birthright. Zuya's comfortable in his position and seeks to find a suitable mate to help him rule the pack he has established, and is proud of, with an iron paw. He has made it clear on numerous occasions that he plans to make this reign a long one. The opposing wolves of Kiowa need to play their cards right if they want to overthrow the current alpha and his followers. They need to lay low, plan and gather followers in secret if they want to survive. Shaded wolves need to make the choice of embracing their inner darkness or try to hide their true self in order to stay "pure." Chaos will unfold. Trust will be tested. Kiowa's fate is in the paws of the pack.

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Re: Beneath Our Paws; The Densite <Main IC Thread>
« Reply #1 on: January 29, 2019, 03:10:42 PM »
☪〈 Rules 〉 ↘
This is a non-adult roleplay, open to anyone willing to join. Keep all "adult" material out of any and all threads pertaining to Beneath Our Paws. However, you are free to take it elsewhere if it gets to that point and it suits your fancy. ;)

Posts: Minimum requirements: name, and your character's rank in the roleplay. A picture within the post is not required, although it can be helpful for others. You are free to doll up your posts however you like. Keep the text between 9 and 12 sized font. 

Character Acceptance: Once the CS/Profile is complete, post your character here (click). I will let you know if I have any questions and if the character is approved. Once your character is approved, you may post them up in the character thread (click) and begin posting. Five characters maximum are allowed for new members. PM me (KillxLucky) or my mod (FinalWolf) before making a 6th (or more) characters.

Applications: It should be known Elite Ranks (Beta, Zulu, etc.) are obtained through consistency within the roleplay. Do not apply for the Elite ranks when first creating a character, since it is not guaranteed that you will get the position. If you would like to aspire for one of the elite ranks, please mention it to myself, or my mod, and you (your character) will be considered. The characters must be of real wolves only, no anime/cartoon photos.

Images (for application/CS): When submitting your application, change the image to a height of 350. Images for your posts can be however big or small you would like them.

Inactivity: If it so happens that your character is interacting with others and it has been some time since your last post, others are free to skip over your character in order to keep the roleplay moving forward. You are free to catch up and post when you have the time. If for whatever reason, you need to take a break from the roleplay, or Elliquiy, please PM me or my mod(s) and let us know. You and your character will be placed on the Hiatus list until you return.

Lastly: Have fun. This roleplay is not only my own, but yours as well. Please, if you have problems with someone try to work it out in a civilized matter. If you feel the matter is beyond your hands, feel free to shoot me a pm so that I can deal with the matter accordingly. Respect one another. I have the right to add, change, or remove rules at any given time. Also, if you join and are kicked from the roleplay, or can no longer continue with your character, I do have the right to either recast your character or have someone kill them off. In joining this roleplay, you are agreeing to these terms and conditions.

Note: We are not currently accepting pups. /// Refer to the 'Updates Post' located on the roleplay's main (this) page for important events that have already taken place within the roleplay. This section will help all roleplayers (new and old) to jump into the action. Happy Roleplaying!

Click the spoiler below to retrieve the character sheet to fill out and post.

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Code: [Select]
[floatleft][img height=350] Our Paws/BOPprofile_zpsiscp5jnl.jpg[/img][/floatleft]

[b]Name :[/b] [character's name]
[b]Age :[/b] [pup, young, adult, or elder]
[b]Gender :[/b] [male / female]
[b]Mate :[/b] [if any]
[b]Rank :[/b] [sitter, warrior, etc]
[b]Background :[/b] [character's bio]
[b]Personality :[/b] [character's personality]
[b]Extras :[/b] [anything we should know]
[b]Played By :[/b] [your username][/td][/tr][/table]

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Re: Beneath Our Paws; The Densite <Main IC Thread>
« Reply #2 on: January 29, 2019, 03:30:51 PM »
☪〈 Pack Law 〉 ↘

Accepting Alphas: If an Alpha male dies before the Alphaess, that female is forced to step down and the eldest male of that alpha pair will be the next alpha. In the event that there are no suitable offspring (if the pup is not yet of age, or is rejected by the pack for not being of a "pure bloodline," ) the Beta (usually always male) will automatically step up as the new alpha. The reason the current alpha female usually is not allowed to automatically retain her position is because she failed to produce an effective bloodline before her mate perished. It is seen as a sort of taboo for not completely fulfilling her alpha duties and continuing her mate's legacy and pure bloodline. Therefore, she is unable to take over as the sole alpha unless the pack rules for her to stay in her current position. In many cases, the Beta male may take the Alphaess as his mate. If the alpha male dies and there is a suitable offspring and they simply are not of age, the Alpha female, alone, will continue her reign until the pup is of age to be alpha. Offspring of an alpha that are not born to an alpha "mated pair," (alpha male's blood, but a mother who isn't the Alphaess) need to be voted upon by the pack. A ceremony will be held where the eldest bastard offspring will take a stance upon Alpha Rock. Those in favor of the bastard offspring will stand to one side, and those who are not on the other. Majority will rule. This is to keep the alpha bloodline "pure" and welcomed, in good standing, by the pack. The position is still given in the case of a tie.

Accepting Elite Roles: The alpha / alpha pair chooses who will hold the rank of any elite roles. The alpha(s) will then suggest to the pack who they would like as their leadership. Just like when a bastard offspring is considered for the alpha role, all wolves who are chosen by the alpha /alpha pair must go through a similar ceremony. The wolf looking to obtain a certain "Elite" role (Beta, Vita, Zulu, Racija etc, etc.) must stand upon Alpha Rock and be voted upon the pack. Majority will rule. Upon approval of the pack, that wolf will be promoted. If declined, that wolf will remain at his / her current rank.

Ranks and Respect: Higher ranking wolves, or the Elite group, are very much respected. Majority of them were chosen by the Alpha(s), and accepted by the pack, to hold their current ranks. This means these wolves have shown potential, confidence, guidance, and earned the trust of the pack and their alpha(s). Wolves who chose not to respect the Elite are dealt with accordingly. It is not uncommon for an Elite wolf to assert themselves over a lower ranking wolf as a display of dominance until the other wolf submits by exposing their underside, or lowering themselves close to the ground and licking upon the higher ranking wolf's chin. Those are just to name a few "submitting" techniques. Higher Ranking wolves can be challenged (through a fight) for their positions. If the challenger is successful (by forcing the challenged to submit), they become the holder of that rank and do not need pack's approval through the ceremony. They alpha(s) will decide to keep them or deny their advancement in rank. If the challenger fails, there is a possibility of demotion or even death. The lowest ranks within the pack are the outcasts and omega.

Mating and Courtship: Before two wolves become a mated pair, they must go through a period of courtship. Courting consists of "flirting," which includes close rubbing of the pelts, spending lots of time with one another and even the male building a den for the female to show he is serious about their relationship and possibly building a family. These are to name just a few examples. If a mated pair would like to "mate" and have a litter, first they must seek acceptance from the alpha pair. With their approval, the pair is able to mate. This way, the alpha pair can keep tabs on their pack while it is flourishing. If the pair mates without the alpha pair's consent, it is punishable by demotion or even worse. Every two months (in real time), for the second week of the month (Sunday-Sunday), many of the adult females of the pack will go into heat. This will cause more aggression from the males in attempts to satisfy their mating needs.
Note; When planning to make a litter, consider how many pups you would like your pair to have and also make plans with who will play those pups. At the most, a litter will consist of 6 pups.

Fighting: Be realistic. For example, when it comes down to fighting, a pup can not take down an adult wolf alone. If fighting occurs, plan out who will be the winner and how you want the fight to go. If a winner can not be determined, a dice roll will be used to determine the winner. Injuries sustained within the fight must be okay'd with the character's owner. Don't permanently scar or maim someone's character without them knowing.

Hunting: Depending on the prey will determine the amount of wolves needed to take it down. The Racija Hunter is normally the leader of the hunts. He / she normally decides when a hunt should be held and what they are going for. It is not uncommon for trackers to assist with the hunts in order to increase their chances on finding a suitable prey. Below is a list of prey as well as how many wolves it takes into order to capture and kill that prey.

Hare : 1 wolf

Beaver: 1 wolf

Wild Boar: 1-2 wolves

Deer: 2-3 wolves

Antelope: 2-3 wolves

Elk: 4-5 wolves

Moose(rare): 5-6 wolves

Bison(Rare): 7-8 wolves
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Re: Beneath Our Paws; The Densite <Main IC Thread>
« Reply #3 on: January 29, 2019, 03:31:21 PM »
☪〈 Ranks 〉 ↘
BOP is not accepting pups at the moment.

Elite Roles.
Alphas: The Alpha (or Alphas) of the pack are the main two wolves in charge. They are the highest ranking individuals in the pack and are treated with a generous amount of respect from a lot of the pack members. The Alpha male usually always outranks the Alpha female. However, it is not uncommon for them to share responsibilities. These positions are retained by a mated pair, one of which is typically born into the position and then selects a mate of the opposite gender. Alphas have the right to promote and demote wolves they see fit. Alphas have the authority to pick who they want to be their Beta and Elite members. The pack have a small say-so in the Elite positions as well. It is the Alpha's job to keep a flourishing and healthy pack. They decide important matters from if a mated pair is allowed to have pups, all the way to if a newcomer will be accepted into the pack.

Beta: There is only one Beta within the pack. This wolf (usually male) is chosen by the Alpha(s) to be his/her second in command. This rank is highly respected by the pack. This wolf have proven themselves worthy over time of the rank by providing loyalty to the pack and their alphas. In the event that an alpha is not present, the Beta is in charge of the pack. They have the authority to demote wolves whenever necessary, however, not to promote to any position aside from pack member or worker roles.

Vita: This is the third highest ranking wolf in the Pack. Another very respectable rank. This wolf is the leader of the warriors. Should the alphas or the Betas not be around to take over, the Vita Warrior is the next in charge. His/Her job is to keep the warriors in tip-top shape in case of any combat. They lead sparring and friendly fights. When it comes to battle plans and training, the Vita Warrior is normally sought out.

Racija: This is the fourth highest ranking wolf. The Racija is the leader of the hunters. This wolf is in charge of leading the hunting parties and making sure the pack is properly fed. At times, the Sleuth Tracker and Racija Hunters work together on hunts to secure a successful hunt.

Sleuth: The fifth highest ranking wolf. This wolf is the leader of the Trackers. This wolf is often used to go on hunts as he/she has in immaculate amount of expertise when it comes to tracking down wolves and prey. It is not uncommon for him/her to be used for spying techniques as well. Usually with a slim, small build, this wolf is quick and nimble to slip in an out of situations unnoticed.

Zulu: The next ranking wolf after the Sleuth Tracker. This wolf has an extensive amount of knowledge when it comes to herbal properties and healing. The Zulu Inyanga teaches the, less experienced, inyanga about different plants and herbs that will keep the pack healthy and flourishing. When a wolf is injured the Zulu Inyanga is sought out for help.

NOTE: Elite roles are not automatically obtained within the roleplay. If you  have a character that you would like to eventually become an elite, make sure you put into your character's performance that they are aspiring the rank in the rank section. For example. Name: Ku'Jin. Rank: Tracker (Aspiring Sleuth). Obtain these ranks by staying active within the roleplay.

Worker Roles.
Warriors: These are some of the most powerful wolves in the pack. Many of them are very large and strong to help with their battling skills. Their job is to protect the pack by fighting off any enemies they may encounter.

Hunters: These wolves have the job of keeping the pack fed. They are led by the Racija Hunter who takes it upon his or herself to decide when they next hunt will be and what they will be hunting. In the case that there is no Racija hunter, one of these wolves may take it upon themselves to lead a hunt and show initiative.

Trackers: A tracker job is to sound the alarm in case of any emergency or disorder. They spend a lot of time keeping watch for any outside threats like other wild animals or outsider wolves that may be passing through. If a tracker show exceptional skill at his/her job, they may be considered for the Sleuth role to take control the rest of the trackers and teach them to be better.

Inyanga: These are the healers of the pack. They specialize with plants and herbs, knowing which are beneficial to a wolf and what could be detrimental. Often time, the leader of the inyanga, the Zulu, is sought out for emergencies, however inyanga are experienced enough to help out as well.

Sitters: This wolves look over the pack's pups and teach them majority of what they need to know to survive. In a case of orphaned pup, they spend lots of time with the sitters. These sitters introduce the pups to the roles of the pack and encourage them to aspire one of them in order to be a beneficial asset. They only raise the pups until they're about a year, then the pups much move on within the pack.

Regular Roles.
Pack Members: These wolves don't necessarily have an "important role" within the pack. Some wolves aren't cut out for any of the jobs and as such, they help where they can. It is not uncommon to see them participating in a hunt, if the Racija Hunter approves and believes they need extra paws to help. They can also be used by the warriors as sparring partners as well. This rank also belongs to some of the elder wolves within the pack whom have completed their years faithfully withing the pack and can no longer perform in a helpful way. Elders within the pack usually double as sitters for the pups in the pack or great story tellers.

Pups: Pups within the pack are somewhere between the age of 1 year old and younger. Their primary role in the pack is to just be a pup. They are often found tagging along with the sitters, or their parents, learning new things. Sometimes, they can be found watching a rank of their choice to see if they would like the job. Most times, they're playing or feeding.

Outsiders: These are wolves who aren't yet a part of the pack, but would like to join. The pack is usually weary of outsiders, however, if an outsiders sticks around long enough and doesn't pose as a threat, he/she is usually accepted into the pack as a pack member. From there, they can stay at their current rank, or aspire to become one of the worker roles.

Punished Roles.
These wolves are subject to auto attack at any time and are expected to submit without hesitation.Take this into consideration when applying for these ranks.

Omegas: The lowest ranks within the pack are the outcasts and omega.  An Omega is a wolf has disobeyed pack law to the point of demotion. This wolf is treated rather poorly within the pack because of his/her wrongdoings. This wolf is always the last to eat and is usually left with scraps, causing him/her to be very bony and unhealthy.

Outcasts: The lowest of all ranks. This wolf is no longer allowed in the pack at all and is sent away with brutal beatings and scars left upon his/her body. Outcasted wolves are chased off by the pack and left for dead, unless lucky enough to find another pack who will take them in. If they do return, they are attacked and killed on the spot.

Currently Filled Roles.
Total=(13) ;; Males=(10) ;; Females (10)
Alphas (2): Zuya (KillxLucky)
Beta (0): TBD
Vita (0): TBD
Racija (0): TBD
Sleuth (0): TBD
Zulu (0): TBD
Warriors (2): Vitani (KillxLucky), Slasher (finalwolf), Aspen (Bluezuki), Ifrit (SweetPotatoPie), Zander (satnis)
Hunters (1): Jag (finalwolf), Jadene (Cascarones), Juno (Delrowe)
Trackers (3): Sasha (finalwolf), Ku'Jin (KillxLucky), Relic (finalwolf)
Inyanga (2): Mute (Loremaster Kenchi), Tsuki (finalwolf)
Sitters (1): Bhaltair (SweetPotatoPie)
Pack Members (2): Nuka (KillxLucky), Kize (finalwolf), Kythe (satnis)
Pups/Young ():
Outsiders (): Lavi (Loremaster Kenchi)
Omega(s) ():
Outcasts (0):
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Re: Beneath Our Paws; The Densite <Main IC Thread>
« Reply #4 on: January 29, 2019, 03:31:34 PM »
☪〈 Hiatus Roleplayers / Roleplayers No Longer here 〉 ↘

Username: [character name here] how they died.

NPC: Caine: To be killed by Zuya.

FinalWolf: Ryka: character is deceased (Killed by the "pup killer" )

NPC: Pecado: killed by Mute. (Unknown to anyone except Slash, Tsuki and Vitani)

NAME: NAME Hiatus Roleplayer

No One: [character name here]
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Re: Beneath Our Paws; The Densite <Main IC Thread>
« Reply #5 on: January 29, 2019, 03:31:51 PM »
☪〈 Important Updates 〉 ↘

This section should help out new comers when joining the roleplay. It's some of the more important updates that have happened within the roleplay and should give everyone a good idea of where/how to start off their characters if they happen to get stuck.

Update: (outcast, 'pup killer,') is presumed dead.
Outcast is attacked and chased away by members of the pack.

Update: Ryka and Sans are missing. There was a blizzard that lasted through the night and finally died down in the morning.

Update: Sans is determined dead by Mute, Vitani, Tsuki and Slash. Her body was never (should never) be recovered. Ryka's body was found by Ku'Jin and showed signs of being attacked and killed rather than frozen to death. She was put to rest.

Feb 4, 2019 Update: BOP Moves to E and officially starts.

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Re: Beneath Our Paws; The Densite <Main IC Thread>
« Reply #6 on: January 29, 2019, 03:32:09 PM »
☪〈 Most Recent Timeskip 〉 ↘

Weather: Cloudy. Cold. Light winds. The sun has gone down. The air is cold. Snow continues to blanket the ground, though much of it has melted from the sunny day. Some areas of the forest and densite may be most wet and muddy than usual.

Time of Day: Nighttime

Last Hunt: Page 1. An Adult Male Elk. (An Auto'd hunt). The Elk carcass has already lost majority of it's nutritious content. Mostly bones and bits of frozen flesh remain.

Last Timeskip. Page 4.
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Re: Beneath Our Paws; The Densite <Main IC Thread>
« Reply #7 on: February 04, 2019, 12:34:26 PM »
Name: Zuya
Rank: Kiowa Alpha
Location: Densite; Alpha's Den.

The large white wolf walked at an leisurely pace, heading back toward the densite from the river. He had needed some time to think after his most recent conversation with Tsuki. If things were to go according to plan with the Inyanga, perhaps, he could persuade her to worship the very ground he walked upon. She was becoming Shaded, no doubt, and that was the very thing the Alpha banked upon with many of the wolves within the pack. Alpha Zuya's nostrils flared, inhaling the cool morning air. The sun had not broken over the horizon up, though it threatened to make itself known as the sky became streaked with oranges and reds, marking the dawn of a new day. He had been awake all night attending to these matters, now as the sole alpha of Kiowa, once again. A strange vision occurred him during his chat. His deceased mate had been beside him as he spoke with Tsuki, uncomfortable with the "special treatment" he had given the inyanga over her. It had been only a mere few days since her passing.. due to his brutal beating. The alpha didn't regret his violent actions. Only the fact that he had lost his heir in the act as well. But this showed the pack he wasn't one to be trifled with. Even his own disobedient "mate" was not above the rules of respect toward him. She had thought it best to try and show that she was equal to him, despite his warnings of her staying in her place. She paid the ultimate cost for trying to assert her dominance over him. Zuya had no equal. This was his pack, and his alone.

The scent of the fresh kill had pulled Zuya's thoughts back to reality. He was already back at the densite, his presence was eagerly anticipated by the others. The hunters had been successful in bringing down a bull elk earlier, and everyone was waiting patiently for him to have his fill before daring to dig into their first bite. That was how things went; Alphas were first in everything essential for survival. The pack needed to protect the alpha at all costs. That loyalty seemed to only run in a few wolves' veins, but Zuya would soon show them the way of the world; his way of the world. Many wolves were not lingering too close to the kill, but they stood and waited on the outskirts, waiting for their chance to eat. Zuya had made it known that he didn't like other's in his space as he attended to the needs of his rumbling belly.

Zuya made his way to the elk and wasted no time ripping into the belly of the beast; that's were all the soft, tinder parts of the flesh were. The stomach, the liver, kidneys, but his most favorite was the heart. It was a little symbolic, to him. Without a heart, lungs, the essential organs, an animal couldn't live.. just like with Zuya this pack would fall apart. Zuya ate greedily, putting his, now bloodied, muzzle into the beast, while still keeping an eye on others. He always watched his surroundings. It was rare he let his guard down. In his mind, someone was always out to get him. They were out for his position. Who in their right minds wouldn't be?

Some time had passed and Zuya had finally had his fill. Due to his lack of sleep, he didn't seem to be as hungry as usual. Instead, he opted for eating enough to get his fill and, for once, leaving some of the better parts for the others to fight over; a test. Who would be viscous enough to attack other members of the pack for food? There was plenty for everyone, yes but who would be so bold enough to engorge themselves just because they could? Thus, tapping into that Shaded part of themselves, if they had it within them. Zuya liked to keep an eye on those wolves for his own purpose.

The alpha parted with his meal, lapping at some of the access blood on his maw and paws and he sat in the opening on his den. Now would be the time for anyone who wished to speak to him to approach. His belly was full, meaning he would be less irritable. Zuya's ears twitched as he thought he heard the coos of newborn pups, only to be reminded it was the sound of his imagination. “She could have at least birthed pups that weren't still born.” He thought to himself. His mate had been pregnant when he attacked and, ultimately, killed her. She survived long enough to give birth to eleven premature pups, all of which turned out to be dead at birth. “How pathetic she was.” He growled in annoyance, ears flattening against his head. The past was in the past now. He's have to find a new mate. Someone smarter; someone who knew when to keep their fucking mouth shut and to not challenge him because they felt they were on the same level as him. As far as he was concerned, he only took a mate for the sake of progressing his lineage. His infidelity while being mated showed that, but those pups, too were dead, thanks to his mate. He couldn't have a mate who wasn't completely behind him 100% of the time, which was why she was no longer a part of the pack.

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Re: Beneath Our Paws; The Densite <Main IC Thread/Open to Everyone~>
« Reply #8 on: February 04, 2019, 02:22:48 PM »

Slash the Warrior

With: Zuya
Mood: Tired
Location: Zuya's den

Slash trotted back to the main den site, just in time to see a fresh kill be brought in. He wasn't as hungry as others. Though, where was Zuya? Normally Zuya was digging in right away upon a fresh kill. Any worry was soon passed when he watched the white brute show himself and begin to eat. Honestly, he had another reason to hate his alpha, he murdered his own mate. While he never cared for his mate to begin with, she was pregnant, and due to his actions he murdered innocent pups. Many paid little attention about losing their female alpha, it was done because of their alpha, the 'only one' they should ever follow. Sure Slash was young when Zuya took over, but he still remembered how the pack use to be ran. This, running this pack purely on fear wasn't something he enjoyed or agreed with. It was a reason for him on why he wanted to take down Zuya, but then that meant he'd have to be the next alpha, and that just wasn't his thing. Still, if he got the chance, he'd take it. He could always pass it along to Jag or Vitani.

Slash sighed as he would have to wait to speak with Zuya to give him the report about Pecado. He sat down, though it didn't seem as long as normal before Zuya left. He tilted his head briefly before he trotted up to the carcus. Wolves beginning to snarl at each other and he saw why. Zuya left 'good' stuff. Slash snorted and turned to walk away from this. He was happy with whatever he got as long as it was food. It wasn't worth fighting the others over the 'soft' stuff. The harder stuff helped make a strong jaw, at least that's how he saw it.

Soon enough, he managed to be outside of Zuya's den. "Alpha Zuya, I'm here to give a report about a small adventure I and a few others had the day prior." Slash spoke as he waited for Zuya to come out. When he did, Slash continued on his report. "Mute had gone missing, Tsuki was worried, she asked Vitani and I to go with her to find him. We did, following his scent up a mountain. Vitani and I left Tsuki and Mute, to go hunt. We heard a commotion, apparently Pecado had followed and got into a fight with Mute. Due to the clifts there being covered in snow, it was hard to tell what was a cliff and what was held together by snow and ice. Mute and Pecado tumbled down the mountain, when we reached them, Mute was alive, but in poor condition. He's resting now. Pecado on the other hand, is dead. Landed on his head on a large rock from the fall." He added on how Pecado died in hopes that Zuya wouldn't press the matter further.

The truth of it all, was he wasn't about to let Zuya know that Mute might be shaded. He hoped this was a one time deal for Mute, the way he had murdered Pecado and left him the way he did, was something he was going to have nightmares about for awhile. Though telling Vitani about it all in detail, he did manage to feel like some of the load of this was lightened.

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Re: Beneath Our Paws; The Densite <Main IC Thread>
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Name: Zuya
Rank: Kiowa Alpha
Location: Densite; Alpha's Den.

Zuya silently watched over his pack mates. His emerald orbs glossing over each and every one of them. Admittedly, there were a few who's names he did not know, only their faces, but it was because they had not taken the initiative to display the importance of their presence within the pack with him. There was one, however, who was coming to the alpha's direction. As mentioned by Tsuki previously, Slash had a report he needed to give. In the walk toward the the river and back, Zuya recalled such information and wondered what it could have been about and why the leisure .. or hesitance in the brute.

As Slash gave his full report, Alpha Zuya remained quiet, allowing him to speak freely before asking the questions he had. “Do you know why they got into a fight?” Not that it mattered much, but if was according to a dominance thing, perhaps Mute did well to hold his own. It still meant they now had one less member of the pack. Instead of growing and prospering, they were willingly killing themselves. .. possibly a price that needed to be paid. The weaker wolves needed to die off sooner than later, that way their strengthening numbers would have wolves suitable for the pack that was yet to come.

“Tsuki told me you had a report to tell me. I suppose this was it.” He stated calmly.
“What were you doing that took you so long?” He asked, with a low growl, completely throwing Tsuki under the bus. He was curious as to if Slash would mind or care that she had inadvertently gotten the warrior into "trouble." But he also, genuinely, wondered what was so important that, “You took your sweet time telling me a member of the pack was dead. ” Zuya stood now, peering deep into the brute's eyes.

“And why were you the messenger? Why did Tsuki feel she wanted you to explain the story? Why not Vitani or Mute, himself? Surely he's okay enough to come back to the densite, a few paces here to my report can't have been too much of a bother.” Zuya watched Slash with a bit of a bored expression, somewhat emotionless. The only indication of his slight irritation was a flick of his tail as it swayed behind him.
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Re: Beneath Our Paws; The Densite <Main IC Thread/Open to Everyone~>
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Name: Vitani
Rank: Kiowa Warrior
Location: Densite; Near the Inyanga den.
Out.Of.Character~ Testin' system.

When Slash parted ways with her, Vitani cut her sparring time short with her fellow warrioress. She needed to get her bleeding paw checked out by the Inyanga. The fae stood, bidding the warrior adieu before taking her leave. With a slight limp, Vitani made her way toward the Inyanga den, where she noted Mute being tending to, and a few others. She waited patiently for one of them to be free and give her attention. A lithe, cream-colored female with pale blue eyes approached, nuzzling her softly.

“What can I do for you, Vitani?” The female healer asked in a kind, soft voice.

“Oh, I uhm.” Vitani hadn't noticed the female come up from behind her and was a bit taken aback. She shifted to lift her injured, right paw, which was now coated in blood from the bedding of her nail.

“Oh, my. You all do need to be careful!” She lightly scolded, but still held a warm smile. “Come. Sit.”

The female lead Vitani over to an empty corner of the den, having her sit on her haunches. “Lift your paw a bit. Let me see.” Vitani did as she was told, lifting the injured paw. Quietly she watched as the inyanga lapped away at the wound, clearing it of blood. She inspected it for a few moments before leaving to fetch a few herbs from the neat pile that was collected for use. The Inyanga soon returned, chewing an herbal paste in her mouth. She began smearing the chewed past onto the wound, a way to help stop the bleeding.

“Your quick has been lightly damaged. It's a wonder you aren't in more pain.” She told Vitani, quirking a furry eyebrow upward.

“I've been numbing it with the snow. But now that it's thawing out... I--Ah!”  Vitani winced as the inyanga went in to apply a second coat. Vitani was met with a quick, muffled, “Sorry,” from the healer.

A few more minutes and the patching process seemed to be finished. “Here.” The inyanga nosed a few, small, dried berries in her direction, along with a root of some sort. “Dried blueberries and burdock. It'll help with infection and inflammation. Sorry they're so dry. These were picked before the snow, and we try to keep them as best as possibly. ” She explained, sheepishly.

“It's fine, thank you.” Vitani nodded to the inyanga in appreciation before taking the herbs to mouth and chewing quickly. She shook her head, trying to hide the disgust of the taste.

“Here's a mint leave as well. For.. the taste. Lap some snow or water from the river to help as well.. Stay off of that until the paste hardens and falls off on it's own. Try to keep it from getting wet in the snow. You're free to rest here until it dries.” She smiled, then left Vitani to her own.

Vitani stood, though she didn't leave the den site away. She didn't exactly feel like limping around to keep the, still-wet, paste from melting off. And the idea of a future alpha limping from a small flesh wound would probably be a lasting, negative, impact on a lot of wolves. The brown fae opted for sitting in the opening of the large den, peering out. Perhaps she should have ate first before coming here.

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Re: Beneath Our Paws; The Densite <Main IC Thread/Open to Everyone~>
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Slash the Warrior

With: Zuya
Mood: Tired
Location: Zuya's den

"Pecado wasn't happy about Mute or Tsuki, since they weren't born in this pack. Though it seemed he had a bit of a payback for Mute for something that happened awhile ago." Slash had gathered that intel when he had asked Tsuki about it. He kept his gaze on his alpha and waited to see what else he'd have to say. When he mentioned Tsuki had told him about the report he didn't flinch or show any emotion on it. Tsuki wasn't the kind to go behind someone's back, she probably just mentioned it in passing and had assumed that Slash, like a good boy, would have come to Zuya first.

"I ended up becoming distracted, though that's no excuse. Meeka had been injured, badly, and I wanted to see that she would at least make it through the night." Slash did his best to keep any anger out of his voice, but the bitterness was there. Zuya was an unstable, fearful, alpha, and he was one that had no problem murdering others if his mood was sour. This was not an alpha he wished to follow. The growl that Zuya had given, didn't rattle Slash, he was ready to dodge or fight back if he must, but for now he wasn't too concerned. That was, until Zuya stood up and stared at him, right in the eyes. "Pecado was barely much of anything in this pack besides a nuisance, but you're right, I should have informed you immediately."

Slash's muscles had become tensed as he continued to watch for any movement from Zuya. Slash was not one to cower or lower himself until the final moments, but he wasn't foolish enough to act like an alpha either. Zuya continued on with the questions. "I felt it was my responsibility to keep them all safe, as the male warrior in the group, thus why I became the messenger. And Tsuki wished me to explain it as she's timid, seeing someone she cares for, a lot, fight and then fall and become injured the way he did, she's probably shaken up by it." Why did he have to sit here and explain himself on why he became the messenger. "Mute's simple enough, he is in very poor shape, broken ribs I believe and could be more. Plus getting a full story out of him is always hard since he doesn't speak. I also decided I overrode Vitani in this as I am the male, as mentioned earlier, I felt responsible for the four of us." He knew exactly how it made this sound, that he saw it that he was better than the three others, that wasn't the case, but if he could keep Zuya away from them in all of this mess, he would. The less Zuya knew, the better for Mute, and then the better for him and Vitani as he had told her about this. About what he had seen.

Slash took notice that Zuya seemed bored with all of this. It was a boring report, he'd give that, and one that should have been easy overall for a short dismissal, but no, it wasn't due to the fact he had delayed the report.

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Re: Beneath Our Paws; The Densite <Main IC Thread/Open to Everyone~>
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Jag the Hunter

With: Vitani
Feeling: Proud
Where: Healers Den

Jag had stayed near the meal he had helped take down. He was rather proud of it as they, the hunters did a damn good job at it. Though waiting to eat was always a bothersome for him. He wanted to sink his teeth in before Zuya, but the punishment wouldn't be worth it. Plus he'd much rather keep his Uncle happy. His ears twitched when he saw his Uncle come and enjoy the food. He couldn't help but stand a little taller and grin, happy to see his Uncle seemed happy about the kill. Though, something was odd, when he took notice his Uncle had left some of the softer parts. His ears twitched as he looked at the other wolves who where already growling at each other and tempting others to fight.

Jag wasn't stupid, he side stepped away from those wolves, letting them fight over and snip at each other as they tried to get closer to the meat. Him on the other hand, managed to snag a few mouth fulls of the soft, gooey, goodness, before he took a bone covered in meat and trotted off. He was pretty proud of himself for the whole thing. He enjoyed the soft stuff, but he wasn't a glutten to eat it all either. A couple bites was more than enough and the others could have some too.

He laid down away from the kill pile and began to pull apart the meat on his bone when he took notice his sister went into the healers den. He tilted his head as he chewed what was in his mouth. He stood up, picking up his meat covered bone and trotted into the den. It was rare to see the healers out at the kill pile right away, they weren't ones that normally fought and perhaps they didn't mind with the left overs. Still, they should get some of the meaty parts, they worked just as hard as any other member of the pack, for the most part.

Jag dropped his food by Vitani as he looked her over and took notice her paw was why she had come here. "Again? That's one thing I will never understand about you warriors, sure sparring is good and all, but one or both of you always end up bloody." Jag easily could have taken on the role of a warrior, but he choose hunter. Hunter seemed wiser to him, plus on a hunt, hunters where in charge. While Jag wouldn't agree he enjoyed being a leader, it was natural for him. Still, it didn't mean he wanted to run the pack. That position was for their uncle now, and he respected it. "You take the rest of the food there. I got my fill anyway. Zuya was interesting earlier, nice enough to leave some of the good stuff. Idiots out there though fought over it. I managed to snag a couple of bites." He gave a toothy grin as he was still quite proud of himself.

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Re: Beneath Our Paws; The Densite <Main IC Thread>
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Name: Zuya
Rank: Kiowa Alpha
Location: Densite; Alpha's Den.

It seemed that Slash was not phased by the declaration that Tsuki had seemingly thrown Slash under the bus. Zuya could sense the brute's uneasiness, though he did not let his own guard down. Ears twitching as he listened, Zuya snorted in response to Slash. All excuses, in his mind. Perhaps he just did not like the brute, for one reason or another and somewhat enjoyed giving him a difficult time. Zuya couldn't place his paw on it but the warrior before him definitely rubbed him the wrong way. Narrowing his emerald eyes, he finally spoke. “You seem to care a lot for that Omega of ours.” Zuya's body became visibly relaxed. A few bristled hairs on his neck began to smooth out, flattening itself against his body once again. “I had hoped she would not survive the night... But she may be of use one day..” He admitted. He wasn't trying to get a rise out of him this time, simply speaking as a matter-of-factually. To him, the Omega was as good as dead. She only stuck around for the very last resort of him impregnating her to further his lineage, but even he knew that was an all time low. Situations would absolutely need to be dire for that to happen, though.. he still kept it as a viable option. “I allowed the universe to decide her fate instead of ending her life on my own. Seems Mother Moon was in her favor, hm?”

Zuya shook out his pelt, relaxing himself further and releasing any given tension within his muscles. “Unless you have more to say, then you are dismissed.” He told him casually, already beginning to walk away.
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Re: Beneath Our Paws; The Densite <Main IC Thread/Open to Everyone~>
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Name: Vitani
Rank: Kiowa Warrior
Location: Densite; Near the Inyanga den.
Company: Jag
Out.Of.Character~ Testin' system.

Vitani watched as her brother made his way toward the Inyanga den and invited himself if. A cheeky grin spread across Vitani's maw as she made room for her brother. She wrinkled her nose, playfully at his initial comment. “That's the fun in it.” She teased, laughing lightly. The fae became even more amused as Jag announced that he "managed to snag" a few of the good scraps. “You seem so very proud of yourself, Jag. And thank you.” Vitani offered the brute a light nuzzle, licking his chin lovingly before digging into the meal he had brought her. “Sticking around to keep me company?” Vitani asked between bites. Happy grumblings escaped her lips as she ate. Even her stomach growled in happiness. Her last meal had been.. well, before those beavers her and Slash had caught. They hadn't exactly had the chance to eat those with the avalanche and all. Vitani's tail wags happily in bliss. She hadn't realized it, being busy with other's problems and sparring, but she was starving.

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Re: Beneath Our Paws; The Densite <Main IC Thread/Open to Everyone~>
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Rank: Sitter
Location: Healer's Den

There wasn’t too much for Bhaltair to be doing, not these days. It disappointed him and made him feel useless, with no pups around to teach and watch over. He was especially disappointed over the loss of the alpheass, and maybe a little bitter. He didn’t know the entire thing and he highly doubted he would ever know the entire situation that went down. It didn’t matter though, she was dead, and the puppies were as well. He heaved a sigh as he sat within the entrance of the sitter’s den, his gaze empty as he stared at the large elk carcass that everyone gathered around. Some were more patient than others. He didn’t feel like fighting for his meal anymore than he had to, so he usually took his sweet time. That, and he would rather the ones providing for the pack to eat first. They earned it when they took the beast down. Zuya came and ate his fill, not taking his time to linger anymore than he had to. The rest of the wolves came to life, feeding their hungry bellies. Finally, he rose and quickly dodged some of the other wolves to steal the biggest slab of meat he could.

He paced quickly back to the den and sat to eat his meal in peace, growling to anyone who thought they might challenge him for his meat. He had made a promise to himself long ago when Zuya took over that he wasn’t going to be an easy target. He was full enough, but he didn’t grab so much that his belly was swollen. He was satisfied enough and lay there licking his paws. As he did so, he noticed Jag bringing some to the healer’s den. At first, he was going to shrug it off, but he did remem

  “Was everyone okay in the hunt today?”  He asked, peering in. He saw Vitani and, not knowing how she was really injured, noticed the wrap on her paw and wondered if she had been injured. He would pry though, if that wasn’t the case. He looked to Jag and he grinned with pride for him. “You guys brought in a good haul today!” He praised, always there to encourage and praise when he could. “ I wanted to make sure to say thank you for all your hard work.” He ducked his head in a slight bow before looking to Vitani. “Are you alright?” He wouldn’t ask how or why, for all he knew it was because of the hunt. He just cares that she was okay.
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Re: Beneath Our Paws; The Densite <Main IC Thread/Open to Everyone~>
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Rank: Warrior
Location: Within the densite, on his own in a little half circle snow fort

Ifrit stood with the other wolves of the pack, patiently waiting for Zuya to come eat. Ifrit had lingered for the hunt on stand by for if he was needed. As a warrior, he was there to mostly protect them and let the hunters do their job. They had done a wonderful one and took this beast down with hard work. He licked his lips, drool had been accumulating now and again. He was hungry. He sat, resting a bit as he waited. Realistically it wasn’t that long, but when there’s literally a pack of hungry wolves growing impatient, it seemed like forever before Zuya was there. Ifrit watched the alpha pick a spot and begin to eat. His gaze turned to look at the sky, seeing the hue of the clouds starting to change colors. Dawn was upon them. He looked down again to see that their alpha was finished and leaving. A low grumble was immediate in his chest, a warning to wolves to keep their distance as he paced forward. He didn’t want to fight, but he would. He just wanted to eat his fill and leave.

He didn’t leave, but laid down and tore at the carcass, snarling if a wolf got too close to him. As a warrior, he had no problems using brute force to knock a wolf away. Finally, just as he was getting full, he tore off a large meaty bone and left to pick spot in the snow. He went back to his spot he’d previously moved powdered snow from earlier and spun to make sure it was still packed down and sat, enjoying the last bit of his meal. He moved on from it to clean himself, his ears twitching with the sounds of wolves still scuffling over what they wanted. Now and again he would watch, baring teeth if one dared to come steal what he had. He stood up and stretched before shaking out his coat and sitting again. He was no longer temperamental from being hungry, he was quite satisfied now. He let his eyes roam until he spied Slash next to Zuya. He hadn’t seen his fellow warrior much and wondered what he was up to, but not enough to get up and go ask. Besides that, he was with Zuya and clearly busy… even if the alpha seemed a little bored with whatever they were discussing. Ifrit’s eyes didn’t linger long and respectfully avoided direct eye contact with his alpha. For now, he got up and circled his space again and laid in a tight ball, keeping his yellow eyes on the rest of the pack while he rested.

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Re: Beneath Our Paws; The Densite <Main IC Thread/Open to Everyone~>
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Jag the Hunter

With: Vitani and Bhaltair
Feeling: Proud
Where: Healers Den

Jag raised a brow and then shook his head. That was the issue with the warriors, it was fun to them, jokingly or not. They lived to become stronger, they lived to keep this pack safe. Not that he had any trouble doubting their abilities, he just wasn't the one to go out of his way for pointless fighting, including sparring. If he wanted to practice his skill set, all he had to do was find an animal, and get it. He gave a toothy grin when she spoke about him being proud of himself. "I don't know if you remember just how good the soft stuff is. I don't think I could eat it all the time, but every now and then, it hits the right spot." He returned the light nuzzle, as he laid down and watched her eat. "Any anytime. As for keeping you company," He shrugged. "I don't really have anything or anywhere else to be right now. Might as well keep you company."

Jag's ears twitched when he heard someone else entering the den, Bhaltair. "No major injuries this time besides a few bruises on a few of us. Got lucky." Taking down the elks where never an easy feat and one that usually lead to at least one injured. He had led this past hunt himself, and took his time and made sure none of the wolves with him had taken the wrong step. He wouldn't allow a misstep and he didn't want an injury on any of them. Though what saved them the energy this time, was the elk had misstep and fallen which left many of them to quickly react. Again, he gave his toothy grin, and this time his tail swished from side to side. "Just doing our job, but glad we where able to find and take down what we did. Should keep the pack fed for a little while at least. Unless they don't choose to space it out." His face fell neutral once more. The pack went a few extra days without food during winter, it was harder to find good prey. When they did, it seemed the pack took more than what they should. For him, it was a problem to be addressed, but he wasn't sure how to bring it up to Zuya. Surely his uncle saw it, surely he saw that hunger was one of the problems this pack was often facing, but still nothing was done. He could go out hunting more, but the more they went, they less time the hunters had to recover and gather up their energy again.

"You know, Bhaltair, you could see about taking a temp position with the hunters. Keep you busy at least until some more pups are born." Jag also knew this pack needed more pups. This was a hard year for the pack and with hardly any pups being born, it didn't look good. It meant they would have to rely on outsiders joining, and he wasn't keen on that idea. At least not when they where weak themselves, but he'd never suggest to his uncle that they where weak.

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Re: Beneath Our Paws; The Densite <Main IC Thread/Open to Everyone~>
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Slash the Warrior

With: Zuya > Nobody
Mood: Tired, Upset
Location: Zuya's den > Near kill pile

Slash kept his muzzle shut as Zuya spoke about the Omega. Of course he cared for her, just like he did for any other member of this pack. Of course, some more than others, but they where his pack and he had to keep them safe, even form their alpha if he had to. What was worse, was he still didn't know if she'd pull through, her body was a mangled mess and the healers weren't suppose to take much care to an Omega. Mother Moon would take her fate in her hands, if she where to live, she would, if not, Mother Moon would call for her to return home.

"Nothing else, Alpha, thank you." He took off once he was dismissed. He was having a hard time keeping his anger in check and not showing signs of a 'threat' to Zuya. Once he was away from his alpha, growls escaped his throat, his teeth bared and his fur raised. He was close to the kill pile now and he saw a fellow warrior, and pulled him away from the meat. He was itching to blow off some of his anger, but he'd only go after a fellow warrior. One that could stand a fair chance and not be afraid to fight back. Of course this would just be seen that he was hungry  and trying to gather some meat for himself, but he needed this. Sadly, the warrior he pulled off the meat, seemed to not want to challenge Slash at the moment, and decided he had his fill. Chances where, he probably did have his fill already.

Slash growled further and sank his teeth into the elk which was already half picked over. He ate a couple of bites before pulling off a chunk of meat and took off with it. While he normally gave off growls to those that came near him while he ate, it seemed his energy was enough to keep others away today. He scarfed down his meal and licked his muzzle as he eyed around the pack. He was hoping to find Kane, but wherever he was, he was hiding. Kane was still a go to for him to take his anger out, Kane was a constant, he would never go anywhere as he was his brother.

His eyes fell on Ifrit, but he seemed to be resting. Like most of the pack would be doing after eating. While he was content with how full his stomach was, he was restless. Earlier he was still tired, he hadn't slept much since returning, but his emotions overruled the feeling of being tired. Slash snorted as he debated on what to do.

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Re: Beneath Our Paws; The Densite <Main IC Thread~>
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Will add Tsuki's pic later

Tsuki the healer

With: Zuya and (ghost ryka)
Mood: Uncertain
Location: By Zuya

Tsuki had spent most of her time alone ever since she spoke with Zuya. She went to her small den that she often used when she didn't want to sleep with the rest of the healers. Her feelings where all over the place, worried that if the other wolves found out about her being tainted, they might turn on her. She didn't want that, it took awhile for her to even get to where she was now. She was an outcast within this pack, at least of how she felt. She came to this pack when she was about a year old, but had no contact with wolves prior. She didn't know how to react in many cases, how her body should lower, or her tail shouldn't be held high, and the sort of that. Nuzzling she never minded, it felt in a way familiar to her when her human had pet her, but early on she had no idea when it was okay. She understood most of it now, but even then she still felt odd reacting in certain ways at times.

There was also another part of her hoping she was just tired, overworked, and that seeing Ryka would stop within a day or two. The way Ryka was though, she was making sure she was known and that she wasn't going anywhere. With the news that their female alpha had passed, including her pups, Ryka was sad, but was adament that Tsuki should go see Zuya. Get herself known further with Zuya, maybe become his mate with luck.

"You can't stay in this den forever. There's fresh food out there, you need to eat. After that, you need to go see Zuya, get his attention. Let him know you're not taken and that he can see the potential in you and in his future pups." Ryka sat in front of Tsuki.

Tsuki sighed and shook her head. "Not that simple Ryka. While I'm hungry, I'd rather not deal with a fight to get food. I don't care if you say that's how I can build up my strength and show others that I'm not one to mess with. It isn't me. Secondly, me going up to Zuya isn't something that's easy. He's our alpha, I don't want to bother him. Finally, I'm not sure I'm ready for pups. I'm still young and weird and I don't even know how to really deal with pups. I wouldn't even know what to do with my own. Other's are easier to take care of."

Ryka rolled her eyes and moved behind Tsuki and started to shove her. "Out, now."

Tsuki growled, but then got up and walked out of her den. She looked over towards the fresh kill and licked her muzzle. She trotted over to it, carefully eying the other wolves, and took a few bites for herself, eating until she was content. She never overate, but she always ate enough to satisfy herself. She walked away from the meat, licking her muzzle to get any blood off and savoring the taste. She took notice of where Ryka was and she was close to Zuya's den. "No." Tsuki spoke softly and shook her head. Perhaps it was easier for others to ignore something that wasn't there, but to her, Ryka was there. Ryka had become her responsibility even if she was just a fragment of her imagination, to her Ryka was real. Someone had to keep an eye out for the pup that had passed.

Tsuki watched Ryka head into Zuya's den, and her eyes widened. That was a bold move. Tsuki trotted over to Zuya's den, poking her head into the den. "What are you doing? Get out of there." Tsuki spoke softly as Ryka left the den. Tsuki gave a sigh of relief as she stood outside of the den with Ryka, but took notice of Zuya's scent. He had only recently left, perhaps taking a walk. He was alone.

"Let's go find him, he's this way." Ryka couldn't smell, but Tsuki could. Ryka led the way, but it was all because of Tsuki.

Tsuki soon enough spotted Zuya, but found herself unable to move closer to him. Ryka on the other hand had no problem being close to him. If only Zuya could actually see her.

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Re: Beneath Our Paws; The Densite <Main IC Thread/Open to Everyone~>
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Name: Vitani
Rank: Kiowa Warrior
Location: Densite; Inside the Inyanga den.
Company: Jag, Bhaltair.
Out.Of.Character~ .

Vitani continued to eat her meal, though her emerald orbs lifted from her pile of kill to watch her brother. After a few more bites, she smiled softly at his admission of opting to keep her company. “Well, either way, I appreciate it. It's a bit.. awkward here.” She motioned, with her head, around the bustling inyanga den. Each wolf seemed to be busying themselves with various tasks, like cleaning, putting together herbs, or tending to various hurt wolves. No doubt, she felt useless and out of place. But at least, with Jag by her side, it wasn't so bad.

Not long after Jag's appearance, Bhaltair made his way into the inyanga den as well. Her tail wagged happily at the male as he poked his head in. As Bhaltair began coming close into the den, Vitani found herself pulling her meal closer as she continued to eat. Her ears perked in their direction as she listened to Bhaltair's praises. Another smile played on her lips as her eyes shifted to Jag, knowing he was going to enjoy basking in Bhaltair's praise. Vitani remained silent as she finished up her meal.

“You're going to fill his head up with hot air.” Vitani finally voiced, jokingly at Bhaltair. The fae watched her brother, already looking more boastful as she chuckled. “You all did do a wonderful job. Thank you, Jag.” She added, more specifically speaking about him being so courteous for bringing her some of the kill all the way in the inyanga den.

When Bhaltair turned his attention toward her, she shrugged simply, pulling herself to her haunches and rolling out her shoulders. Until now, her injured paw had mostly been hidden as she used her good paw to hold her meal steady to eat. But now, he would be able to fully see some paste covering her nails and a bit of blood thickening into it, tinting it from yellow to red. “Just an old sparring match.” She assured him. “More so happy it was only that, and not an injury from that massive elk out there.” Vitani's eyes shifted to Jag as he suggested a brief rank change for Bhaltair. Her ears flattened feeling sorry for the all the pups they have lost so suddenly, 12 of which being her little cousins. “I think that's a good idea.” She nodded in agreement, with a much softer tone. It bothered her that the pack was dwindling but this feeling of hurt was what drove her to believe that Zuya did not deserve to reign over Kiowa. He was driving the pack to death, chaos, and misery. At least that was what she could see him doing. It didn't seem like many others seemed to agree. Vitani inhaled deeply and released the air with a steady drop of her shoulders, trying to calm her rising emotions. “Hopefully soon, some pups can be birthed to the pack for you to take care of Bhaltair. ” Vitani's tail wagged softly behind her at the thought of more pups.

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Re: Beneath Our Paws; The Densite <Main IC Thread~>
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Rank: Sitter
Location: Healer's Den

Bhaltair was pleased to hear that there weren’t any serious injuries from the hunt. The last thing they needed were wolves getting serious injuries that could could potentially kill them from infection. Winter was already scary enough as it was with food being scarce and everything freezing over. He wasn’t sure what was worse at times, though, the freezing temperature or the cold feeling he was beginning to feel among the pack. Somedays he felt the warmth of the pack being smothered by the heavy snow storms and feared with would wash away in the rains and leave cold, selfish, wolves in its place.

Luckily though, there were still wolves like Vianti that gave him hope. He tuned to her, laughter in his eyes, “Nonsense, everyone can always use some encouragement.” He was teasing, but he also fully believed that a little encouragement is always a good thing. His expression grew somber as he gave a sideways glance to the cave entrance. He spoke softly, his tone grave, “I do worry…,”[/b][/color] He trailed, thinking of how angry and competitive the wolves seemed to be lately. He wondered if “Survival of the fittest” were going through their minds when they hungrily came at the carcass. “Fasting for so long might be taking it’s toll.” That was all he would say in reply to Jag’s comment about the pack spacing their meals out.  Movement caught his eye, it was Vitani revealing her injury to him. He hunched burly form over so he could peer down at her paw in pure curiosity, sniffing lightly. He nodded his head, accepting her reasoning without question. It wasn’t out of the ordinary that such a thing could happen, warriors were always sparring and getting light injuries. While he worried about them, sparring was necessary to keep in shape, so everyone was able to protect the pack when necessary. He remembered from when he had once questioned his brother.

What Jag suggested next had him straightening with a snap and looking at him with a bewildered look. “You think?” He excitedly questioned, perking up as Vitani agreed. His tail thumped the cold earth as his gaze fell to his large forepaws. “ I have been feeling pretty useless lately. I’m an able-bodied wolf and I feel I should be doing more for the pack if there are no pups currently.” He nodded his head to Vitani’s comment as he replied in a quiet, almost conspiring, voice. He knew he was suggesting questionable things. “Perhaps, there may be pups from you next spring.” He winked at her before, in a louder voice, he said, Should you and I got speak to Zuya? Oh! Would you teach me?” He stood with excitement, his tail wagging back and forth, making his hindquarters sway. He watched Vitani in his peripheral to see if she may have a reaction to what he’d said while he acted like the comment was never said. He wasn’t necessarily hinting in them being together, but the idea of her somehow having pups by next spring and just what that would mean for the pack. He worried for her though, if that were to ever happen. Things could get dangerous.

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Re: Beneath Our Paws; The Densite <Main IC Thread/Open to Everyone~>
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Jag the Hunter

With: Vitani and Bhaltair
Feeling: Proud
Where: Healers Den

A bit of laughter filled the air as Vitani had mentioned how he was going to get a bunch of hot air in his head thanks to Bhaltair. "Aw, come on, even without him saying anything, I know I'm good at what I do." He playfully winked with a chuckle. Jag did indeed know what he did, that he did well. He trained hard, he worked hard, and he was strict with himself and others when he led the hunts. Was he the best when it came to hunts? He believed it, but he wasn't about to go around bragging about it to others. He need his fellow hunters to think they where damn good as well, and they did know what they where doing. Jag smiled and nodded at Vitani's thanks.

Jag's attention shifted to Bhaltair as he spoke about worry. He wasn't wrong that fasting was taking a toll on the pack, but that was only one of the many concerns of this pack. Honestly, as time kept going on, Jag didn't feel like the pack worked as a team. There was plenty of 'me' in this pack, and as much as he'd hate to admit it, his uncle fell in part of that. Things had to change, but with the taint, the darkness, popping up more and more, he wasn't sure any of them could turn this pack around. Not without a lot of blood shed and lives lost. He was still hoping that Zuya would gain his senses and turn this pack around.

To help with the food shortage, perhaps he could go on more hunts. Work on different rotations, going out every other day for awhile. It would be draining, but he could easily come up with two if not three rotations. As long as injuries where avoided, this would work. Some days though they would only be able to hunt small game, they couldn't always go after the big ones. Someone had to take charge though, and he was willing to give this a try. There was no need to run it by Zuya, but he probably would mention if he saw his uncle. "Going on more hunts should help, saying each hunt is successful though, in winter." While he didn't mean to sound uncertain towards the end of his sentence, he was.

Jag listened to Vitani repeating to Bhaltair, though his ears twitched of interest when she spoke that she was happy it as only that and not from the elk. Again, that smug smile was on his face. Still, it was more luck than anything they had gotten away as clean as he did. He, himself, had never been kicked by one, but he had seen others who had. Some even had their life ended by it. It was why he was so stern in how he hunted, constantly reading the prey to make sure he wouldn't get hurt, and to make sure, the best he could, his fellow hunters wouldn't either. He had his fair share of injuries though, he wasn't completely clean of record when it came to hunts, though most of his injuries came from shoving others out of the way.

Jag nodded after both Vitani and Bhaltair responded to his idea. "I do think. You'd be good at it, and I wouldn't take you on any dangerous hunts. I'd rather keep you healthy for when pups do arrive. Still, having you help on deer and the like, would be nice." Jag smiled but then twitched his ears when he hinted that Vitani would have pups next spring. As far as he knew, his sister wasn't keen on anyone. The other worry on that alone, was how would Zuya react if either of them had pups of their own? They where the previous alpha's pups, Zuya could have easily killed them instead. "Wouldn't be a bad idea to tell Zuya our idea, make sure he's okay with it. Of course I would teach you. I'd be happy to, with no new hunters in awhile, and the lack of pups, I haven't been able to help train anyone in awhile. It'd be good for me too." Jag smiled. While he was always learning himself and trying new ideas on hunts, he wanted to make sure he was also good at relying information to help others be the best hunter they could be.

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Name: Zuya
Rank: Kiowa Alpha
Location: Densite; River > Alpha's Den.

After Zuya's meeting with Slash, the alpha parted ways with the warrior to head to the river, both for a drink of water and for some time alone. Recent events weren't necessarily wearing heavily on his conscious, but it did put a dent into a few of his plans. Fortunately for him, he understood that pack members came and went, due to death, even if that meant his own mate. The most regrettable action had to have been wasting so much time on the female alpha and not seeing her weakness sooner. Such a soft beating should not have sent her into a convulsing fit. Clearly, she was unfit and unworthy of the role. He would not make that mistake twice.

Shaking his head, Zuya began to drink from the mostly iced over river. His ears honed in on the various sounds around him, in case anyone was trying to sneak up on him. It hadn't happened yet, but one could never be too careful. Others seemed to blame him for his mate, and pups, lost lives but no one has cared enough to avenge any of them. Therefore, the packs' current ill-feelings toward him meant very little. The all still recognized who their true leader was. They all were still falling in line under his iron paw.

After Zuya's thirst was quenched with the cool river water, the white brute headed back toward his den. Upon nearing his private area, he took notice of Tsuki's scent lingering in the air. It wasn't very long before the inyanga had come into full view. He was sure she could hear his paws padding heavily against the snow as he approached her, so he made no attempt in greeting her. Instead, he closed the distance between them and plopped his rump right onto the ground. His green eyes were fixated on her, only a slight tilt of his head would allude to his curiously. The fae seemed to be lingering a lot more now that his mate was deceased. One could only wonder why.

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Re: Beneath Our Paws; The Densite <Main IC Thread~>
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Name: Vitani
Rank: Kiowa Warrior
Location: Densite; Inside the Inyanga den.
Company: Jag, Bhaltair.
Out.Of.Character~ Thanks for being patient. Not sure why this post took so long to come to me.

Vitani watched as the boys bounced their thoughts and ideas off each other. For the most part, she remained silent in their planning, after giving her initial agreement, but she did offer short nods and a few wags of her tail with their excitement. It wasn't until Bhaltair had directly stated that she might have pups of her own that her expression changed from happy, excitement, to confusion. Her eyebrows furrowed. Had Bhaltair taken her previous sentence the wrong way? Or read her emotions wrong about the lack of pups? Did he think she secretly wanted pups now? Oh dear. Vitani's ears flattened as thoughts raced through her head.

'There.. no one courting me.' She thought.

Vitani's eyes fell to her paws as she became deep in thoughts. 'Or.. is there?' She continued pondering the wolves she had come into contact with recently but none of them seemed to be courting her or even hinting toward starting any family with her.

'Does he know something I don't know?' Vitani's green gaze lifted from her paws to Bhaltair. Her ears followed, perking now into his direction. 'Is he going to court me?' She blinked a few times, her heart rate quickening in her chest as she mulled over the thought.

Vitani's mind was racing now with the possibilities. Only Slash showed interest in her as of late, but he showed interest in everyone. Not to mention, he was rather close with their Omega. Vitani hadn't given Bhaltair much thought in that aspect. In fact, she didn't give any of the brutes of the pack that thought. All she really cared about was saving Kiowa from Zuya's clutches and restoring their wolf-manity (humanity).

'Does Jag know too?' She swallowed hard, meeting Jag's gaze now, a look of sheer horror plastering itself on her face, as her eyes bore into his as if he could save her from her internal shock and mental overload. Vitani blinked a few times, attempting and failing to regain her composure.

“I- .. Uhm.. ” Stumbling over her words. Bhaltair had probably never seen her so flabbergasted, Vitani worked hard and trying to keep a steady composure like her father and uncle in order to seem "tough and strong" for the pack. Jag, on the other hand, would know this side of Vitani. It came out in extreme cases when Vitani was really scared or uncomfortable. In this case, she was terrified. Why? Because someone could have been courting her and she would have had no idea! What a silly notion for an aspiring Alpha to miss! Should she have been worried about pups already? Was that a thing she should consider before challenging Zuya? It was no secret that both Zuya and Reynu had mates before becoming alphas. Oh, how could she have missed such an important detail?

Vitani inhaled sharply and released the air through her nostrils, gazing toward Bhaltair again. “I .. don't know.” She said, finally, her ears pinning against her head once more in defeat. “Do.. you.. both.. know something?” She mustered up the courage to ask, shifting her eyes between the two males. “I.. Pups weren't really on the agenda..” She paused for a long moment before adding, “.. For me.” Others may have been planning for a family but certainly not her. As far as she knew, there weren't any wolves who were even interested in her. Some of them wouldn't touch her with a ten-foot tree branch because of her bloodline, which was something she had grown accustomed to. The fae eagerly awaited the answers with a, still mortified, look covering her face.

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